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Mon 20th August, 2012

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Gen0neD commented on What Can be Said About This SENRAN KAGURA 2: D...:

@Saeros_Fae_Falla While I can respect your angle on the subject, and I do, something to keep in mind... it's not real. Nor does engaging in it, transform people into pedophiles. That's something you either are or you aren't. Essentially, that's like someone that likes to go see slasher horror movies, a potential murderer. People like what they like. If it's not for you, great. Don't get into self righteous pontification. And or, just because you wouldn't, means I shouldn't. Do what's right for you. Don't beat people up just because they're engaging in something you just can't. The word of the day would be "allow". Also, this game is coming from a completely different culture that doesn't view this subject matter the way other places in the world do. So either, take part in that particular facet of their culture or don't. It's all good.

Side note: Now, if this were interactive kiddie porn, you know... with real kids, you and I are on the same team. Otherwise, it's only a game.



Gen0neD commented on Rumour: Nintendo Isn't Bringing Devil's Third ...:

@Aromaiden You're right. You know what? I'm acting corny. I'm just extremely displeased with the whole WiiU situation and I'm being childish and pissy. There are some good games coming. (Yoshi is not my style) Honestly, I just want them to do well (whilst quieting haters at the same time) and I'm just seeing a lot of questionable business decisions concerning the WiiU. I guess that was me just being fed up and passive aggressively venting.



Gen0neD commented on ​Shigeru Miyamoto Defends Star Fox Zero's Co...:

Kid Icarus Uprising all over again? Worst controls ever and they defended that too. Sometimes, conventional controls are ok Nintendo. If this game is hampered by another shoehorned kooky control scheme (Other M) I'm gonna be sad. Been waiting a long time for a true StarFox... * sigh *...



Gen0neD commented on Mighty No. 9 Features on Wii U and 3DS Version...:

I'm doing this on PS4 and 3DS. I want this on my 3DS most though. Would've been cool to have my Mii in a Mighty 9 outfit, running through the game and some sort of street pass support. Not bummed, but confused about the lack of interest/enthusiasm on the system that probably going to net them the greatest monetary return. The WiiU, I understand.



Gen0neD commented on Lucas DLC Confirmed for 14th June Release on S...:

@DarthNocturnal Yeah, they'd have to nerf her skill set. Which Is pretty much limitless and she's not entirely raunchy/lewd as some believe her to be. Don't know if you've played it, but seriously, she could easily be made rated E. Also, for the imagination on display is Smash and the wild imagination that is shown in Bayonetta 1 and 2... They're a match made in heaven.



Gen0neD commented on Nintendo Wants Metroid-Style Title Axiom Verge...:

3DS all the way. MUCH larger install base and this game would look pimp in 3D. Wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo wants this because they currently aren't working on a Metroid title and wanted to quite down some restless fans.



Gen0neD commented on Video: Here Is The First Footage Of 90s Arcade...:

@SmallFryUnify That's good to know. I work in audio with Logic and I was thinking it sorely needed some reverb or a Space Designer plug-in to give it some depth. If it's a simple case of the raw audio wave being used with no plug-in, then I'll hear the real deal upon release. Thanks for quelling my fears. Good luck!



Gen0neD commented on Mighty No. 9 Confirmed for September Release, ...:

My guess is a November release for 3DS. Which, kinda sucks because, it's the one I want the most. I was gonna go: home console-PS4 and portable-3DS. If the 3DS version dips into 2016, forget it. I'll be over it by then.



Gen0neD commented on Poll: Would You Like Mario Kart 8 and Super Sm...:

MK 8 has the worst roster. Keep character dlc constantly flowing in to solve that problem and a 6 month spread on new tracks. Win and win.

Edit: in the interest of keeping everyone happy, I think they should release some battle mode tracks. Those were only a big deal for me for SNES but, that's just me. Others still want them. Let them have their cake too.



Gen0neD commented on First Impressions: The Addictive Futility of t...:

LOVE the fishing game and like the zombie one. I can honestly say the fishing game is gonna be a big problem for me. Its akin to playing the Zelda OoT fishing mini-game for the 1st time. Once you start, its damn near impossible to stop. Quite pleased and scared of my puchase.



Gen0neD commented on Here's Why The StreetPass Bunny Couldn't Care ...:

Huh... Here in NA, I found the bunny to be a typical salesman. In other words, an arm-twisting, ball breaker. Then, I read this. You guys across the pond have got the right/better idea on how this business practice should be approached. Nothing worse than having a cute bunny on your screen that you wanna punch 'cause he lays a guilt trip on you. With the accompanying music to boot. Thumbs down Nintendo. As a side note though: I did buy all the dlc and the pressuring bunny had nothing to do with it.