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GoneFishin commented on 3DS Homebrew Hacker Turns to YouTube App As La...:

And having moved onto the comments to see if anyone else corrected the author of this article, a real nonsense of a post has appears. There is absolutely nothing illegal about emulating a console like the NES.

All patent protection has expired and there is no system bios necessary for operation that remains protected by a copyright. It's free and clear to replicate the functionality of the hardware via simulating it in software; i.e., emulation.

And there's plenty of perfectly legal software that can be freely downloaded. Homebrews are the biggest area, but even developers/publishers make stuff freely available. The Out of this World guys for instance have released their unreleased GBA port of this early 90's classic as a free download.

Would be nothing illegal with downloading a GBA emulator and pairing it with this rom.



GoneFishin commented on A Totally Complete Version Of Star Fox 2 Reall...:

@Grumblevolcano No, it's not. Let's stick to what is actually in B&W here...

"The legal problems regarding the now-defunct Argonaut Software are probably a nightmare."

Super FX patents are time expired and there is no embedded software on the Super FX chip that's protected by copyright that would still be active today. As such, it's un-debatable that the Super FX co-processor is in the public domain today. Dylan clearly is only speculating that Argonaut Software holds some sort of ownership rights to Star Fox 2, something that would be very unlike Nintendo. We're talking copyrights to Star Fox 2 (And possibly Star Fox and Stunt Race FX), not Super FX rights. And not rights to Yoshi's Island, since Argonaut wasn't even involved in its production.

And even in the unlikely event that they didn't hold clear title to a title like Star Fox 2, Argonaut Software folded on the eve of the release of the Nintendo Wii just as Nintendo was underway with launching the original Virtual Console. Hard to imagine Nintendo failing to secure whatever rights they didn't already have as that company was being liquidated, just as Nintendo was preparing to relaunch many of their classics digitally.

I'm confident that the numbers just don't add up for them, particularly when Yoshi's Island is available in fine alternate form, to justify the programming necessary to emulate this chip to their satisfaction. Homebrew Super FX emulation is pretty difficult and only relatively recently has it been done fully satisfactory. And even bSNES, otherwise considered a 100% software copy of the hardware, takes many shortcuts and liberties out of necessity with its implementation of this co-processor since an exact implementation of it simply isn't practical.



GoneFishin commented on Horizon Chase Pays Tribute To SNES Classic Top...:

@mid_55 The original Top Gear did this a bit as well. The Monte Carlo course for instance matched the famous temporary F1 circuit, as I recall. They couldn't of course do much to match the trackside scenery past the background, but the tunnel was even included.



GoneFishin commented on Horizon Chase Pays Tribute To SNES Classic Top...:

@Nintenjoe64 I really doubt it, since these predate the show and Kemco has maintained their copyrights and trademarks. Plus, they always just could release Top Gear, as Top Racer. That was the Japanese name for the SuperNes classic, and as I recall from playing it, it's fully in English.

The only difference outside of the title screen that I could discern, is that the rate you burn fuel is a bit higher. There's a track in South America I think, that I could always skip pitting and coast across the finish line with my momentum after running out of fuel. Tried it in Top Racer, and ran the tank dry way before the checkered flag.



GoneFishin commented on Horizon Chase Pays Tribute To SNES Classic Top...:

The moment I heard that music, I was sold. If it appears on consoles (I saw no confirmation in the article, unlike the misleading article title), the Vita, or the 3DS, count me in. I don't have a smartphone, iPad, and the like which I'm sure is their primary target here.

So if it's a mobile exclusive like Final Freeway was (A similar concept there, with that one drawing most of its inspiration from Outrun), I'll be left out.

That one did get a GameStick release though, but it just made no sense to buy it for a single $2 or so game.



GoneFishin commented on New Super Mario Bros. Receives ESRB Rating For...:


Show me the DS cartridge slot on the Wii U. What good is the original DS cartridge still being available, to Wii U owners?

These exist to make money from people that wish to play DS software on their Wii U. It doesn't exist merely to keep some classics accessible to today's audience.

So it's really quite irrelevant that you can walk into a few stores today, and still see NSMBDS for sale. Plus, I haven't seen anything except shovelware in bargain bins at places Wal-Mart for DS software in quite sometime, so I really doubt it's very available these days at B&M stores.



GoneFishin commented on New Super Mario Bros. Receives ESRB Rating For...:

Probably the only DS title I'll be paying to download. This one is particularly well suited for the Wii U Virtual Console, unlike much of the 1st party lineup that will undoubtedly end up being the bulk of the content offered here when all is said and done.

The 2D environments upscale well and look attractive on a large screen (Although the polygonal characters, especially Mario, look pretty rough at their native res), it features minimum touch control (Releasing your stored powerup is it), the main game is single player and won't suffer much from the lack of multiplayer, and nothing too exotic is happening with how you hold the DS or the screen setup. It's held in its normal horizontal position, and the action is predominantly displayed on the upper screen that can be displayed in full pillarboxed 4:3 on your HDTV.

Even having the action switch to the bottom screen when you go down some pipes on occasion, should feel pretty natural. Just look down to the gamepad screen. The action is never spread across both screens simultaneously like it is in Yoshi's Island DS, and the lower screen is only occasionally used, so no display sacrifices like the zoomed out DS border view for Yoshi's Island will be necessary.

Good candidate for the Wii U's VC.



GoneFishin commented on Weirdness: This Game Boy Macro Is Crafted From...:

Should've taken the opportunity to modify the traces, and move the buttons around so that B is where Y is presently located and A is where B is, for a more comfortable layout.


Why Nintendo ever moved away from that after their prototype Super Famicom controllers remains a mystery, but it has been an annoyance for gamers ever since the original DS launched, whenever two button Nintendo classics have to be adapted to the SuperNes style ABXY configuration.

Thankfully at least the Wii U Virtual Console has button remapping capabilities that allows this to be fixed, although the NES Remix line still offends by sticking with A & B (Despite the lack of a single line of NES code being present) and not offering a button customization feature (At least a sideways Wiimote works nicely for those two).



GoneFishin commented on Talking Point: Mario Maker Can Be A Game Chang...:

Wii U has had dozens of game changers according to Nintendo Life. It's a game, nothing more, nothing less. It will surely succeed on its own merits, but there's no reason to act like this is some sort of launchpad that will take the Wii U and Nintendo as a whole to previously unimagined heights.

Stop fabricating drama where there isn't any.



GoneFishin commented on Social Networks Go Into Meltdown Over Apparent...:

@sillygostly If you scroll upwards to a previous post, I don't disagree. Frankly, I think if they were out to fabricate and spread a believable rumor, they failed miserably. You only needed to exercise a little bit of logic to see that this is much too soon, with Majora's Mask 3D just weeks old.

That said, your point isn't really correct as a reason for why this doesn't make sense. The only semi recent rerelease for Twilight Princess since 2011 in North America, was Australia about 18 months ago.

If anything, they could use that against both of our points. Europe received several Nintendo Selects releases in the 12 months after this, yet Twilight Princess remains unavailable as a Nintendo Selects release.

One of the biggest titles on the Wii, which in earlier years was reprinted in two large markets, yet it remains unavailable in Europe despite the Selects program actually still being underway there (And unlike anywhere else, their program has been regularly active since the start in 2011)?

Continuing to sit on it at such a late date could easily allow someone to read something into that, and construe it to fit their claim that Nintendo now has plans of another sort for Twilight Princess and doesn't want a budget priced Wii release in such a huge market to take away from it while lesser titles continue to see rereleases.



GoneFishin commented on Review: Yoshi's Island DS (Wii U eShop / DS):

Why aren't you using screenshots of the Wii U version? Providing your readers with an accurate representation of what they can expect to see on their tv screen for a DS title on the Wii U, should be a prerequisite. You may as well skip even bothering to include screenshots when they're not representative of the product available.



GoneFishin commented on Social Networks Go Into Meltdown Over Apparent...:

With the plastic in all those Majora's Mask 3D cartridges barely even cold, did this claim even merit a story? Nintendo isn't going to follow up immediately with another major Zelda port on this platform.

Would've been much more believable had it been something like Super Mario Sunshine 3D.



GoneFishin commented on Research Firm's Black Friday Data Shows Wii U ...:

I didn't see a lot of good sales for the PS3, but I'm not buying that PS3 related sales only accounted for 1% market share. There are funny numbers here that aren't telling the correct story. Hopefully more reliable data such as from NPD will surface soon.