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Wed 28th Jan 2009

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Gman80 commented on Toribash Coming To WiiWare:

The game really is about working out how natural body physics work, then you reflect then you react to environment settings such as force and gravity.

It gets intense especially in grapple style fights, where you have to read your opponents moves and attempted throws and manipulate your tori to counter and. So fights become more technical vs more action oriented. shows a realistic throw you can achieve in multiplayer.

Here's a good example of a fight replay that used body physics well to execute a realistic kick.



Gman80 commented on Toribash Coming To WiiWare:

A lot has been said about how we’re a tactical fighting game..

I believe we’ve evolved some way from that. What started as sophisticated fighting strategy has become a way to utilise full-body motion control.

Here’s what we can do in Toribash today. Yes we have a steep learning curve but the results of mastering this are truly rewarding.

I’ll let these vids speak for themselves.