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Mon 20th Aug 2012

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Gen0neD commented on Hands On: Crossing Over With Project X Zone 2:

Just finished the 1st one yesterday. I deliberately milked it in preparation for the sequel. Here's hoping that they don't keep adding more and more enemies on the the field to inflate the gameplay. Towards the end, that got real stale, real fast. You'll clear 20 or so hard enemies from the field and the game would be like "Oh yeah? How 'bout 20 more tougher enemies?" sigh The game was good though. Good enough that I'm ready for seconds.



Gen0neD commented on Feature: Why We're Still Playing... Bayonetta ...:

@zool Try button mashing on hard or infinity climax. Trust me, you're as good as dead. Best thing to do is sit in the loading screen for like, a half hour practicing your combos. Only using the exact button inputs. Then try to execute those moves when you're surrounded by six relentless enemies, with two giants in the foreground trying to stomp on your head. Not easy



Gen0neD commented on Gallery: Have a Gawk at The Legend of Zelda: T...:

I prefer the Euro box art. Everything is always so typically bright with N box art and the darker tone fits the game better. Less Tears of Light? Thank God. An unwelcome piece of filler. I honestly can't wait to canoe down the river again. It was my favorite part. I went down that river a million times. Bring on the NX btw, I'm ready



Gen0neD commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Voice Actress Is In Fav...:

@Mijzelffan I guess, lucky for me that your original post was sent to my email. Don't really appreciate what you're insinuating. Thankfully, NL removed it. And as far as, what you were insinuating... NO. I reserve my disgust for that behavior, for those that actually partake in it and subsequently, ruin the lives of those who were not given the choice of partaking in it. These characters are from an artist(s) from a different culture and some, like me, can separate imaginary characters, from those who have to endure that twisted nightmare in real life. Thereby, bringing me to say, its not real. And I'm not going to make an issue over the imaginary. I will however, make an issue of a (couple) technical problems with the game. Since I bought it. Please don't liken me to the scum of the earth, simply because you lump fantasy and reality in as the same thing. It's not. I'm aware of the difference. I suggest you do the same. And while your at it, don't judge.



Gen0neD commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Voice Actress Is In Fav...:

Gonna agree with the click bait comments here. But then again, Nintendo really doesn't have much to write or talk about these days. So, let's beat this horse to death. And let's call this what this is, localized censorship. Done. Oh yeah, and about that text size and never-ending/too loud/mismatched music thing...



Gen0neD commented on Nintendo Download: 31st December (North America):

Is this Reggie's department? Words like, impossibly inept, wildly oblivious and remarkably stupid come to mind. NOA is completely unaware of the wants of its target audience. It's amazing actually. I've gone from - disappointed, to angry, to entertained (and not they way NOA would want me to be) throughout WiiU's lifespan. Nintendo, you've entertained me with incredible ineptitude. Bravo.



Gen0neD commented on Nintendo Download: 24th December (North America):

@Darknyht No argument here. I think if I didn't own all 3 consoles and a 3DS, I'd be pretty angry with the paltry selection on order here too. Instead, I'm actually relieved there's nothing to buy. I'm a Nintendo fan and I want them to do better, which seriously, doesn't seem all that hard. All it really requires, is for them to pay attention and listen to their fans. If they did, they'd be making money hand over fist.



Gen0neD commented on Project X Zone 2 EU Release Date Brought Forwa...:

Cool. I'm gonna wrap up the last 3 chapters I've been strategically holding off on beating, for my flight to Boston tomorrow. I dont care how repetitious the game is/was, I loved every second of it and eagerly await the sequel for NA. Already sold.



Gen0neD commented on Editorial: Xenoblade Chronicles X Has Tiny Tex...:

Yup. I'm on a 60" Samsung and I can barely read the text. But, for as much as that bothers me, the fact that there is ZERO audio options, is both perplexing and supremely irritating. The unrelenting looping music makes me think that very little audio is being used for ambient noise. So to cover it... Pump up the jams!



Gen0neD commented on Evergreen Nintendo Releases Hang Tough in the ...:

Nintendo is, by far, the WORST at marketing their games. In any region. Even here in NA. If you didn't know (like we rabid gamers do) that this game was coming out, you wouldn't know this game was coming out. Same with Bayonetta. That Bayonetta didn't sell millions, breaks my heart. As it will be with XCX.



Gen0neD commented on Video: Soothe Your Soul With Some of the Calme...:

I really wish there was an option to turn the music off. It's not terrible music, its just unrelenting. There's NO quiet and really steals away the immersion. This game's great and its the only complaint I have. An update to rectify this and this game's a 10 for me.



Gen0neD commented on Xenoblade Director on What's Next for the Seri...:

Maybe I'm the next one they'll include an option to turn the music off. Very distracting. 20 minutes into it, I went scouring the options to shut off the bgm, just so I could hear the ambient sfx - nope. An odd omission. This game truly does amaze but the music gets in the way of the immersion.



Gen0neD commented on Feature: The Twilight Princess HD Fan Project ...:

Aaaaand that's how it's done. If you're gonna shut them down Nintendo, at least hire them 1st. Nintendo you've seem to have become as casual in the development of your titles as the casuals you were/are so eager court. Try harder. Or others will do it for you and subsequently show you how it's done.



Gen0neD commented on Site News: A Brief Update on Our Mario Tennis:...:

Welp, time to switch the old preorder. Was never really too confident in this one. Seems like they pushed this out real quick to have something other than Xenoblade to show for this holiday. Which, ironically makes me happy. For my back log is supreme.