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United Kingdom

Wed 13th Jun 2012

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Gumballamiyumi commented on Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns European R...:

looking forward. albeit,slightly annoyed. they should of made the 3ds version more superior and make it look like the "new beginning release" not to sound like a graphic critic(trust me,i'm not one i respect the classics and all that) but i'm very dissapointed they didn't choose a "AWL-like" style of this game. they should of pushed the handheld further. kid icarus uprising has proven that the 3ds IS Superior to the Wii. but alot of companies are just getting lazy now and resorting to "ds like graphics" take the upcoming 3ds epick mickey:power of illusion for example" they made it 2D they didn't properly focus on the 3ds' capabilities. it's just a waste of the consoles exsistence when you make the games graphics awful. the 3ds has potential and kid icarus uprising,mario kart 7,OOT 3D And SM3DL Have proved this. not being a hater guys. i LOVE Harvest moon. i'm just very angry at them for making us wait for the latter decent title "a new beginning" i don't know what to do. hopefully A NLife review will get me to buy it(hopefully)



Gumballamiyumi commented on Natsume Stops Teasing, Reveals Harvest Moon: A...:

NOOOOO! RF2 Took 2 years years to surface to europe A YEAR!!! And so did RF3!! now we have a tale of two towns this month.TOTT looks like a ds game. sadly, i've never owned a console harvest moon. i've always wanted the gamegube game "AWL" because i just loved the graphics. now we've got the equivalent of "AWL" (the HM game i've ALWAYS Wanted) coming to the 3ds. that's good news but we're probably gonna get it late ;(