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Mon 3rd Jun 2013

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Goginho commented on The Japanese Release of Super Mario Advance 4:...:

I really, really wish I had a chance to play these levels. Never got to experience them, sadly, but they seem fun from the looks of it. Shame that the extra work by the developers couldn't have been enjoyed by many due to technical limitations and what not, but now is the chance to make this accessible. I mean, if I were to create a product, I'd want to share it with everyone possible.



Goginho commented on Random: Take a Look at This Unofficial Version...:

It's a shame this game never got any DLC. It's a very well-polished game in terms of mechanics and the overall driving experience, but it lacks in content, i.e. modes and some other minor, yet much-needed elements imo, like the lap times and what not. Just look at all the options MK Wii. MK DS had boss battles and stuff like that, so it would have been nice to have gotten a little extra in MK7. At least it plays buttery smooth though, which is one of its main strengths.



Goginho commented on See All That's Coming in the Tri Force Heroes ...:

These are welcome additions. This game is a tough one to label. I love the Zelda series and the game design here is nothing short of brilliant, but I found myself often being paired up with players that make it so hard to enjoy the game. On the other hand, I've also been paired up with players on a few occasions where it there was a natural and automatic understanding of who, what, where, when and how. These sessions were simply pure joy. I would like to experience more moments of "flow".



Goginho commented on We Could See New Nintendo Stuff At The Game Aw...:

I wouldn't mind some more Zelda footage of some sort. But then again, I kinda wanna hold off on any more details until release to make the experience all the more sweeter At this point it's sort of like the "we've come this far" situation. We've been given so little info and detail (apart from the visual style, a strange enemy and some grassy fields and cliffs) on the next Zelda game during this long wait, that I might as well go all the way and restrain myself from seeing any more possible exposure until the game comes out.



Goginho commented on Poor Odds of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth ...:

Don't even know anything of this game and not the slightest bit interested, but regardless if it could run on Wii U or not, it's clear that those devs are lying trying to excuse themselves. Just look at the footage for "Zelda U", and tell me that that's something close to what the Vita can run. I highly doubt that.



Goginho commented on Super Mario Maker Developers Talk About the Re...:

Zelda Maker would obviously never work. It's just the type of game and people shouldn't continue to blindly suggest this without giving it any thought. Be happy with Super Mario Maker, if you're into platformers.
A Mario Kart Maker, on the other hand, would be doable. The developers could give us certain themes and assets we could play around with to make some tracks to race on.



Goginho commented on Zelda Fans Vent Anger At Nintendo of America O...:

I prefer the more professional and serious approach of NoE. Memes are like a fad. It will seem silly or ridiculous many years down the road when people come across this kind of text imo.. Therefore you gotta keep it timeless and traditional. Still nothing to get angry about lol



Goginho commented on Eiji Aonuma is Aiming For an Open World "Surpr...:

I'm looking forward to it. I trust Aonuma. He has a good grasp of human psychology and on the philosophy on how these things tend to work. It's not a fan project, duh, so no need to listen to all the fan requests. No matter what, it's impossible to please everybody, so some people are obviously going to disapprove this game regardless. However, there's no doubt that the vast majority will approve of this game and end up loving it from the looks of it so far, despite the only shame being in the delay, which is a minor gripe in my view, since I'm a patient and busy person anyway.



Goginho commented on Video: Did You Know Gaming? Explores The Legen...:

You guys should check out EmceeProphIt on YouTube and give him some well-deserved exposure. He just finished his series on Twilight Princess. I don't think I have ever seen anyone do better Legend of Zelda analyses (fan-made Zelda content for that matter). Pure quality stuff and quite entertaining too.



Goginho commented on Miyamoto: Star Fox Zero Has Been Delayed, "I A...:

I don't mind this at all (same with the Zelda U delay). I'm all for it, since it means we get an ultimately better game in the end, but it does beg the question whether it is even necessary giving us a release date (year) so prematurely in the first place. Just announce the game, show some work in progress and done. That's enough for me, no need to give any empty promises and say it's coming then and then. Until you're really surely positive about the release date, which, naturally, should be close to the release of the game, there's no need to announce it. I think Yoshi's Woolly World did that well, as it kept us wondering about the game for a long time (around two years, I believe) after having been exposed to some early screenshots of it. We had it in the back of our minds without obsesing over it, some were even unsure if it's coming at all, but I think that's the way Nintendo should handle their release date announcements, namely not to tell us anything until short notice.



Goginho commented on Mario History: Super Mario Land - 1989:

People can have their opinions and say that this is a bad game, and surely to today's standards it doesn't hold up very well, but back in the day it was definitely a gem. I had loads of fun with this perfect little, miniature Mario title, and still do tbh.. Also, the music is awesome btw. (dat second stage tho ).



Goginho commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

Guys, what's the point of third party games when the system allegedly won't even be as powerful as the predominant third party consoles of this generation i.e. PS4? I don't think it would make much sense, since the more powerful consoles are the ones consumers will go to in order to play these kinds of games. Hasn't it always been like that, or am I mistaken?
That being said, just give me Mario and Zelda and I'll be satisfied



Goginho commented on Review: Yoshi's Story (Wii Virtual Console / N...:

@RikuKH Yup this game has such a distinct vibe to it, that it's impossible not to remember some of the songs and the various interesting enemies. Dat opening theme though so happy... also that Yoshi underground hip-hop beat, the jungle / tribal music, the "Nutcracker" song in the castles...etc..



Goginho commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:

It does surprise me, since it'd be less powerful than a past-gen system, but I honestly couldn't care less about the power of a console, personally. I'm sure it'll have sufficient power to provide us with quality content anyway. Naturally, one gets enjoyment out of the games. Mind-blowing, right? So where's the fun and satisfaction in owning a simple piece of plastic, I'm not gonna stare at it lusciously
The only con that can come out of this is developers being put off again (for whatever real reason) i.e. less 3rd party in the end, which would be a shame for people wanting those games.
But like I said, it's the games that matter, so let's hope for a rich library filled with some of the best content (something the Wii U managed to do amidst all the negativity). It only comes down to the games, so we'll have to wait and see



Goginho commented on Hands On: Blast Ball Brings Crude Button Mashi...:

Funny, some sources actually express the opposite after their time with the game :/ hmm... There's gotta be more to it though. I mean, someone even said that the demo had a customization button on the menu that you couldn't access, which, according to them, sounds promising. I'm sure the full game will be more in-depth.



Goginho commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Asks for Fan Trust With Metro...:

@khaosklub lol quite the pretentious attitude you got there I didn't actually think you'd take the time to read all that. Respect
Hey, in the end, whatever floats your boat. You have your way of thinking and I have mine. We each have our own philosphy on how we think stuff work in this business, so let's leave it at that. Maybe you're the expert on this, I dunno. Peace

@QuixoticRocket hehe exactly. Simple as that. Don't spend money on a game you don't think you want. There's nothing more to it. It just seems that these kids are bitter about a subjectively poor e3 from Nintendo. Perhaps it wasn't a great showing of plenty upcoming titles, but I'm sure that nobody is without a backlog of games they've yet to play, so this could be the perfect opportunity to do some catching up imo.. I bet if this game was revealed at a Nintendo Direct, then there wouldn't even be half of the hate that it's gotten now. Giving the game a chance is the reasonable thing to do, so let's all just do that before we jump to any conclusions.



Goginho commented on We Can't Release Virtual Console Games Any Fas...:

Understandable, but may I suggest using all that hard-earned money to expand on human resources? Hire some more people, people specific to a certian task. I mean, how hard is it to spend some of that extra cash (I know you have it ) to get more people working on the VC? It's not like there's a shortage of programmers and game designers today.
I more or less don't care for the obscure and lesser known titles, but give us all those big-hitters from back in the day. The popular games, the ones sporting the mascots. Those should be high up on the list as the main priority to release before everything else. There are still a bunch of Mario games missing. After all this time, it's still undoubtedly a pretty weak list, imo..
What happened to the N64 VC? And no mention of GameCube games, yet Wii games can be downloaded -.-



Goginho commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Asks for Fan Trust With Metro...:

@khaosklub Exactly, we owe them nothing as well. You're absolutely right about that, so let the wallets do the speaking. We have the right to want some more of something good, sure, but to be insulted by a product that otherwise doesn't seem to appear insulting is ridiculous. Also, we shouldn't go about and therefore start insulting the production and the developer's efforts for it, I mean... it's their job, their art, they have to earn their living with it. We can most definitely express our displeasure by leaving thoughtful comments and rational suggestions, but putting up a petition to have the game cancelled, something that cost human resources, something that people have worked hard on and are earning a living out of, is actually kinda insulting to them.
We can also not buy the game, give a bad review on it...etc. all of these things speak more words than any impulsive reaction, which can only cause more trouble in the long run, imo.. They will see the bad reception (if that ends up being the case, of course) and they will take the flaws and iron them out. Look at Twilight Princess when it came out. Wind Waker had such a bad general reception because it was "too kiddy" or it wasn't realistic and what not, and so Nintendo answered this with Twilight Princess (a complete contrast), a game which received a mixed reception. Today, Wind Waker seems generally more beloved and acclaimed than Twilight Princess. Not saying TP didn't turn out to be a great game, one which is many people's fav Zelda game, but it has a lot of criticism. People had high hopes and expectations from it (i.e. timeless visuals, vast open field with plenty to do, exhilirating horseback combat...etc.) and after maybe a couple of months or even years when they let the game sink in, Wind Waker didn't seem so bad all of a sudden. People started recognizing Wind Waker's true value and started seeing things past their initital impulses. Who knows, we might warm up to this game too one day.
So all in all, I think there's more to it than just a non-Metroid-like "Metroid" game here. I think Nintendo want to introduce the series and expand its audience by making this title as appealing to the general masses as possible (let's be honest, Metroid isn't the most attractive of games out there and it's certainly no bright, happy-go-lucky, from-kids-to-adults Super Mario), which, in the long run, could be quite beneficial for the series, as well as the fans, because then there's a chance for a higher number of consumers. This could then lead to the game that "everyone" always wanted and waited for So we'll just have to wait and see. But like I said, I wouldn't be surprised if there's more than meets the eye. Everyone has their own first impression about something, but it's the lasting impression that counts in the end, and the first one may not always be the last.
Speak with wallets and reviews. They will listen then. Petitions can only anger them. Just take a look and see how they took those petitions about remakes, such as that Majora's Mask 3D "Moonfall" petition (once again, a game that dealt with lots of criticism at first). They weren't too pleased about that either, even though it was actually a flattering situation.



Goginho commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Asks for Fan Trust With Metro...:

@Vineleaf You're right, selfish and entitled is a bit much, and yet, that's unfortunately the general reaction and stance that a lot of internet dwellers have taken toward a mere freakin' video game lol namely this one. I guess you haven't heard of the petition that requests the game to be cancelled, which is ridiculous, and a very hasty and impulsive way of going about it imo..



Goginho commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Asks for Fan Trust With Metro...:

@bubby444 Well, then I suggest you get to it
Oh, and if you're implying that I'm one of those "people who do like the game", then you are mistaken.

@khaosklub Dude, these are video games we are talking about. This is a luxury. I still stand by my point when I say that they don't owe us anything. And no, contrary to how it seems, this isn't about fanboyingly defending Nintendo, but more or less about reason.
So, they created something and provided us with a certain means of entertainment. Have we become so blindingly obsessed and possessed by self-entitlement that we expect them (the devs...Nintendo... w/e) to keep on delivering exactly what we want and how we want it? ...that we have the nerve to put up a petition aiming to get the game cancelled? Now, I'm not saying you're one of those that signed the petition, that doesn't even concern me, but the point is that we need to relax I know it's hard being a long-time fan of a musician or any sort of artist and see them suddenly change styles and turn into something we could never imagine, for example. Admittedly, I may personally be somewhat upset if they took away all the integral Zelda elements - like dungeons and puzzles - in a future Zelda game, a beloved franchise of mine, and make it into something completely unZelda-like (key word: completely), but in no way would I blow things out of proportion and react so uber displeased as is the case with this game.
All I can say to people not liking the game is... don't buy it simple as that. Everyone has a right to be uspet and express their displeasure to a certain degree, of course, but don't let it anger you so that it becomes unhealthy. I'm sure we'll get our traditional Metroid game in the near future

@Bolt_Strike Yeah, you may have a point. Yet, I have this funny strange feeling that this game - to everyone's surprise - will sell fairly decently. I believe that all this rage across the internet is the vocal minority, or as I call them, the "aggressive" minority. I bet there are a ton of people who are looking forward to this game. It's most likely going to even catch the eye of consumers who haven't even watched e3 or follow any gaming trends / news, for example. This game will do fine imo.. And I do believe that you have to listen to the customers, but selectively. Not everyone is going to give reasonable suggestions on future games, or provide well-thought arguments for them. And in the end, it is impossible to please everybody. Even the best of the best and the most critically acclaimed titles have at least a handful of major haters. Just that in this case, Nintendo may have displeased the lot... like a huge chunk of that vocal minortiy lol The announcement for this game should have perhaps been saved for a Direct. Oh well. We'll have to wait and see though. Some want change, some want the same thing. It was much simpler back in the day, creating something from zero, before even having established a franchise, I imagine. No boundaries, no set rules and consumer guidelines.
Devs today have to deal with a lot and I'm under the impression that their artistic freedom is very limited compared to how it was before their mascots made the breakthroughs. I'm the guy who encourages artistic freedom and trusts in the developers. Sure, they may have made some questionable decisions at times, but I never found myself disappointed tbh.. Maybe I'm just easily pleased, I dunno.



Goginho commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Asks for Fan Trust With Metro...:

Seeing all these comments everywhere about this game... it's like... it's like they owe us something. Like a game has to be a certain way, or else! I mean, people are basically at the brink of pointing a gun at the developers nowadays. Some probably would if that was allowed lol So much selfishness and sense of entitlement, tsk tsk. Just step back and chill for a second, guys.



Goginho commented on The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Director...:

By all means, actually, that is a great answer if you think about it. It's the story they put together, and you can't change that lol silly. You just gotta roll with it.

Yea, I can only guess that people are bored, and when people get bored, they start looking for the next "big" step toward change or "progression". Only recently have there been remarks, complaints, requests, suggestions and hints about having a female Link. I don't recall it being like that 15 or even 10 years ago. People are bored, I tell ya lol, just like with everything else (any form of media or fashion i.e. music, film...etc.), we gotta push the boundaries further and further every once in a while.
If, one day, the devs happen to give us a female Link due to fan request, I will be sad If we get a female Link that isn't influenced by demand however, then that's fine. I just don't want the devs listening to popular demands and wishes from the internetz. They know what they're doing, trust And besides, these fan wishes should have pretty darn good arguments in the first place in order to pass up as something to be considered, and not just be impulse-based without real thought put to them.



Goginho commented on Super Mario Maker Producer Tells Fans Not To E...:

Yup, that's the thing with us spoiled fans. Give us a finger and we want the whole hand. As soon as the "Maker" doors have opened, people immediately started suggesting other franchises / series to get the same treatment before they even let Mario Maker sink in ("Oh, how 'bout 3D Mario Maker?").
I'm not disappointed, as I'm not even expecting a Zelda Maker. I've never even expected a Mario Maker, so that's something to be quite content with, in all honesty.
LoZ should always remain as a pure developer-based game, not just for its difficulty in creating a Maker, but for obvious logical reasons, if you think about it. So let the professionals do it (not saying that ordinary gamers couldn't make some creative dungeons, but you need more than just dungeons and puzzles in a Zelda game).

I guess the only game series that would be suitable as a Maker that I can think off at the moment would be Mario Kart. Designing track layouts has its potential, but providing us with different tools and resources for creating different settings and adding a variety of environmental objects might be the difficult thing to pull off. This would be a crucial element though, since the courses need have many variations in order to up the replayability and keep it interesting.
Like the Super Mario series, Mario Kart is highly popular and has its recognition amongst different kinds of audiences (from hardcore to light and casual to non-gamers) all across the globe, so it would have an advantage in that regard, as opposed to something like a DK Country Maker or a Zelda Maker (people still think the green-clad "elf" is Zelda ). So, how well would a "Zelda Maker" sell?



Goginho commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is Hittin...:

Wow, yet another reminder of how far (or not far) the VC on the Wii U has come. Like, seriously... shouldn't we have had plenty of N64 games by now? Not to mention GameCube games. What happened to that? Or am I the only one that naively expected GC games to have rolled out onto the VC by now? ..sigh* :/



Goginho commented on Hands On: Logging More Flight Time With Star F...:

@HollywoodHogan Yeah, but that's the thing though, the graphics here don't even seem disappointing. People in general seem spoiled, due to all those eye candy games we've gotten the past couple of years. Many also fail to realize that Star Fox Zero has a different aesthetic approach in contrast to Mario Kart 8 or 3D World for example, where everything is a bit more "clean", symmetrical and simplistic, where the colors and objects seem to have that certain "pop" to them (in typical Super Mario fashion), if you know what I mean. But I guess you're right though. There's always going to be criticism, as well as praise. It's just that in this case it seems a bit uncalled for and over-the-top imo.. "Ohh, looks like the N64 one...the grass looks flat..." lol what?! okay there?? Those are the things you can read so far haha