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Sun 21st Mar 2010

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Gecko_the_freak commented on World Poker Tour: Texas Hold 'Em:

Wifi was actually invented in Australia so umm... maybe they will add it for our release
Why do they make it look so hard to develop a good poker game. Their mistakes always seem so obvious, it's as if the game designers wern't poker players before starting and couldn't crasp the game fully during the dev process least a (solid) wifi option would remove the single player pitfalls... and how often would you bother playing with friends on a dsi rather than just using real cards. None of my poker friends have DSis anyway :S



Gecko_the_freak commented on Review: Flashlight (DSiWare):

@VIPER6391: I would rather have the coast guard read my mind than use this app!... or wait even better, I'd rather have a luxury boat full of gorgeous women come and rescue me than use this app!... and both of these options are at least as likely to save your life, if not more so than this app!

@PROSODY: If you injured yourself while using an app that is essentially designed to prevent you triping over such things you may be able to sue them

I haven't bought or played the game but Im feeling I have garnered enough amusement from it to warrant buying it!.... It makes me feel dirty, like I just pirated it or something!



Gecko_the_freak commented on Review: Downtown Texas Hold 'Em (DSiWare):

This one looks ok but I'd need wifi to get any real value. I always find myself trying to play against the code rather than the characters. Im always trying to find tricks to beat the AI and it feels a little empty.
I don't have enough friends with DSis let alone ones that would download this so we could meet up occasionaly to play poker on DSi rather than using our real cards and chips... if it had Wifi it might be worth it.

Why you can only play short handed in these games is another thing that confuses me but I figure it's because the gameplay would feel too slow and boring against the AI with 8 or 9 players.

Pokers not THAT complicated, why cant someone do it right?



Gecko_the_freak commented on Review: Flashlight (DSiWare):

I don't know anything about writing code but this game gives me hope that I too can be a proffesional one day!... I cant wait to put my 2 star game idea to the game dev big wigs... it's called "On" the description on the tin simply says "Experience seconds of near fun as you turn "On" on! -that should get me 2 stars but then as an unlockable feature you actually get to turn it off as well - I'm hoping this bit gets me up to 3!

But seriously, great review of this thing - hard to even call it an app - but you'll never convince me on the merits of the 2nd star!