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Thu 12th Mar 2009

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geek-master commented on Nintendo 3DS Playable at Vans Warped Tour '11:

@3 i totally agree with you. i hate hanging out with people who make you feel like trash. one kid at a skate park stole both pegs from my BMX bike. and believe me i was pissed. and one of the reasons i dont go to skate parks anymore. but yeah the city of modesto is really weirder than weird and i am glad i don't live there anymore.



geek-master commented on After 1980s Valet Parking Comes 1950s Lawn Mow...:

how about 1970's pinball champion? with the song pinball wizard by the who playing in the background? also you could give it marble blast like graphics and 3D effects since the 3DS is now marketable for dsiware now. and throw in some good old multiplayer and online high scores that take advantage of twitter and facebook. price the game at $8.00 with 5 included tables and people can purchase more tables as they become available. sound like a good idea right?



geek-master commented on Sony: Wii U is No Threat, Says "Welcome to 200...:

i am not a sony fan-boy. in fact the only sony consoles i ever owned were the ps1 and ps2. seeing that both those systems are broken gives me a reason to hate on sony for a while. both my ps1 and ps2 died of things that i did not do to the system. the chipset on ps1 got fried but it was a used one so there could always be other stuff that caused it to break. and disks wont read on my ps2 because the latch that tells the ps2 that the disk lid is shut broke off and that maybe happened from slamming the lid of my ps2. my point is i started wondering if all sony game consoles are cheaply made.

but now im starting to see the exact opposite this generation. now i do not own a PS3 or a PSP just do to shear cost of owning multiple consoles so i try to keep it simple. but there is something about the free market that i really like. its called competition. other company's trying to compete to survive aka(social Darwinisim) i have tried out the playstation move it it seems far more accurate then the wii remote plus. in other words that glowing ball on the top of the controller makes the controller itself far more acurate by way of the playstation eye tracking light and including a built in compass,gyroscope, and accelerometer. so in that case sony took what nintendo did and made it better. but the games for playstation move do not say the same for how innovative the controller is sadly. i would say the same thing goes for the psvita. took what made an already great 3DS excluding the duel screen and made it better but the games will determine the sales



geek-master commented on Talking Point: What You Want in a New Nintendo...:

a friend of mine was saying the next wii should have a thing called Ultra high definition. but i dont think it will happen
as you see it is still in the prototype stage but it is a possibilaty



geek-master commented on Nnooo Officially Announce myPostcards:

@Nnooo i respect your time of development with all your games. let me make this a little bit clearer. when i said could their be any online leader boards for pop+solo i ment online hi-scores not a full blown multiplayer experience. it would be nice if we could upload are hi-score from the quickplay mode on pop+solo so we could compete with other hi-scores from around the world.



geek-master commented on Monster Hunter 3 Made Just For You:

im a runescape fan and i think this will keep me bizzy longer than runescape. But i have one there a offline single player story mode? it would be nice just to adventure around places like i do in twillight princess.



geek-master commented on Bejeweled Twist:

so when they say their is already a ds cart for this does this meen we will be downloading the exact same game from dsiware or does it have less features?



geek-master commented on Review: UNO (DSiWare):

might come out the week after dec 7th becuase we already got alot of anouncements for games coming on monday.....



geek-master commented on Sony Boss: All Your Sales Are Belong To Us, Ni...:

sony should know this by now. games in the 1980's DID NOT have graphics like we do now but in that time the games HAD TO BE fun to make up for bad graphics. so would you like a game with good graphics and bad gameplay or a game with bad graphics and good gameplay?
wii has some of the best gameplay on the market! personaly im not a huge fan of the people who made the wii graphics called ATI.

simpily put gameplay is better than graphics!