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Wed 18th Jun 2008

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Gavin_Rozee commented on Review: Pokémon Rumble World (3DS eShop):

I've got a lot of play out of it and I'm currently rank 54.

I'd maybe drop the score to a 7 personally though because if you're out of diamonds it can be frustrating playing roulette to play the stage you need to.



Gavin_Rozee commented on Hands On: Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter:

I had hoped that one of the USB plugs was for data, while the other was for power.

Could you guys try plugging one into a USB mains adapter or a different console for power, and one in the Wii U for data?

The fact that each plug is a different colour does support my theory, so hopefully. It'd at least give people with limited ports more options, as touched on in the review.



Gavin_Rozee commented on Review: Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove (3DS eS...:

Lol. No way is this a 2/10. I love games like Hotel Dusk and Another Code, and I've always enjoyed the MCF games on Nintendo platforms.

If you have similar tastes and were intrigued by this game, don't let this review put you off.

The game is easily a 7/10 for me.



Gavin_Rozee commented on Review: Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst (3DS):

I enjoyed the Wii game (The Malgrave Incident I think it was). I really liked the atmosphere of the scenes you could move around in. Are there similar scenes in this one?

Also, is the 3DS' wider top screen taken advantage of, or does it have black borders on the sides?



Gavin_Rozee commented on New StreetPass Mii Plaza Update Resolves DLC C...:

Has anyone been able to do a system transfer since the latest system update? Every time it gets to step 5/5 then I get error 005-5414. I looked it up and it says its a problem connecting to the eShop, but both my 3DS's connect to the eShop fine, so I reckon it's another bug in this terrible update.