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United Kingdom

Thu 15th Apr 2010

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Genjuro commented on Talking Point: The Virtual Console's PAL Problem:

This is such a massive issue, it really is, and I can't believe Nintendo haven't done anything about it yet. I've written to them a couple of times, and they are aware of the issue, so they should do something. If nothing else they should add an option, so you can pick either 50 or 60hz.

I actually really like the Virtual Console, and would buy games reguarly, but as it is I will only buy PC Engine ones as i know they are 60hz. I will not pay my own money for games that are gimped by being 50hz, especially when i would have played them at 60hz back in the day on an import machine. 17.5% is a big difference, you really notice it in the music and smoothness. If you had an RPG which would take 40 hours to finish at 60hz, you'd be looking at 47 hours on a PAL machine!

We should start a campaign on facebook or something to refuse to buy any more VC games until Nintendo fix the issue.