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Been gaming since 1999! Huge Mario fan. Love Zelda as well! Add me on Wii U?: Guitardude7

Wed 10th October, 2007

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Guitardude7 commented on Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Super...:

Since the 3DS can be used as a controller for the Wii U.......I wonder if the Wii U controllers can also be used for the 3DS. If it works both ways then you can actually conclude that the GCN controller will be usable with the 3DS version.



Guitardude7 commented on Super Smash Bros. on 3DS Lacks Circle Pad Pro ...:

@XFsWorld Again. there arent four people on the screen at once nor is it 60 FPS. Also Smash 3DS IS in 3D. The effect isn't deep but it's absolutely there. Not to mention they use actual, detailed character models not 2D sprites like your possibly referring to. Smash also has four player online with again, detailed models running at 60 FPS in 3D. Smash required A LOT more processing power than Resident Evil. That's just a fact. Also, if you're not gonna buy it because it's missing some unimportant features, that's rather silly. It's a fantastic game. Why let the abscence of Miiverse deter you?



Guitardude7 commented on Super Smash Bros. on 3DS Lacks Circle Pad Pro ...:

That's fine. I think the CPP would've been awkward to use anyway. It's on the right side of the console, completely out of the way of the buttons. To set off quick Smash attacks would be a huge inconvenience as it would break your finger flow. New 3DS's nipple stick is right near the buttons and is convenient to use at a moments notice. Perfect for Smash.



Guitardude7 commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:

It would be false advertisement technically because the Wii U GamePad does NOT act like a traditional tablet. It has a resistive touch screen and it doesnt display images in HD. Also there are no real tablet like uses for it outside of menu navigation and some touch mechanics in games and it lacks apps that traditional tablets have. I think marketing the GamePad as a tablet would only cause more confusion to the consumer on what the Wii U really is, a game console. The GamePad should showcase game mechanics and unique features and not be sold as something it's not.

Also, Nintendo tried to market to the casual niche audience that normally takes part in Tablet gaming for the first two years of its life and look how that turned out. Just Saying.



Guitardude7 commented on Nintendo Revenue Claims on Mario Kart 8 YouTub...:

@BLPs I wasn't saying I was going to get revenue overnight, I was saying if I'm in this position, I will take the affiliate program. I'm not doing this for money anyway, I even said that I'll be doing Nintendo games regardless of copyright claims. But even so, I will make it and I will make a successful show out of this because I love doing it and I love entertaining people. Of course I don't expect it right away or even in 5 years, but I will gain my audience. Just you watch.



Guitardude7 commented on Nintendo Revenue Claims on Mario Kart 8 YouTub...:

I'm starting a Let's Play channel with a friend of mine this fall, so I'm very interested in this affiliate program. I just hope it's fair. If not, then they can just take my money. I just love entertaining people. I'll look to Non-Nintendo games for revenue.



Guitardude7 commented on Download Sales On Nintendo Formats Have Treble...:

@Peach64 I'm not hating, but why is that every time Nintendo comes out with even a sliver of good news, you're always there to give a reason why it means nothing? I understand we should be realistic, but come on have SOME positivity will ya? I know it's not all flowers and confetti over here in Nintendo Land (pun intended) but there's gotta be SOMETHING positive when looking at these results. Have a little optimism. It makes for a much happier experience.



Guitardude7 commented on Satoru Iwata Announces 'Nintendo Figurine Plat...:

DAMMIT NINTENDO. I WAS HOPING YOU WOULDN'T DO THIS. Now I HAVE to buy the game and every figurine in the set ESPECIALLY if it's a Nintendo universe game involving different characters and not just the Mario universe. Ugh. Goodbye wallet....



Guitardude7 commented on Research Firm IDC Anticipates Worldwide Wii U ...:

@Gingadreadman And? Who cares if they're "family oriented"? They're still a lot of fun and have a lot more creativity and soul then most games I see on PS4 or Xbox One. Seeing as how many adults including myself love those "family oriented games" such as 3D World, DKC Tropical Freeze, Nintendo Land and Pikmin 3, Nintendos kid friendly image has NOTHING to do with their console sales. A game doesn't need to be dark and depressing to be good or fit for an adult audience.



Guitardude7 commented on Talking Point: What We Want To See From Ninten...:

Gameboy is overrated. I never want to own another single screen console again. The convenience of dual screens is unrivaled when it comes to games. it would be a GIGANTIC step back for Nintendo to revert to single screens again.



Guitardude7 commented on Rumour: Mario Golf: World Tour To Offer Additi...:

For those who are hating on DLC simply because it's DLC, you're really ignorant. Nintendo never has and never will sell an incomplete game. When they make DLC, it's solely as an addition to the established content and is NOT required to complete the game. It does what it's supposed to do: extend the playability of the game. Please inform yourselves before blindly hating something first.



Guitardude7 commented on Feature: How A Team Of Dedicated Fans Is Fixin...:

"Fixing" was the wrong word to use Nintendolife. Brawl is perfect as it is ans doesn't need to be "fixed". What a shameful headline. That said, Project M looks really cool and I'll probably try it out just to play as all the cool character skins.



Guitardude7 commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

I think it's an overall smart move. The 3DS would cannibalize the Wii U sales if released simultaneously. Releasing the Wii U version later near Christmas puts it in a great spot. It gives parents a reason to buy their kids a Wii U for Christmas. Perfect. And to be honest Nintendo COULDN'T release the Wii U version first if they wanted to. If Rosalina's legs glitching out of her dress when she jumped was any indication, the Wii U version still needs more work and requires more resources to make. They need more time for the Wii U version and by releasing the 3DS version first, it will get consumers hyped for the console version which is obviously superior in every respect; graphics, sound, game modes, control and all. The only downside to this is that by having the two games have the same character roster, the Wii U version will lack any surprises for players which is unfortunate. However, where the game will lack in character surprises will make up for in game modes and better gameplay. So overall, this was the best and most realistic decision Nintendo could have possibly made. I look forward to picking up both versions at their respective launch dates.



Guitardude7 commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

I just bought Superstar Saga off of the virtual console so I'll be playing that primarily this weekend but I also intend to work on completing Super Mario 3D world 100%. I'm in World Star with only 3 levels of Green stars and stamps left for that world :D



Guitardude7 commented on Video: Check Out The Mario Kart 8 Visual Upgra...:

My jaw hits the floor every time I see this game. It looks absolutely incredible and is unlike any Mario game I've ever seen before. I wish Super Mario 3D World looked this good. Not to say that game looked bad or anything but this looks like a freaking Pixar movie. This game shows off what the Wii U can really do.

Graphics aside though, the gameplay looks solid as a rock. The controls look tight, the new items look awesome and the sheer amount of things they're doing with the retro courses is ASTOUNDING. Some like Toads Turnpike and the N64 Rainbow Road are almost unrecognizable. If I looked at these courses without knowing they were retro courses I might not actually realize that they were from past games at first.

Add in a good variety of Kart choices, the customization feature from Mario Kart 7, solid online play and a staggering amount of playable characters and you have what just might be the best Mario Kart yet. I'M SO HYPED FOR THIS!



Guitardude7 commented on Super Smash Bros. Direct Will Bring the Hype o...:

I predict:

-the official title will be revealed (C'mon it CAN'T be "for Wii U/for 3DS" that's just LAME)
-at least 3-4 new characters (it IS a Direct after all)
-details of adventure mode
-some information about online play
-release dates for both versions
-A surprise announcement that will catch us all off guard (it IS Sakurai after all)



Guitardude7 commented on Weirdness: This Super Mario 64 Fan Remake is F...:

Mario looks off.....he appears strangely lanky and looks like he's a plastic doll. I appreciate his craftsmanship but Mario games should be bright, colorful and appealing. This looks like Mario is about to run straight into a call of duty game with how darkly tinted his color palette is.