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Mon 20th August, 2012

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Gen0neD commented on Review: Titan Attacks (3DS eShop):

I was seconds away from buying this and then I read this. To the devs: no 3D on the 3DS is a no no and even without 3D, it's still dropping frames? Release an update addressing both the 3D and the frame rate issue and you got my money. Otherwise, nope and dammit, I wanted this.



Gen0neD commented on Review: Blek (Wii U eShop):

@TheEAB I agree. I got jazzed up when I 1st saw the preview of this game. I thought for sure it was a 3DS game. Here's hoping it does well enough to someday land on 3DS.



Gen0neD commented on Nintendo of America's Damon Baker Explains the...:

For the love of all that is good and holy, all I want is a 12 hour clock. Please release the 2 mb update that would give me a 12 hour clock. I don't want to have to think that 21:37 is actually 9:37. I just wanna see 9:37. Seriously, this is my only complaint.



Gen0neD commented on Dead Or Alive Producer Feels That A Cultural D...:

This reminds me... why isn't DoA Dimensions on the eshop? I had both that and Street Fighter and DoA destroys SF. It is, by leagues, the better game. This coming from a stalwart Street Fighter fan. Ken is my boy btw.



Gen0neD commented on Impressions: Nintendo Made The Right Call With...:

Glad I played the demo. At this point I'm on the,"I dunno..." side of things. Well made, good use of 3D and great graphics. But, something didn't resonate with me. To be honest, I can't quite place what I didn't like. Could just be, that's its not for me. Because, I really didn't find anything "wrong" with the game. I hope it does well.



Gen0neD commented on Video: You NEED To Play Metroid Prime Trilogy:

@Gerbwmu I, my friend, would be one of those people. If you trying to go from gun to scanner: hold +, aim at the top part of the screen (the icon that looks like the WiiU gamepad) let go of the +. If you want to go from scanner to gun: tap the + to disable the scanner, your currently equipped gun will come up and from there, hold - (to choose a gun) aim at the one you want. Let go of -

Hope that helps.



Gen0neD commented on More Details Emerge on the Upcoming Retro City...:

@Spoony_Tech Alright, so I'm not the only one who feels this way. I haven't gotten to Shantae yet, so I don't know that answer. Plus my backlog is extensive and Dragon Age is killing me but, I think the same way about there not being a 3D option for a 3DS game. And like audiobrainiac stated above, I first noticed my dislike for this on Fractured Soul. I could've SWORN that Fractured Soul was in 3D. Only to find out post purchase, that this was not the case. Unless its a DS game, made playable on 3DS...



Gen0neD commented on Poll: Which is the Best Mario Kart Game?:

Even though I think MK8 is the best made MK, DD is my winner . The N64 version I played recently and my memories were crushed. Doesn't hold up so well in the control department. I can forgive the visuals because of the era but man, that game is super floaty. The DS and the 3DS versions were excellent but DD has the most appeal to me and my peeps. Underrated classic.



Gen0neD commented on 40 Percent Blasted Off The Price Of Classic St...:

Ok, now I'll bite. This is what it should have been to begin with. I'm sure the 10 people that bought it at that $30 price tag weren't enough to cover development costs. They had to do something drastic. Like, ya know, charge accordingly.



Gen0neD commented on Poll: Buying Bayonetta 2 - eShop Convenience o...:

May this game be go on to be sold out, to replenished, to sold out to replenished etc... into eternity! This game is awesome! I literally was looking sideways at my PS4, scratching my chin going,"Hmmmm..." This new gen, has seriously yet to match this. I own all 3. The other 2 haven't even come close in terms of content, delivery and gameplay. I'm leaving that up to Scalebound and Bloodborne to somehow dethrone this. It deserves all the high praise and scores it has gotten. Excellent stuff.



Gen0neD commented on Video: Let's Play Bayonetta 2 With Lydia:

@Damo Are you the same dude from gamesradar? If you are, I love that sight. And if you aren't, I love that sight and you should check it out.

Hold on a sec... A woman is playing/enjoying this? Does this qualify as feminist blasphemy?