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Sun 20th Jan 2013

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Godzealous commented on Nintendo Download: 21st August (North America):

Found out xbox 360 base not compatible, bought a used one at V-stock for 14.99 to use with all the different worlds and characters we had for xbox. Big hint the game store people thought all the bases were interchangeable however the model number code on the bottom of the base ends in 5 for the xbox but a 6 for the Wii U. This makes all the difference in the world



Godzealous commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014:

As a Grand Prix Legends (GPL) from years and years ago I can not wait to do some 1960's era Formula One racing action. Sans driving aids, I am hoping that with much time and effort I may be able to do a lap of Spa without wrecking.



Godzealous commented on Talking Point: The Blurred Lines of "Collectab...:

I pay for the creativity, intelligence, and time that so many talented people put their hearts and minds into that in the end brings a joyful diversion from the real world. If you think about buying code that is downloaded or imprinted on a plastic disk as the commodity that your paying for then its all a big rip-off.
I actually wish they would make a new Godzilla game that would have figurines to unlock the characters. I have a lot Godzilla collectibles that only collect dust. Think about how many toys you have owned in the past that you dreamed you could interact with inside their own environments but you only dragged across the living-room carpet. Video games will always come and go, toys will get lost or broken, but the memories and fondness of enjoying them will grow greater with age.