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Fri 31st Dec 2010

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GojiFan commented on Features: Don't Touch my Samus: Metroid's Cont...:

I registered on this site solely because of this article and some of the comments I have seen. I feel like I can help put the controversy of the Ridley scene to rest.

-First, Ridley killed (and possibly devoured) her parents and everyone else she knew when she was just a child. The manga also says she has PTSD from the event I believe.

-Super Metroid was the first time Ridley actually died. He didn't escape, or get enhanced or anything like that. He was dead and gone.

-Did anyone bother to think she realized that Ridley and Little Birdie were the same creature?!? She could have shot Ridley right then and there. Instead she let him live, and lo and behold he killed one of her long time friends from her old squad. She was overcome with the realization that the family murdering dragon she finally killed was back because she LET HIM LIVE.


-You didn't see Samus freeze up and be paralyzed with fear when the Metroid Queen showed up. Nope, she dived head first (literally) into battle.

End Spoilers

As for the rest of the story, yeah the script/acting was kinda bad. And the setting was a bit of a rehash of Fusion. But I really enjoyed it regardless. Samus appearing as a bad killer when she is probably deathly afraid of the things (Ridley and the Space Pirates) that murdered everyone she knew as a child makes her far more appealing to me than "she has a gun and she kills things".