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Mon 3rd Jun 2013

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GladChimer commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Aim to Produce ...:

I know I shouldn't be thinking that everyone has the same taste as I do, but I think the whole cinematic x gameplay approach that most developers have nowadays is precisely the reason why many players are unhappy with the current state of gaming. Most of the time, the main problem seems to be that story takes over the gameplay.

Whatever the case may be, the reason I personally stick to Nintendo games is because I will always be playing a perfect game. That doesn't mean that it is perfect in terms of controls or story, but rather it means that it is perfect at being a game. You mentioned Metroid Prime and Xenoblade Chronicles, and I think that's the prime example of how storytelling in video games should be done. Simply put, the story unfolds mostly through gameplay instead of cutscenes filled with poorly executed melodrama.

When I play one of those games that the author seems to be referring to, like Uncharted, lets say, I do not feel like I am taking any part in the action. The action is so obviously set up for me through its set-pieces that I am not doing anything actively other than going down the path that the designer have for me. One could argue that is the same way in Metroid Prime, but that's not the case. I am pretty much given the freedom to do anything, meaning I may engage the enemies whenever and however I want, I can go down the path that I want to explore, and I do everything at my own pace. Sure, the bosses are set up for me, but it is as if I truly meet them by chance because I simply decided to go down the hallway that leads to it.

Nintendo does storytelling well, and it does it subtly already. Even a game like Pikmin has surprising amount of depth in terms of storytelling if you let it take an effect on you. Why do modern video game developers feel the need to shove the story down my throat as opposed to simply letting me find most of it myself? The first Bioshock was different, its story unfolded through its atmosphere and its details. Bioshock Infinite, on the other hand, shoves it in my face and doesn't stop bothering me about it while only giving me simple FPS gameplay to keep me occupied.

Either way, your argument still stands... Every company should be striving for variety, so that it can reach more players. I just don't want that type of design to be norm, I want it to be the exception.



GladChimer commented on Review: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS):

Since I have never played an Animal Crossing game before, I am a little worried about purchasing it right away as I intended to because of how it is a game that is apparently 'meant to be played in short chunks every day', as mentioned in the conclusion.
It sounds great, but right now, I might just be more in the mood for a game that I can enjoy over longer gameplay sessions.