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grimbldoo commented on Weirdness: Realistic Mario Probably Wouldn't H...:

Truly, I can't believe it either. Both of those scenarios are from very different angles and the intent and emotions are very different. I never said it would prevent damage, I'm pretty sure you would break your fist if you punched hard enough. However, because the intent is indeed to punch, the arm would have to be tense enough to not fold under the weight. You don't see boxers falling into sandbags because their elbows folded.
Note that I am assuming that this a real person with real person jumping power because we are discussing what it would be like if Mario was realistic, not just Mario's arms.



grimbldoo commented on Feature: How A Team Of Dedicated Fans Is Fixin...:

@ueI #26
That's as ridiculous as being alienated because someone told you the old bench you were sitting on could use a fresh coat of paint.

@siconlol #27
No, its more like somebody copied your art but used blue instead of pink. And what greater honor is there to an artist than to have his artwork mimicked?

@Nintendude789 #28
They hardly have to be angry and anger alone would most definitely not suffice as motivation for thousands of hours.

@ChoppedLiver #35
It requires a legal copy of Brawl and it is a free mod. The only thing is that Nintendo service will blame you if something happens to your system.

You've been waiting for more than 4 years for SSB4, regardless if you recognized that or not.

@CaPPa #52
Just because these developers aren't in a large building means that their creation is illegitimate? It can and will be a tournament game if it is found to be fair and balanced enough.

@gamerphil07 #61
That really doesn't make any sense. How can it ruin your game if you don't download it?



grimbldoo commented on Little Mac Arrives as a Knockout Challenger in...:

@Funny_Moblin #42 @2Sang #51 @Jayvir #54
The K.O. meter originated in Super Punch-Out. To build up the meter, you would have to land hits without being hit. As you can see in the video, his damage stays at 26% while the meter builds up.
You already know that Sakurai likes to stay true to the character, why would you ever doubt that? And on the subject of Sakurai, he said that he was focusing heavily on keeping the game balanced, your doubt of his claim is very rude.



grimbldoo commented on Book Focused on EarthBound's Development and L...:

Come on Nintendo. If you aren't going to do it yourself, let this man do it. Or if you want a scoop of the profit, why don't you publish the book? Don't hold back something that fans would be willing to scoop up for lazy reasons.



grimbldoo commented on Clash Of Clans Creator Supercell Doesn't Want ...:

@TheRealThanos #22
Exactly! If I wrote hypothetically, why did you respond to me as if I had written factually? I don't appreciate being labeled delusional simply because I had the audacity to imagine a positive outcome. My comments reflect who I am, or was, so your response is indeed to me and not just my comment.
Side note: I do acknowledge that you meant no offense by your actions.



grimbldoo commented on Mighty No. 9 Studio Comcept Facing Fan Backlas...:

@Wesvert #205
to put (money) to use, by purchase or expenditure, in something offering potential profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.
They are putting money into the company in return for a game. That sir is investment. I have no idea how you failed to recognize that.



grimbldoo commented on Mighty No. 9 Studio Comcept Facing Fan Backlas...:

People here are ready to offend and discredit Pachter whenever he shares his honest opinion, but now that it's a woman sharing her honest opinion nobody can offend or discredit her because it's sexist to? That in itself is sexist, my friends.



grimbldoo commented on Rumour: Smash Bros. Heading for a Spring 2014 ...:

@Jazzer94 #100
You're right, I did try to cram too much into there and it just became a mess. I'll just stick with good ol' economics; the rate of increase decreases per additional worker until there is no longer an increase because the workers outnumber the resources.

@WiiUExposed #107
Let's revisit your original statement

WiiUExposed wrote:

It shouldn't take even the same time as Brawl's development. Namco Bandai's helping, there's no story mode, and the online won't have to be shoehorned in.

What you stated is true, but you forgot the fact that the game is now in HD. Nintendo had six year gaps when it was still working in SD. Now that it is working with HD and probably a similarly sized group, don't you think that it's reasonable for the production time to increase? Several of the first party games have already been pushed back and Nintendo itself stated that it is still getting used to working in HD. This could easily add on a year or two just by itself, take away a few months with Namco's help.
With the HD adding two years, let's move onto the balancing. The act of balancing could add on six months to a year to that total time because it is a lengthy and, according to Sakura's statements, a difficult process.
I can see why you would think that adding on a few more members would magically reduce production time, but there is more going on than you are acknowledging. The fact that Nintendo took on Namco's help should be a sign in itself that this is a huge project for Nintendo and that it will take time.



grimbldoo commented on Rumour: Smash Bros. Heading for a Spring 2014 ...:

@SomeBitTripFan #60
Let me break down my metaphor for you:
-The single chef is the whole team working together
-The soup is the game
-The ingredients are the characters, stages, backgrounds, music, etc.
-The energy is the balancing
Of course the all of the ingredients can be prepared faster with more than one team, but the balancing, which is the main part of this game, has to be done by a small, constantly communicating group (probably not including significant involvement from Namco) to make sure that it is done properly. So even if all of the ingredients are complete, the game can't be released until the balancing is correct, until the energy has pervaded throughout the entire soup.
Maybe the balancing is a quicker process than the ingredients and, in that case, the more the merrier, but Sakurai's comments make it seem otherwise.

TL;DR, more chefs sure are nice, but do not necessarily speed up the release.



grimbldoo commented on Rumour: Smash Bros. Heading for a Spring 2014 ...:

@WiiUExposed #28
Oh sure they can, and then they will just be sitting around waiting for energy to transfer, which which happens the same rate no matter how many chefs are present. Additionally, different ingredients are added into the broth at different times, so a single chef could have every ingredient ready by the time they needed to be ready and therefore cook the soup at the same time.



grimbldoo commented on Rumour: Smash Bros. Heading for a Spring 2014 ...:

That's like saying that having five chefs work on the same pot of soup will make it cook faster, yet physics says otherwise. Then can have as many people test the characters as they want, but they can only move so fast if they want to actually balance each character.
In reality, they have to balance the characters one at a time and making even small adjustments to a character can send ripples out that cause the other characters to need to be rebalanced.
It is not nearly as cut and dry as you are making it out to be.



grimbldoo commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Wo...:

@Thats-what-she #237
Please, dear sir, for the love of education, go and look up why Link had pink hair. As advanced as the SNES was, it could only hold 15 colors per palette and they had one color too many, there was auburn for his hair and pink for the bunny. Since his hair was so minimal, they opted to use pink.



grimbldoo commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Wo...:

@Thats-what-she #234
The style of the cover art for The Legend of Zelda has remained consistent throughout the games. Just take a look at this (small) history posterUntitledIt's not like other game covers such as, say, Mega Man, so you cannot simply dismiss it as just an artist taking creative liberties. The way that Link is drawn for the promotional material, game cover, etc. is what he looks like in "real life," for lack of a better term. The reason that his hair was pink was because of a limited pallet
I told you to educate yourself, it was only a few clicks away.



grimbldoo commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Wo...:

@MF_MaxiMillion #18
Agreed, games without any story or narration cannot reach the same level as games with even minimal but properly executed story. That's not to say that games without story are bad, being able to pick them up and put them down at any time is a major plus, but you just can't get as connected to them as you could with a game that has story.

@Geonjaha #24
Fire Emblem and Zelda are incomparable, they are two completely different types of games.

@Thats-what-she #29
Sonny, it's time to educate yourself a little on LoZ's history.

@Guybrush_Threepwood #31
Well, it is a handheld after all. It's rather nice to have a game that can be picked up and put down at any moment's notice.

@startropicike #176
Do this
{url=}except the ones that shall not be named{/url}
except change the curly brackets for regular brackets.
You get this, except the ones that shall not be named



grimbldoo commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

I'm really looking forward to the balancing of characters. Especially for Ike if they bring him back. All of his smashes were high risk an low reward. Hopefully they remove that from all characters. Their smashes should either be high risk and high reward or low risk and low reward.

@Blastoise-san #5
He already hit her. Link bounces every time his in-air-down-attack connects.



grimbldoo commented on Disney Interactive Sees Big Financial Boost in Q4:


itsamii wrote:

They've been saving. They have Kingdom Hearts 3

to which you responded,

Kingdom Hearts 3 is Square Enix. This is in house

and then I responded to correct you by telling you that anything in Kingdom Hearts that is not already Square Enix exclusive belongs to Disney, so Disney actually makes a decent chunk off of Kingdom Hearts.



grimbldoo commented on Marth Confirmed as the Latest Challenger in Su...:

Can't even disagree with ya ;).
I agree, basing the games around the popularity of the characters would just drain the life out of games. They should keep Ike in and Introduce someone ranged or really fast, such as Tharja because she was pretty dang popular. It would be good, Ike is heavy, Marth is all around, and [insert character] is ranged/light.
They probably will add feet, they would have done it if they had time for Awakening.



grimbldoo commented on Marth Confirmed as the Latest Challenger in Su...:

@Einherjar #132
You sir, make a very good argument. However, whenever you talk about adding Chrom, all I can think about is the Starfox gang and how they are all just clones. I have to agree with the other people here that Chrom and Lucina should just be skins for Marth since they all use the same style (or maybe just Lucina, since Chrom would move like a guy and Marth has the most feminine stances out of all of the characters)

@Einherjar and @ Murrkle
Seeing as how the US is Nintendo's second largest market, the opinion of the people matters a whole damn lot.

@ Murrkle
Since that Marth +1 setup wasn't available in the first game, that's not all there is to it.



grimbldoo commented on Marth Confirmed as the Latest Challenger in Su...:

@onlyaman #3 and @FishieFish #5
Of course he does. You guys should probably get around to playing some of other fire emblems.
@Einherjar #11
With what move set? Chrom would have the same exact move set as Marth since he was trained in the same style.

@Nomad #26
Ike has such a strong loyal following in the US, I don't think that would be the best of moves.

@Giygas_95 #72
Uh, what? These are all official releases from Nintendo.

@KingofSaiyans #86
Watch this video and then this video afterwards.

@Einherjar #105
Exactly, since Awakening has so many sales, Nintendo should have replaced Marth with Lucina or Chrom. Ike already has a unique move set, why would they just remove that from the game?

@murrrkle #107
Ike is actually the face of American Fire Emblem. Most die hard fans would take Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn over any of the newer Fire Emblems.