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Male, 32, United States

Mon 29th Jul 2013

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GoldenAxe commented on Video: Nintendo Demonstrates Wii U Dev Tools i...:

Life of a Nintentroll:

Wakes up at 10.34 AM
Turns up computer
Goes to
Sees an article that says Wii U sales are picking up
Signs in and post comments that PS4 will crush Wii U in Christmas
Then Goes to
Sees that COD Ghosts is coming to Wii U
Post comment saying that it will not sell because Nintendo fans only play kiddie games.
Shuts up browser and computer.
Goes to the kitchen, grabs a Mountain Dew can and Doritos.
Turns up PS3 and puts in Black Ops 2.
Turns up his bluetooth mic and starts talking $#!T online until it's 6.00 PM...