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Fri 11th Jun 2010

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GmRmXx commented on Nintendo Admits Advertising for 3DS Will be Tr...:

Advertise the hardware. The advanced graphics is what made me happy. And as for the 3D, i suppose the best thing is to set up demo stations and in theaters show a quick clip of a nintendo game in 3D, then cut to the 3DS logo, advertising: "Now You Can". or something like that.



GmRmXx commented on Miyamoto Brought Coat Hangers to his Job Inter...:

I have absolutely no idea about Nintendo's past, but I do know that they were at one point a toys or cards company (something like that). Did Miyamoto interview during this time? if so, that would make much more sense. Please correct me if i'm wrong, though.



GmRmXx commented on Review: Tournament of Legends (Wii):

oh well. I won't be picking it up, but I remain optimistic. HVS seems to be trying really hard. The gaming business as I see it is very trial and error. For example: The Conduit was only so-so, but they are trying to fix its flaws and make a better sequel. The more experience they get, the better.



GmRmXx commented on E3 2010: Super Scribblenauts Trailer:

I wonder what would happen if you typed in Gentlemanly Bully. How would that work? I'm definitely going to get this. And props to the "Bringing sketchy back". very clever



GmRmXx commented on Conduit 2 Powers Up with MotionPlus Support: the first game, the shrieker (I think thats the name) allowed you to control the bullet after it was shot. If there is a gun like that in Conduit 2, M+ could really add to the control.