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Geonjaha commented on Weirdness: The Pokémon Timeline Seems as Craz...:

Lets take franchises that have barely any story in them (seriously, if you think Zelda or Pokemon have rich stories you really need to expand those horizons a bit more) and use the same formula again and again, then pretend that they actually have a meaningful or existing timeline!

I understand fan devotion, but try playing to the strengths of the franchise you enjoy.



Geonjaha commented on Video: This Theatrhythm Dragon Quest Trailer P...:

Watching the trailer made me incredibly happy and depressed at the same time.

Unfortunately guys, this very likely will not be making it to NA/EU. This is Square Enix we're talking about. They've released five 3DS Dragon Quest games now, any of which I'd buy on day 1 were they to localise. When will they stop being stupid and localise something in the franchise again? We can only hope soon. This one would probably take, what, a week to translate the text in for a eShop only release here? -.-

They botch one of their two main franchises into terrible games, and then fail to localise any of the other. I don't quite know which fate is worse.



Geonjaha commented on Mega Man Zero Arrives Along With More Discount...:

Could we please have some sign of the region this stuff like discounts is actually happening in, either in the title or the tag line? Im tired of hearing about this stuff then clicking just to realise half way down the article its only for one region. Even more peculiar since this is a UK based site, and this stuff mostly happens for NA.



Geonjaha commented on The Next Theatrhythm Game Is All About Dragon ...:

Square Enix sucks. They still make great Dragon Quest games and bring none of them over here. I'll add this one to the list of 3DS games I'd buy in an instant if they ever actually released them over here.

  • Dragon Quest 7
  • Dragon Quest Monsters: Terrys Wonderland 3D
  • Dragon Quest Monsters 2
  • Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime 2
  • Theatrhythm Dragon Quest

EDIT: Never mind then. I didn't realise how many people here had a terrible sense in music.

@Expa0 - I respectfully and heartily disagree. I didn't buy the FF one because I don't care for its music. DQ on the other hand, I'd buy ASAP if it were possible.

@sillygostly - You'd think so, but at this point we can abandon any hope of Square Enix being logical with Dragon Quest releases in the west.



Geonjaha commented on Region-Locking May Be a Thing of the Past Soon...:

Oh please, as if they're actually going to do this anytime soon. We just had the New 3DS release with region locking - it's going to be a long while at least.

Once they do see how silly they're being though, I'll be importing Dragon Quest games so fast I'll probably go broke.



Geonjaha commented on The Game Boy Color is Now 16 Years Old:

My first console ever. See that game playing on the GBC in the picture? Yeah, we need that on the 3DS Virtual Console, along with every other DQ game. Get to it Square Enix - stop letting everyone down!



Geonjaha commented on Preview: Going Retro On The Go With Ultimate N...:

"Ultimate NES Remix seems like it's perfect for those without access to the original Wii U releases of the game"

I really don't see how. I'd rather play something as simple as an NES minigame collection on my 3DS than my Wii U for portability, and have to only buy one title instead of two. Keeping the best titles from both? Great. No MiiVerse integration? I don't ever use MiiVerse so for me this is a non-issue. Limited leaderboards seems a shame, but it beats not having any at all.

EDIT: Wait - this isn't an eShop release? LOL, never mind then. £30? You're having a laugh Nintendo. Guess I'll skip this too then. :/



Geonjaha commented on More Minecraft Mania Looks Set for Wii U With ...:

I'll say it again - just buy Minecraft on the PC if you want to play it. Don't have a PC? Fricking get one - who buys a console as niche as a Wii U before a PC (or any other console that currently has Minecraft for that matter)? Don't bother buying into these clones - they are all worse than the original product.

@Mega719 - Indies ripping off a game to try and cash in on lots of money is somehow noble? Lol, yeah - sure.



Geonjaha commented on Rumour: Secret Chant Within Super Smash Bros. ...:

> "Sir, we cant fit all of these characters into the character selection screen neatly!"
> "Just cut out one of them so that it looks organised and planned that way."
> "How about Ice Climbers; those characters that appeared in one game that no one really cared about and wasn't very good?"
> "Makes sense to me"

Smash fans start raging



Geonjaha commented on Nintendo Region Locks Consoles To Get More Har...:

Cue people defending a practice that has no benefit to the consumer. Seriously - this is 2014, Simultaneous international releases and regionless consoles should be a given. Nintendo is just using aged practices that shouldn't be around anymore. Fix it Nintendo - stop willingly screwing over your own customers.



Geonjaha commented on Preview: Fantasy Life is Waiting to Become Par...:

@Porky - In a way I suppose it does, although I've questioned before how free you will actually be to do whatever you want, eg. whether you'll need to actually change 'class' to start cutting down a tree.

There's a guy shown in the trailer that lets you 'change your life'. Why cant you just go out and do what you like (much like Rune Factory) without having to bother going to change your profession? Still keeping an eye on the game it just looks like it'll be more tedious than it needs to be.



Geonjaha commented on Super Mario Ball:

I remember the physics not being the best, but it was definitely fun at the time to play.



Geonjaha commented on Gallery: It's OK, We Want Each And Every One O...:

Nintendo, even you can't region lock a plastic plate, so with that in mind I'll be trying to pick up a Dragon Quest themed one from Japan. You may not let me play your games Square Enix, but I can sure as he'll try and look like I do!



Geonjaha commented on Wii U Minecraft Looking Doubtful As Dev Says T...:

The amount of argument ls this topic brings up always makes me chuckle. Instead of waiting around, just buy it on the PC. It is and always will be the best version of the game. If you have any decent PC or laptop you could play it with at least the specs of the current gen consoles. If however you bought a Wii U instead of a good PC then I criticize your choices. :P



Geonjaha commented on New Mighty No. 9 Trailer Builds The Hype as Ke...:

@MrGawain - Linear gameplay means a more refined game. The industry will never move past the concept because it isn't a objectively inferior method of game design. If this game ends up not meeting expectations it will be because it wasn't made well enough, not because it was linear.



Geonjaha commented on New Mighty No. 9 Trailer Builds The Hype as Ke...:

@JaxonH - I don't think you quite understand the idea of a boycott. It means purposefully not buying from them, even if you do have some interest in their titles. If you stop buying from them simply because you don't want any of their current games that isn't a boycott. It's supposed to be about not supporting them when you want their products to stand by a principle.



Geonjaha commented on Square Enix Wants To Bring Dragon Quest VII To...:

I hate you Square Enix. Not only would I buy Dragon Quest VII, I'd also buy the other three 3DS Dragon Quest titles in a heartbeat - one of them is a remake of one of my favourite games ever. Set up some kind of pre-order or kickstarter system - Just do something you numpties. Stop robbing us of the continuation of the Mother of the RPG genre.



Geonjaha commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Confidently Outlines Nintendo...:

@PinkSpider - I'm pretty sure Animal Crossing is the definition of a casual game. Don't assume a negative connotation to the term. It's a well established and content rich franchise, but its still casual.

@sub12 - Maybe it should be about creating more core franchises or bringing others back to their roots like Metroid, rather than simply cancelling the series you personally don't like?