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United States

Wed 6th Jan 2010

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GhettoBully commented on Wii Play is the US's Best-Selling Game Ever:

It shouldn't be listed. another proof that nitendo won't admit they aren't doing as well anymore. When I bought it I bought it because of the controller. Free game with controller is how I saw it, not the best selling game, it should be stricken from the list. Shouldn't count as a game, it wasn't stand alone. Surprised now they aren't counting wii sports. I know it came with the system but hell they are counting wii play. It's funny that this is even being debated. Its like counting Burger Kings games as real games they even sell them used at game stop... I'm not buying into nintendos hey we are awesome attempts. Secondly remember to check the stats online out, I'm proven them wrong on my search maybe you will to, plus its just us, so it retro the game isn't even close to top ten when you put the world into play, cause face it america isn't here alone