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Thu 19th Jan 2012

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Grustein commented on Nintendo Begins Takedown Proceedings on Super ...:

Maybe the fact that some sites like the Verge reported this with headlines like "Play Super Mario 64 In Your Browser" have something to do with it. Which could be seen as a misrepresentation of their product, since this in fact is not SM64.

This was a demo for the character controller, not Super Mario 64.
What better way to demonstrate something than putting it in terms people understand, or in this case, a game people know?
"...this was created purely for demonstration purposes of the character controller..."



Grustein commented on Frenchy Bird is Flapping Its Way to Wii U in E...:

"Hey, let's make our clone 3D and tilt the camera a bit, then people think we actually put some effort into this."

"But sir, then we need to actually make some models"

"Ah it's fine, we only need like five, a bird, two lamps and two blocks of buildings to alternate in the background. We should be ready for release at friday, no wait, next year, then it'll look like this actually took time to make"



Grustein commented on Hands On: Storing Pocket Monsters in Pokémon ...:

I'm so happy there is a standard for transfering pokemons between generations from now on, to get my Diamond-pokemon over to Black2 then to the bank through the transporter was torture, but it's all over now

...buuut, what about flipnote? I'm still waiting



Grustein commented on Nintendo Download: 12th December (Europe):

Crimson Shroud and The Starship Darmey for me. Was hoping for a 3DS release of alttp since my WiiU and SNES is right next to each other anyway. but eyh, this week wasn't too shabby.



Grustein commented on Review: Art Academy: SketchPad (Wii U eShop):

This is actually what I hoped Art Academy was the first time I heard of it, just a painting tool, nothing else, and that's what I wanted. Was always a bit afraid that Art Academy was only tutorials without a "freepaint mode." So I ended up with Colors! 3D for the 3ds and now this on my WiiU



Grustein commented on Sakurai Aiming To Please "The Silent Majority"...:

@Doma I'm not so sure, I have played both Melee and Brawl for hundreds of hours, and I like brawl better, sure it has slipping and sonic's super smash, but HEY, no more wavedashing, thats a pluss. But that is not the reason I like brawl more though, I'm not completly sure why, but it feels good, is fun, so YAY.
And of course people care about the roster.



Grustein commented on Interview: Collecting Smiles - Colors! 3D:

@mechasark What? NO! sure pressure sensitivity is a neat and very, VERY useful feature, but to say that the application is useless because of the lack of it is taking it too far, isn't it? At least to say it would be useless to a professional, maybe to you, but from what I have seen in the gallery, there is a good handfull of professionals who have made some really good pieces with the original Colors!. But yeah, I agree that it's really a lacking feature from the 3DS.