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Mon 3rd June, 2013

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Goginho commented on Mario Golf: World Tour UK Pre-Order Bonus Lets...:

Aw man. Why do all the games I don't want to get offer cool extras like this? I've always wanted a Mario hat (even though this one isn't all that pretty, I mean just compare it with Mario's hat from the cover of the game), but they always come with things I won't get. And wouldn't it make more sense to offer something golf related? Oh well.



Goginho commented on Microsoft's Ken Lobb: Metroid Prime Wouldn't H...:

Read the heading and I agree. Don't listen to consumers / fans. Because that can be overwhelming and therefore amount to a lack of freedom and creativity that the developer initially has. They're also under pressure, trying to please everyone's demands, which is totally impossible. At the end of the day, maybe just take a select few that you might come across, that seem intellectual enough and well thought-through to begin with. Not the one-sentence suggestions that are just blurted out impulsively, because it was "cool" and what not.

I myself have always had suggestions, but I think them through and try to make something thoughtful out of it. In the end, I still end up pretty amazed by the production, despite not having anything of mine implemented into it. So hopefully, developers will continue to feel the freedom of creating games the way they are meant to be created, you know, the way it was back in the day, when the market was still young and where nobody really knew what to expect, but the devs made something that we ended up liking a lot, and thus gradually establiching fanbases. People constantly complaining today need to chill and reassess some things.



Goginho commented on Nintendo of America is Cutting the Price of Fi...:

hmm... I take it it's only in America and not happening in Europe. I've yet to get DK Returns, and I'm currently on a tight budget, so this discount might justify a purchase in the near future. DK Returns has been on my list ever since, but I never got around to it, so hopefully the price drops in Europe too.



Goginho commented on Nintendo Is Working On The Next Mario Game, Bu...:

Woot woooot ! Oh man, I'm just so excited for this. I mean, obviously we're gonna get more Mario games. But it's talk about future Mario games that gets me excited :D and I can't really decide for Wii U or 3DS. My preference is home console, but I really hope we get a true 3D Mario game for the 3DS, a successor to either SM64, with Peach's Castle grounds, maybe even paintings again and what not, or SM Sunshine (mmm.. water spraying in 3D).

Ideally though, I would love both systems getting a game, so that way in their lifespans, they'd have two 3D Mario games each, which again, is an ideal case scenario imo.. Hopefully it'd be like Smash Bros., with a 3DS game coming out a few months before a Wii U game, maybe even up to a year earlier, whatever, as longs as both systems get another 3D Mario treatment, I'd be ecstatic :DDDD

They could also feature some cross-play, in a way. Or even co-op multiplayer, up to four or more players. One on GamePad, one on TV, and however many with 3DS'. But that's pushing it. So hopefully it'd at least end up Wii U co-op two player, Mario and Luigi respectively, one on GamePad and other on TV, that way they don't both need to be on the same screen / in the same location. The 3DS game, however, could also get such a multiplayer co-op treatment. Man, so much potential. I really hope they do go that far as to add some in-depth multiplayer, unlike 3D World, which was very basic and limited.



Goginho commented on Round Table: Let's Talk Endlessly About Mario ...:

I'm very excited. I'm a bit concerned, though, that this Mario Kart will end up being nothing more than pure eye candy, and, as they mentioned it, a "charm factory". I still really want a true Mario Kart experience while actually racing, and not just gaze in awe at the pretty visuals and be impressed by them. You know, actually have awesome tracks to race on, and not just ones where you say, "oh wow, this track looks amazing...gorgeous...etc.", all the kinds of comments I've been reading lately on all different kinds of sources about MK8. Nobody really praised the actual track design and overall racing experience (apart from the smooth 60 fps). So I'm hoping it won't disappoint in that department, as I'm very certain it won't :)



Goginho commented on Review: Metroid Fusion (Wii U eShop / Game Boy...:

@shaneoh You know what term I dislike? "Support". I don't understand that quite. People always talk about "supporting" Nintendo. "Support" a company. What does that even mean anymore, how do I support something like that? I'm just a normal consumer, below average even, and I can't jump on everything Nintendo comes out with on the very first minute. And as for seats, you're usually buying to an event, something timely, you know. Nintendo launching a new product is not something temporary that's gonna go away, cease to exist (although, that could be argued, lookin' at you Virtual Boy :P lol) and is expected to be missed.

But you're right though, so what? That's why I'm not losing sleep over not getting GBA on the 3DS :) Who's to say that I don't keep going with what is available to me? So, so what for having a mere opinion and believing that something as banale as this is unfair? Who would have known the 3DS would have had a rough start, not sell well, and thus release compensatory games to the early buyer. None of that was planned, nor expected. In my opinion, according to this philosophy, Nintendo should have made early buyers of the Wii U ambassadors also, seeing as how it hit a major price drop within a year. I guess they maybe saw it as a not very well thought-out plan after doing that with the 3DS, in that they've restricted themselves in bringing finished, emulated games for everyone with a 3DS now. And aren't there other games from the GBA era available to be ported on the 3DS than the ones that are included in the programm?

My point is, the games were distributed for free, whereas buyers after the price cut would naturally pay for them. Early buyers have had early access, whereas late buyers clearly wouldn't, and at the moment actually still have no access (not counting the Wii U). So I'm sorry I couldn't provide support at the very start. At least I'm providing some sort of support, right? :P

Oh, and tell me, are you "supporting" Nintendo and buying all the games that don't sell well, multiple copies even, just so you can show them love and hope that they continue to exist and what not? 'Cause I clearly ain't, I guess. I wish I could, though.



Goginho commented on Super Smash Bros. Direct Will Bring the Hype o...:

@cookiex Pretty much :P lol
But I'm still more a fan of MK than Smash Bros. (so my comment is kinda biased, I'll admit :D). And besides, we've been getting weekly info on SB through screenshots since...forever. I kinda feel like Smash Bros. this time 'round will be just an update over the last ones, you know. A natural progression, the way it's supposed to be. Better visuals, new arenas, characters, and maybe bit more refined controls and mechanics, and that's it. Nothing hugely different and deviant. I'm probably wrong, but I feel like Smash is just Smash. It's gonna be great. But MK8 seems to be doing a lot of new things, many of which need some explaining to do :)

Meh, woulda been better to have a normal Direct, covering many different content, but focusing on Smash Bros. if they must. I mean, I can't imagine half an hour worth of explaining and showing off what's new in Smash Bros. 4. Like, don't spoil it all, and leave some for us to find out, you know :P We know what Smash Bros. is all about, we know it's great and fun, so no need to worry about getting the word out there themselves. The fans and consumers will do that (and there are plenty of fans already). I guess, in a way, the same goes for Mario Kart. So whatevs :)



Goginho commented on Review: Metroid Fusion (Wii U eShop / Game Boy...:

@shaneoh lol ironically, I guess so :P But to be fair, I myself am not really spamming, since I only wrote one comment, but as a collective, yes, the person is getting spammed from many commenters. I, on the other hand, am one of the few who are not blatantly insulting him or w/e.
And dont tell me 3DS got GBA before Wii U, because the Ambassador programm doesn't count. I'm not an Ambassador, and so why shouldn't I have access to games that a certain group of people have years after they've gotten theirs. I'd have to normally pay for the games too, actually, so it's a bit unfair in my books not getting any GBA love for my 3DS (umm, portable systems?), as paying for them would make up for the difference the Ambassadors have payed 'extra' for their fresh new 3DS at the time. Not to mention, they got their games exclusively early.



Goginho commented on Review: Metroid Fusion (Wii U eShop / Game Boy...:

@Uberchu lol shouldn't have said that, it seems :P
Now you're being spammed by commenters who take your comment a bit too personal :D I, on the other side, do agree with you. The 3DS should get GBA VC before the Wii U, at least. And people saying you should be an ambassador, and that you're this so-called "butthurt" (while clearly they're the ones bothered by your comment), hmm... wow? I guess? :)



Goginho commented on Mario Kart 8 Producer Explains The Absence of ...:

Hey, leave some new features for future Mario Kart games. We got enough this time 'round, and it wouldn't be wise to go all out and have nothing left to add for successors :P
And why all the hype for creating your own tracks? I don't really understand that, I've seen a lot on YouTube, and to be honest, like 95% of them don't look very fun (have, at the very most, no replaybility value). I'm happy to get a new Mario Kart, and what Nintendo does is absolutely amazing and top-notch. They put so much time, effort and care into these tracks, that there's no doubt that they'll end up being fun for years to come. So, I personally don't care one bit for a custom track creator, despite being a visual, artsy, creative type of person that likes to make and create things.
I would, however, be happy with some DLC tracks from Nintendo afterwards. They don't have to be over the top, standard massive productions, but rather nice little, well thought-through additions that possibly incorporate some ideas they may have missed, like how Galaxy 2 was a game full of ideas they didn't / couldn't include in Galaxy 1. Perhaps even some extra battle stages, or challenges, similar to how NSMB2 got some extra Coin Rush packs. Now that would be amazing, and quite fitting in my opinion, but track creator is definitely not needed in my books.



Goginho commented on Preview: Mario Kart 8:

I'm so happy Royal Raceway is back, as well as Rainbow Road 64 and Toad's Turnpike. All that's left in bringing back is Wario's Stadium, with the necessary changes, incorporating flying and even anti-gravity on according section. Choco Mountain would also be awesome to bring back.
I'm really excited for this game. Shame about the GamePad though, as I really hoped to be able to play two players on seperate screens.



Goginho commented on Review: I Am In The Movie (DSiWare):

hmmmm.. I dunno :/ seems like a great piece of software that's worth getting. I mean, a 2? That's gotta be like- good or something, right? :P I'm still undecided on this one guys.

lol the clip looks like something from the early 2000s :D it has that sort of vibe to it, I feel.



Goginho commented on Mount Thunder Paints A Pretty Zelda Picture:

I think it looks great. These posters make me snap them up. Mount Thunder has gotten my attention. I would like to see further tributes to the LoZ, as well as Super Mario.

This being made by hand, I'm trying to find a difference between the left and right decorational design (apart from being mirrored of course). I assume they used a stencil, which they flipped in order to make the other side identical.



Goginho commented on Exclusive: Nintendo Developing "Virtual U" VR ...:

Guys, April fools or not, I'm sure something like this is on the drawing boards at Nintendo HQ. Just wait and see, time will tell. The company is daring, and has proved it often times in the past --cough* Virtual Boy. To be quite honest, I wouldn't mind seeing something like this. If done right, Nintendo could pump out some awesome virtual reality content, even go as far as giving Mario or Zelda a go with it, since they are arguably their main driving force i.e. mascots (everything or nothing, right or wrong, win or lose). I mean, Skyward Sword took a pretty big risk and utilized motion controls, which in the end, worked really well and I would love to see that concept expanded upon. So who knows, we might get a future Zelda game with motion controls and a full 3D + HD, virtual reality perspective :P ..where you turn your head to the right or left to actually look right/left in the game, for example.
When we come so far, I still would love to have the option of just sitting down on the couch with a simple controller in my hand. Variety is key. Having options is the way to go, I find :)



Goginho commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

Vote Cuccos, or else... :P I mean, just look at that leer!

Good collection of screens this time 'round. The first two pics do it for me, as well as Andross in the Galaxy stage too.
Funny how there's a major difference between having outlines on and off. With outlines, it's much clearer however, and it's the way I personally have preferred it from the beginning when I saw the 3DS version in action last year. Especially seeing how the intricate details of Link seem washed out beneath the pixels and almost melted into the backgroung without outlines, not so much for Mario, but Mario is a more proportionally "chunky" character with distinct features and simpler details. Still though, outlines for the win the version that unique appeal, I find.



Goginho commented on Poll: Have Your Say On The GamePad's Role With...:

@faint Well that sucks. I'm not an ambassador, but would love to play those games on my 3DS, seeing as how they did come from a more primitive era, or from a portable system, and thus would fit well in the 3DS Virtual Console. Fans getting angry is kinda stupid imo, I mean, they paid for an arguably overpriced 3DS, sure, but they got those games for free (which are top games btw, so nothing to complain about there imo), and non-ambassadors would have to probably pay the deficit amount in order to reach the same level of content as the ambassadors got (maybe even pay more if each game was priced fairly high, and arguably a bit too high, which Nintendo likes to do), so in the end, there is nothing to be angry about, only maybe the ones that will never ever have access to those games (like you and myself). Sure, one can always say, "well, look at ebay and get an old system", but I mean, if the 3DS already has a lot of old classics, why restrict it from getting the full amount (i.e. the games a certain group of people are "priviledged" to get). Why wasn't there an abassadors programm for the Wii U after the price cut? I think Nintendo realized that that may not have been the best move, regarding future interactions and what not. They maybe didn't look too far into the future, and made it as an impulse move, I guess.

All I'm saying is, portable games are best suited on portable systems, as are other old-school classics nowadays, such as SNES games, respectively, and the 3DS is more than capable. Console games, N64 and on, should be, and most likely will be as time goes by, put on a console's VC. So all in all, my ideal situation or best case scenario, if you will, would look like this: NES, GB, SNES, GBA, DS for 3DS; SNES, N64, GC, Wii, for Wii U (this, including standard backward compatibility). Hopefully with some sort of cross-buy/play involved, but that's already wishful thinking. And nobody should really get mad about that, the ambassadors that would whine about non-ambassadors getting the games they got for free, while non-abassadors are having to pay for them, I feel have no real reason to. But hey, w/e, I can't stop someone from being mad about something like that, I can only state my reasoning. So be it.
In the end though, that sucks if Iwata really said that and if the company really means that :(



Goginho commented on Poll: Have Your Say On The GamePad's Role With...:

Exactly, GBA VC should've come to the 3DS before the Wii U, or not even coming to the Wii U as a matter of fact. The 3DS is perfect for old classic portable games. And as for the last question, the GamePad's role is vital for the Wii U Virtual Console, but I don't think GBA and DS games are the right fit for a home console, so if it has to come to Wii U, then the GamePad is the only way to go in my opinion, and therefore if we have GBA and DS games on a home console, the most ideal way to play is on the GamePad. But like I said, the best case scenario and the most ideal option above anything else in this context, would be to have GBA VC on 3DS, and not Wii U (or simply just including Wii U).



Goginho commented on Game Boy Classic Donkey Kong Land Is Coming To...:

:O ..what can I say, this would be an ideal move, if Rare and Nintendo were on good terms (again, I suppose?) and we were to see an awesome comeback, with plenty of classic, maybe even fresh, new content in the years to come. I hope this is a sign of sorts, and above all, I hope we get this game too (not too long after). I remember borrowing it from a friend and loved playing that thing on my old Game Boy :)



Goginho commented on Nintendo of Europe Confirms Upcoming Game Boy ...:

I'm not too happy about this to be quite honest. I expected we'd get GBA VC on the 3DS before the Wii U --much sooner, at least. It only seems fitting, and I really want to play Yoshi's Island, as well as others, like Wario Land 4, on my 3DS :/
I can safely say that I'm practically always satisfied with Nintendo's efforts and choices, and most of the time I can understand them and see where they're coming from with their, sometimes questionable, decisions, but this particular move doesn't tickle my fancy though.



Goginho commented on Weirdness: The Legend of Zelda's Master Sword ...:

@MrGawain Yea, irony indeed. While us gamers are having console wars, raging all over the internet, even resorting to violence in extreme cases, the developers of all these different gaming / console companies have respect toward each other for the most part, going as far as stating it publicly. I wonder how some of the gamer 'extremists / fundamentalists' feel when they hear a PS developer say he's impressed by and can't wait for Mario Kart for example (and vice versa) :P

@Legromancer Personally, I think developers just take the job they're offered, whether it'd be under Nintendo or whatever other company.
As for toys, entertainemnt and Hollywood, I think the flaw in Sony and MS, like you mentioned, is indeed how they try to compete with Hollywood, in which they release a plentiful amount of movie-like games or 'interactive movies' if you will. Hollywood is Hollywood. They make movies. Video games are video games. So I think Nintendo has nothing to realise here. Sure, having some realistic, special-effecty, interactive-movie-like games is a pro imo., but having at least half the library filled with them is a con in my books. I might as well watch a movie then, and matter of fact, I like going to the cinema to watch a movie, as I like playing video games. Mixing one with the other..hmmm :/ But that's just me, personally. I dunno, that's the kind of impression I get about Sony's and MS' take on them realising that their industry can and arguably needs to compete with Hollywood, if that is indeed a fact, you know :)



Goginho commented on Review: Dr. Mario (Wii U eShop):

Yeah, pretty odd, considering Dr. Luigi just came out. They could have warmed players up to Dr. Luigi with this one, then maybe it could have adopted a more valued image at the moment. But there are just too many iterations of this game, it seems hard to go back to the classics, since the newer ones seem to refine basically everything (most of the time) and become definitve versions for that matter. Oh well.