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Sat 22nd Oct 2011

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GaryGnu commented on Review: Cave Story 3D (3DS):

For those who are having second thoughts on buying this, Just understand that you could sell this game & get the majority of your money back within a month of purchasing. I wouldn't be too skeptical on this. I have it on preorder as well as a few others for the end of the year. I trust these reviews & more importantly I understand why Nintendo has so many titles being republished.

The investors are holding portable market hostage. That is important for all the critics on here to understand why 3ds doesn't have many new titles. Investors are NOT convinced that new 3ds original 3ds games will sell. That is why you see so many proven franchises return. Keep that in mind when you say "Why is nintendo releasing this again" There is NO choice for now. That is why we might as well get use to the ports for a while.