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Sat 30th Jan 2010

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GuarinoMatt commented on Super Mario 3D Land Made for Snacking, Not Gor...:

I guess most people hardly prefer something more similar to the original formula: Super Mario Bros. And this is it.

I appreciated a lot the 3D Marios, but I grew up with Super Mario Bros. 3, and this is exactly what I've been waiting for all these years.



GuarinoMatt commented on Feature: Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of t...:

When the N64 came out I was too young to have money and too grown up to have it bought from my parents, so I turned to PC gaming first and pirated-PSX some year later.
Anyway I was given the chance to see Link and Mario's firsts steps into 3D... and I felt like a betrayer. I remember me playing Spyro (which was a great game) thinking of Super Mario 64 all the time.

Today, even with Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess I sometimes miss poor Spyro too.



GuarinoMatt commented on Talking Point: Your Sonic the Hedgehog Memories:

Console Wars were much softer at that time, so even if I was totally into the Nintendo thing I used to like Sonic very much. I had a Game Gear and Sonic The Hedgeog was my first Sonic game; the Sega hero was cool, fast, and the levels were much bigger than in Mario games so there was a lot to explore. Great music too, expecially "Labyrinth Zone".



GuarinoMatt commented on Angry Birds Dev Calls Nintendo Games "$49 Piec...:

They can't compare the two things; a game console has a certain kind of games that are supposed to guarantee a large amount of playing time, while phone games are just something to pass some time with.
I don't think that mobile gaming should be taken so seriously.