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Wed 10th Nov 2010

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GiacomoHall commented on Rumour: Online Survey Mentions NX's 4K Video S...:

@readyletsgo "Has anyone, ever, done one if these surveys?"

I did one for DJ Hero long before that was announced and pretty much everything that was in the survey was in the finished product. I get the impression that the game must have a least been at the prototype stage and that the survey was more about how to pitch the game to the public and not whether to make it in the first place. Personally I wasn't interested, but clearly others were.



GiacomoHall commented on Bayonetta 2 Demo Now Live In The European Wii ...:

Well that was absolutely, totally, completely and utterly fantastic. Played the demo with a huge grin on my face the whole way through and then played it again straight after I finished. I can't wait for the full thing now; still two weeks to go, arglebeh!!



GiacomoHall commented on A Third-Party "Secret Developer" Gives an Insi...:

People are far too sensitive, including this developer. It's just business; from Nintendo's perspective third-party games are a low priority because they usually sell poorly and therefore do not generate much in terms of licensing revenue, there just isn't enough profit when compared to their own first-party franchises. From the third-party puiblishers' perspective, their games don't usually sell as well on Nintendo consoles so the funds allocated for those versions are low, compromising game quality and damaging sales. Add in the weak Wii U sales performance and you have a vicious circle of Nintendo not commiting to third-party publishers and vice-versa; it has been this way since the N64 and will probably continue to be this way in future.