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Tue 11th Nov 2008

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Goompapa commented on Review: Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (Wii...:

Hurm. I may have to pick this up then. FF4 is my second favorite FF game, next to FF6, so I will probably love it. I paid more than this for a slightly used copy back in the day, so no biggie. I'll probably buy one part a week or something like that to space it out. To savor it. I hope they do something like this with FF6!



Goompapa commented on Review: Fatal Frame IV (Wii):

I feel bitter. This is one of the very few Wii games I'm interested in these days. Loved Crimson Butterfly, it is still to this day the scariest game I've ever played (especially in first person mode). WTF, Nintendo?



Goompapa commented on USA VC Update: MUSHA:

Shooters aren't a genre I have much experience in, being more of an RPG fan back in the day. If I only get one shooter on VC, which should it be? There are several here that have 4 or 5 star ratings, so I'm on the fence.



Goompapa commented on StarTropics:

I borrowed this from a friend back in the day, but was never able to get very far--I remember it fondly, though. I 'll definitley be giving it another shot.