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Tue 27th Oct 2009

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GeminiSaint commented on Mighty No. 9 Has Been Delayed Once Again as Ke...:

Simply amazing.
It's kind of funny and heart-breaking (at the same time!) how Inafune keeps on digging himself deeper and deeper with each announcement he makes. At this point, I think it's very much obvious that he bit (a lot) more than he can chew. Here's hoping he can, somehow, regain the trust and respect from his, uh, former fans. It will be an uphill battle, though.



GeminiSaint commented on Live: Jump Into the Donkey Kong and 2D Mario B...:

(Almost) all the AGDQ levels:
Stage 1: Too Fast For Mr. Angry Wall B5B0-0000-0178-FEB2
Stage 2: AGDQ Beetlemania F3F2-0000-0179-0191
Stage 3: AGDQ Bully the Bullets -no code at the moment-
Stage 4: AGDQ Swift Kickin' The Walls A94F-0000-0179-0D81
Stage 5: AGDQ The Kleptastrophe 2122-0000-0178-FD59
Stage 6: AGDQ Killbox D658-0000-0178-F8D2
Stage 7: AGDQ It Came From Above! 3806-0000-0179-0232
Stage 8: AGDQ Kill or Save the Animals? 3B6A-0000-0179-0126



GeminiSaint commented on Video: Super Mario Maker Gives Us That Exciteb...:

That Birdo sprite looks a little weird. I guess the original SMB2 sprite was too tall? The Excitebike costume looks and sounds 100% faithful to the source material. Anyway, where's my costume #112 (Mario Land airplane), Nintendo?



GeminiSaint commented on Monster Strike Ships Over A Million Copies In ...:

I like how the ad shows pretty much nothing about the game itself. Not very informative, if you ask me...

EDIT: Just watched some gameplay on YouTube. This game's gimmick is identical to the one found in an old Capcom game for Game Boy Color called "Metal Walker"! Considering Okamoto worked for Capcom, I find this interesting.



GeminiSaint commented on Review: Typoman (Wii U eShop):

@shani How would you feel if this game was entirely and exclusively in Spanish? Or Portugese? Or Russian? Or any other language you can't speak? Wouldn't you feel kind of "left out"?