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Wed 16th Sep 2009

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Guybrush commented on North America, These eShop Games Await You Nex...:

Free Excitebike... cool.

Lame offerings though, only 3 old games? Can't get too excited about that. Nintendo really needs to ramp up the service to view movie and more specifically 3DS GAME trailers on their systems to give us a better view of what these games are going to look like.

Also, why isn't a Facebook link in this update if they're stressing connectivity and communication so much?

Super Mario Land is an awful game that I beat when I was 13. I'm all set on playing that thing again, though without a blurry motion screen it might be a little easier this time around.



Guybrush commented on Netflix Lean Towards Wii For Success:

Since I don't own another console, this is perfect for me. Watching an entire movie on your laptop sucks. I signed up for Netflix in December before this was announced, so I'm pretty psyched.



Guybrush commented on Nintendo Download: 1st February 2010 (North Am...:

Same here, i've been downloading the Monkey Island series on wiiware instead of my compy, although they could have offered the last two or three games for $5 instead of $10. It was a good series (nothing will ive up to the first two original games) and worth a download. Anyone under 30 missed out on the best point and click adventure series in the early 90s.

Why the hell would you boycott wiiware just because you are upset about a release date of CaveStory? Lame.



Guybrush commented on Tales of Monkey Island Promotion:

I'd like to see a promotion to WiiWare owners who spent $50 on the series compared to the PC download of $35. Couldn't they have made the last two priced at $5 or something?