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On a quest to becoming a better gamer! **cue explosions** People can be so boring, thus I've retreated to the web. I aspire to become a writer/artist for a video-game company someday. I love telling stories, and there's no better pastime then putting down the worlds in my head on paper.

Thu 22nd December, 2011

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GuardianKing commented on CoroCoro Magazine Reveals New Rock/Fairy-Type ...:

You know, I think Diancie might have something to do with the Anistar Sundial or the Couriway Train Station. After all, someone at the Anistar Sundial mentions how there is "great treasure" hidden "where the sundial's shadow falls." Think about it; the sundial is a giant, magical rock that has a very fairy-like motif (similar colors too). :O



GuardianKing commented on Video: Watch The Chickens Come Home To Roost I...:

As strange as this sounds, I wish Harvest Moon would take some cues from the Rune Factory series, especially in the character department (the cast of RF4 gradually grow a spell over time, which I think is a really nice detail).



GuardianKing commented on Review: Rune Factory 4 (3DS):

@Yukari_Sendo Okay, so you actually went for Amber... I dunno, she always seemed too childish for my tastes. Whenever I pass by with Forte, she goes "Aww... That looks like fun!", something I've never heard any teen/young adult say, ever. Amber's character should be loved more as a child than a bachelorette IMO.



GuardianKing commented on Review: Rune Factory 4 (3DS):


  • This came out before
  • This isn't the only good game on 3DS
  • Sonic isn't that bad. Like most games (with the exception of 06 and Secret Rings), some enjoyment can be found despite the issues. (Yes, I liked Shadow the Hedgehog, and I have met another living, breathing human who liked it too.)


GuardianKing commented on Review: Rune Factory 4 (3DS):

@Pixel-Perfect Sadly not; they did try to implement it in a previous Harvest Moon game, but they got a lot of crap for it before the game even went international (not because it had same-sex relations, but because of how they treated it as something childish and worth-undermining). Since Natsume/Marvelous knows just how backwards the rest of the world can be at times, they chose to play it safe on that front.



GuardianKing commented on Rumour: Shipments of Pokémon X & Y Delayed to...:

Let us focus on the greater issue here: the fact that the US government is so dysfunctional, it can't even bother properly stocking it's overseas, and other, bases, yet somehow, the lazy people sitting beneath the roof of the White House still get paid in this madman's shuffle.



GuardianKing commented on Review: Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium ...:

Meh... EOIV didn't really resonate with me...that said, the last ATLUS game I doubted was SMTIV, and then it totally broke me with its endings... :_:

Speaking of which, does anyone know if Soul Harckers' story/endings are as morbid and scarring as SMTIV's?



GuardianKing commented on Atlus Knocks 10 Bucks Off Code of Princess, So...:

I played the demo, and I was somewhat disappointed... The characters are literally just blank templates with zero substance. I know the review said this wasn't a character-driven game, but this is just sad... Everyone's just as disposable as the next, being nothing more than art.

The dungeons are hard for sure, but the effects are really bad. I'm not the biggest fan of the 1st person dungeon either, since the 3D is mostly useless.

Overall, I don't think I'm gonna get EOIV... :|



GuardianKing commented on Preview: Beyblade Evolution:

I remember playing with Beyblades as a kid; we had these unliscenced ones a store was selling nearby with these huge metal blades and metal rings on the side. They were bigger and heavier than the top, and I remember destroying my arena at school. Ah, good times :3

Speaking of things that need to come back, Chaotoc needs to be popular again. I thought it was a great and varied card game that could be easily understood by everyone with spending countless hours learning (looking at you, Yu-Gi-Oh...). The show characters were all really detailed, and the animation was great, and it went the Pokemon route by explaining how you could better play the game through watching the program. :)



GuardianKing commented on Nintendo Defends Influx of New Mario Titles:

Meh, I'm quite pleased actually; although, it doesn't take much to please me.

Personally, a good game is anything I have fun with (which is why I like Shadow the Hedgehog in the first place).

As long Nintendo remembers to make something on the scope of Sunshine and Galaxy and doesn't go the CoD way, I'm fine with whatever they do. :)



GuardianKing commented on Discover A New Type in Pokémon X & Y:

@Kaze_Memaryu I'm just saying a Light type won't happen because it doesn't need to happen. There is no "Dark" type in Japanese: just a "Malicious" type. Because NoA has little to no say in the games (and because there really isn't a need for such a vague type), Light might never actually happen.

As for Fairy type, take a look at the representation of fairies in mythology. Bulbapedia has an excellent article on it right now, which I am about to quote:

Legends first: we don't need to look any further than the King Arthur legends, and the character of Morgan le Fay, (a transliteration of the French "La fée Morganne", Morgan the fairy). She is Arthur's half-sister, the aunt (or, in modern interpretations, mother) of Mordred, who kills Arthur. She is, in other words, human...but she's also a powerful magic user, an enchantress, and that's what earns her the name of fay.
This doesn't apply only to legends: we can look at theater, where no one less than William Shakespeare present us with his take on fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream. The characters of the king and queen of the fairies, Oberon and Titania, are central to the work, and given that Titania having a mortal man for her lover is a significant plot element, we can safely assume she's not meant to be a Tinker Bell-sized character.
Much more recently, we have fantasy literature. Many authors have depicted fairies in their fantasy stories. But we don,t need to look any further than JRR Tolkien, the author of Lord of the Rings and father of modern fantasy. Tolkien's own stories certainly had no bug-winged diminutive magic users, but the term he used to refer to his own genre was fairy-stories. To him, faerie meant the world of enchantments, magic and legends, in opposition to the mundane world (to Tolkien, in fact, dragons themselves were very, very much part of faerie). His stories involved a character crossing from the mundane to faerie, thus they were fairy stories.
I'm only scratching the surface here: I could refer to other authors of modern fantasy (For example, Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, where faeries range from Tinker Bell-like characters to human-shaped fairy queens, going through unicorns and trolls all the way to Santa Claus along the way). I could refer to folktales, I wouldn't need to look any further than the old tales about Mont Saint-Hilaire in Quebec, near where I grew up, and where old tales say fairy-queens once married mortal men. I could refer to pen and paper role-playing games, to video games
What these characters and definitions have in common; and what they share with Tinker Bell and Navi, is not diminutive size or bug wings: it's that, at its heart, fairy, fay and faerie are all about otherness and magic, the things that are outside the normal world. That includes things like Tinker Bell and Navi; but it goes far beyond that.
In essence, it's probably much better to think of the fairy-type as a magic- or spirit- type than as a Tinker Bell type. Taken that way, fairy sound less "stupid" and more like a very interesting addition to the type array. And I'm sure I don't need to point out that magic being strong against dragons is not really a new idea.

TL:DR: Light doesn't exist as a type because it doesn't need to, and Fairies are more of a magic type. Typically, it's magic that kills dragons.



GuardianKing commented on Discover A New Type in Pokémon X & Y:

@Wii_Win You know certain Pokemon have the ability "soundproof", right? Such a type would render those moves ineffective. Plus, sound isn't really my idea of an attacking type.

The "Fairy" type's original Japanese is probably closer to "mysterious", "elegant", "charming", "enchanted" or "whimsical". Almost any one of these definitions seem to fit the given Pokemon so far.



GuardianKing commented on Super Mario 3D World is "The Grand Culmination...:

Most of the problems with the game stem from its name.

While not game breaking and radically different, this is clearly not an extension to 3D land (like the "New" series are to each other), but brings more than just a gimmick or two. Instead, the new material seems quite interesting.



GuardianKing commented on Discover A New Type in Pokémon X & Y:

A "Light" type will never happen, guys. Here's why: "Dark" is just the English translation. The actual Japanese name for the dark type is closer in meaning to "Trickster", "Cheater", or "Dirty fighter".

The way the trifecta works in Japanese is as follows:

-An honorable fighter (Fighting) will always prevail over a dirty cheater (Dark) but will be stumped by a psychic's predicting abilities (Psychic)

-A psychic (Psychic) can predict a good fighter's (Fighting) every move but can't wrap his head around a dirty trickster/cheaters' ways (Dark)

-The sly nature of the trickster (Dark) baffles those wise of mind (Psychic) but a just and fair fighter (Fighter) will see through a cheater's ways



GuardianKing commented on Link to the Past Sequel Officially Named The L...:

The name lacks a certain flow to it.

"a Link between Worlds" sound very dry and cuts too early. Maybe something like "A Link Between New Worlds" or "A Link Between Two Worlds" would sound better?

Again, minor linguistic complaint. I'm still stocked for this though :)