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Mon 31st Dec 2012

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GreatDrunkMonky commented on Meet Playtonic, A Studio Of Ex-Rare Staff That...:

@SupremeAllah The HD port of Perfect Dark on Xbox360 is worth playing. 4J Studios did an awesome job on the conversion, pretty much built a completely new graphics engine, but kept damn near everything else untouched. Also added Live support, which is capable of actually hosting players and Sims without killing the framerate (though there's a cheat to make it act like an N64 and make the game nigh-unplayable).



GreatDrunkMonky commented on Hardware Focus - Super Nintendo:

I did prefer the American console design. Granted, I am American, but I prefered the color scheme for the Japanese and European controllers. I had an ASCII select auto-fire controller that I used which had the Japanese colors on the buttons. Both it and my SNES still function to this day and get occassional use.