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Fri 17th May 2013

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Gritten commented on Miiverse: Super Metroid - Too Taxing For Today...:

Gamers today are NOT what they were back in the 80's. I've been a hardcore gamer my entire life. I'm 33 years old now, and have owned pretty much every home console since the the ColecoVision. I have two kids (13 and 7) and I can't count the amount of times I get asked "Dad, how do I....Dad, can you help me with....Dad, can you look up?" I'm constantly yelling at my kids to just "PLAY THE GAME" and "FIGURE IT OUT ON YOUR OWN" (of all the stupid things to have to yell at kids over lol). If you couldn't get past a level in the SNES days, you kept trying, and trying and if you failed, you went outside, rode your bike and came back to try later. I personally haven't played a challenging game in some time. Infinite continues, health regen, and all of the other implementations into today's games have really changed gaming.

Aside from the above 'rant', I do think Miiverse is an awesome community. It is nice to have a place to go and ask for help or discuss the games directly from a console, but if today's gamers are running to ask for help after being stuck for 10-60 minutes, they should try for another day or two before asking for help lol.