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Fri 1st May 2009

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Gentleben commented on Competitions: Flipnote Studio - Amazing Giveaway:

Here's mine.

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Gentleben commented on Review: Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure! (...:

Got my Wii repeaired and I'm really enjyoying this game. The countdown clock can easily be countered with killing enemies in a fast and furious rain style. Furthermore once you get the hang of destroying rainbows you stand on with a simple downward movement you can dispatch and easily collect any items underneath you.

The whole storyline is a total twist on other Rainbow Islands games-it's well worth reading the instruction book online to get a further insight into the Magic VS Science Storyline. My only real gripe is the sudden ending after Area 7 if you failed to deafeat all of Dr Crescents machines on the way up to that area.

I've yet to defeat his final machine.



Gentleben commented on EU Club Nintendo Gets Giratina DS Lite:

I don't think anyone could afford to buy the DS lite for 30,0000 stars. I've been registering tons of games since the Gamecue launch on my Nintendo account (I've amassed over 50,0000) but naturally spent them all over the years on some of the cooler stuf on offer.



Gentleben commented on Review: Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure! (...:

Downloaded the night it came out, and went to bed. The following day after work I rushed home to play and I've got the "System Memory Corrupt" Messages. I'n going to have to send my Wii somewhere over the rainbow (Nintendo) to get it repaired.