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Art is my life! Digital Artist, Freelance Graphic Designer, illustrator, amateur photographer, music addict, Fringie. Me in a nutshell! :P

Wed 8th Apr 2009

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Gullwing commented on E3 2012: Iwata Asks Eguchi About Wii U:

I believe I'm the only one that feels the urge to see more of the Wii U system menu / OS and boot animation... Why did they just show us the Miiverse and the messaging function? :/



Gullwing commented on Feature: The Best Moments of E3 2011:

I can't say that 2011's E3 was that overwhelming but it was pretty acceptable. The stage projection thing was phenomenal. They must have been working on it for months. I'm really excited for this year's E3 and Nintendo's presentation should better live up to my expectations.