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Fri 21st Jun 2013

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GoldMetalSonic commented on Moon Chronicles Developer Seeking Interest for...:

@RenegadeJools I just sent you a tweet but I'll make an extended one here.

You confirmed on twitter that you want to release Moon U in its entirety, and are interested in using Unity for it.

I think those are VERY smart ideas, as I too think going episodic was a misstep for the 3DS version, not to mention charging $9 for the first episode which was I think folks said could be as short as 35 minutes, err.. And Unity is a free license on Wii U so that's a MAJOR expense covered, plus a huge amount of indies on Wii U have worked with Unity so there's a ton of experience out there so you could always find assistance if needed.

Also, might I suggest you ping EnjoyUp Games?

They are an excellent Wii U and 3DS indie publisher and the vast majority of their Wii U games run on Unity, AND they've picked up numerous Wii U versions of other studios' games, such as Rock Zombie and Spy Chameleon.

I think a team up for Moon on Wii U could go VERY smoothly with them, I highly recommend them as a fan.

Also I said this before, please try to stick to Wii U ONLY for this port, at LEAST initially. For one thing you'll obviously be using the Wiimote which is extremely popular to shooter fans on Nintendo systems and right now is a big exclusive draw compared to other platforms. Only other option is the Move on PS3... somehow I don't see that getting positive reception anyway.

And it allows full focus and then if you ever see fit down the road after the game on Wii U sells well enough, THEN you can consider a straight port to whatever other console.

Since I also said trying to make like 5 versions can't be that cheap and the amount of copies sold may not even be much better since you'll also be widely splitting the userbase if you know what I mean. Like why sell 50,000 copies on 5 platforms when maybe you can sell 40,000 on one? Some random not likely accurate math for ya. XD

So yeah, I still believe in you guys, who used to be a AAA name on the DS, I want to see that fiery passion again, and I think it's there. Just remember to look at feedback not as insults but as words of what people felt was a mistake and learn from said mistakes, which will make you, your team, and your games stronger in the future.

Best of luck Jools and to all at Renegade Kid.