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GamerJunkie commented on Review: Mario Party 10 (Wii U):

I'm kinda glad this game and Kirby were both flops. I was mad I was not going to have enough money to buy these right now, now I don't have to.

Hopefully Kirby game will be very good to save Nintendo from these 2 mediocre games that should have been great.

This is why they need to make those mobile games, their 1st party games are full of mediocre entries with only 2-3 Great hits per year now. 2-3 games is not enough to satisfy gamers nowadays that switch between games often and want more and more.... I had lots of fun last year with SmashBros, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, Hyrule Warriors, NEX remix and others that i bought, but really only a couple of those are great games.

I know 3DS has many more hits per year, but I don't own one, the poor screen quality, low power in the thing always made me say NO for that price when my phone and tablet were both better and as cheap. Now I will be happy to play Nintendo on those mobile platforms and not have to get a 3DS either.



GamerJunkie commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's DeNA Plans and Ideas...:

@Danrenfroe2016 ummmm... I play sports games, boxing games, action rpgs and many more games just fine with touch screen, it has multi input now where it detects everything very well. BTW you can use controllers with your tablet or phone... I have played using my PS4 controller with my tablet. You just are speaking about stuff you don't know about. My Nvidia Tablet is 10x stronger than the 3DS and has way better graphics, resolution, sound and everything else.

This is now 2004... 2015 bro, go look into modern tablets and see what they can do graphics wise and gaming wise, it will surprise you.



GamerJunkie commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's DeNA Plans and Ideas...:

@Danrenfroe2016 Actually smartphones now have more thinking games than anything on Nintendo right now. Tons of tactical RPGs, turn based RPGs, games involving a lot of math, thinking, chess type thinking, and the quality of the graphics and sound and gameplay is way past what 3DS has by far.... there are 8 core processors and GPUs that are very powerful on mobile devices right now, so IDK what you are thinking. I guess you think mashing buttons on smash bros is for smart people compared to tactical games on mobile?



GamerJunkie commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's DeNA Plans and Ideas...:

So those of us that don't have a 3DS, we can finally ignore the 3ds hurray!!! Many of those series will be on mobile and then we have a new console called NX coming as well, cool.

DENA has some OK games already on mobile such as games partnered with Square Enix, Marvel games and so on.

I am happy to see this news, Nintendo finally starting to come to this generation of gaming, online, tablet/phone and so on.



GamerJunkie commented on Two Tribes Co-Founder Doesn't Think He Would H...:

I got both games in bundles for about 20 cents each or so... at that price both were a great bang for the buck. IDK why anybody pays $20 or whatever they ask for any of these indie games when on PC or mobile they are free or under $1 within 1-3 months of release.



GamerJunkie commented on Review: Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (Wii U):

My god the way fanboys on here eat up anything Nintendo churns out, its no wonder they release the weakest hardware, least games and worst online service with highest priced stuff and worst sales. You guys will accept anything and say its gold, just terrible. This game is a very good game, but you guys sayin it should be a 9 or 10 when its not a great game is just stupid. See here all thew reviews:



GamerJunkie commented on Hands On: We Check Out The New Nintendo 3DS XL :

No AC adapter, no option for faceplates, what is wrong with this company? They always find a way to make players say "ahh forget it" with every machine they make.

I will wait until they are on sale somewhere, I'm not paying $20 + have to buy an ac adapter that is a Nintendo only type plug as extra, it should come with it unless it was USB charging.



GamerJunkie commented on New Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confirmed for 13...:

  • No AC Adapter
  • No smaller model
  • No faceplates

I was gonna get this for sure, but now I am considering skipping it and using the money on a company that does not make all the decisions for me and also rip me off not even including an AC adapter, terrible decisions.



GamerJunkie commented on Nintendo and GungHo Online Entertainment Annou...:

@faren916 Its pathetic that you suck up to companies as if its your family... stop being a fanboy please. I love Nintendo games, but their hardware is always lacking. That is why they are already working on Wii U - 2. Wii U has already maxed out. The 3DS is way underpowered, they made a new one and its barely stronger... why? A $50 phone has a more powerful GPU, more RAM, better CPU, why can't they do it for $200 cost of the new 3DS? and low rez screens why?



GamerJunkie commented on New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Editions Already I...:

Still a low resolution screen and weaker than most $50 phones...... Nintendo has the absolute worst hardware of any gaming company. They make great games, but are so cheap making their hardware, they use stuff that is outdated by 5 years for their "new" stuff, its horrible.



GamerJunkie commented on Vita Overtakes 3DS in Tough Week for Japanese ...:

I have a Vita and its just a better machine in every way. It is getting more and more good new games on it nowadays after a slow start. A report showed that developers are making way more Western games for this than 3DS and giving up developing for the 3DS. In Japan, Vita is also getting strong, so it is only a matter of time til it is the #1 handheld IMO.

It has every major PS1 RPG on it, For example, you can play final fantasy 1 all the way to X-2 on this thing and tactics and every other one.

Tons of free games(over 20 even without ps plus) and then with PS plus, you get 2-3 top notch games free each month. Lots of free apps as well. There are apps for reading comics now too, that is a nice feature for those that enjoy that.

It also has an HD screen, a bigger screen, better touch, works more like a tablet, so its not just a gaming device, you can also listen to your own music while playing games, can watch movies in HD and a big enough size screen to enjoy it on all the apps like netflix, huluplus, crackle and so on.

It also has the off screen play with PS4 and lots of features using inline in game, many ways to interact with friends, its just a much more advanced piece of technology, 3DS had way more games since it is a lot older machine, but now that games are loading up on Vita, its going to start to move up the ranks more and more.

One more thing, Wii U is struggling bad and PS4 is selling great, the more PS4s sold, also raises Vitas sold, they have a high attach rate with PS4 buyers. 3DS is older and so it has peaked.



GamerJunkie commented on Talking Point: The Logic Behind Game Boy Advan...:

Sony actually gives its customers tons of FREE games. I paid $60 for 2 years of PS Plus and each month I receive over 12 free games for PS4, PS3 and Vita. The games they gave me in 1 month paid for the 2 years of service.

The games Nintendo releases each month are a joke, same old games we bought 2-3-4 times now and they want us to pay again $5-10.... they are so out of touch and way behind in everything compared to the competitors.



GamerJunkie commented on Nintendo Left Online Out Of Super Mario 3D Wor...:

Meanwhile Sony is releasing Playstation Now, so gamers can play PS1, PS2, and PS3 games on a TV, tablet, phone, etc. without even having to buy a console.

NIntendo is a joke in so many areas..... I have my Wii U but its a toy compared to the other 2.



GamerJunkie commented on Super Mario 3D World Drops Down UK Charts in S...:

I guess Nintendo 1st party lost its luster for this generation of gamers.

To me 3d world is awesome, I thought it would sell lots of units and be a top seller for a long time, but Nintendo failed to advertise it the right way as always, so they are screwed now.

I don't see how any other game can be better than 3D world from Nintendo. Only Zelda maybe, but who knows when that will be done.



GamerJunkie commented on Fit Meter Iwata Asks Outlines Panasonic Partne...:

Its nice that games like this remind people to exercise. Hopefully they also realize this is not really an efficient way to exercise and you can get in much better shape doing other things and using other kinds of exercise equipment.

This is a start for somebody that has 0 fitness, it will effect them some and they can/will lose weight because it is at least some activity compared to 0 they usually do, but if you are even a little in shape, nothing in this game will get you to see muscles and cuts and really change you at all.



GamerJunkie commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

@JaxonH No Wii U is inferior as a fact in every technology and power chart you can compare with.

Now as for which games are the best, that is my opinion and yours. I choose both because I love games on both systems. But I have both machines here in my room and can easily see which one loads faster, has the better UI, is more powerful, has more features, PS4 is the best in all of that fact.



GamerJunkie commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

LOL the guy that wrote this has on a powerglove and nintendo virtual boy in his avatar, he is a nintendo fanboy.Biased as hell review of everything.

I have both consoles. PS4 loads up 50x faster, loads between store, apps, games and any other menu instantly and it only takes time to load the game the 1st time you play it since you are installing it to the hard drive. That takes 30-60 seconds usually and then each time you play after that the game loads in 5-10 seconds.

Wii U always takes a long time to install anything, much longer.

The graphics difference is huge in games that are on both systems and its why 3rd party devs dont even bother with the Wii U for the most part.

PS4 gave me 6-7 FREE games on launch day, more value already than Wii U has given me in over a year.

PS4 also plays movies better as there are more options. You can also stream music in the background while in any game and control it also while in game.

The PS4 motion system is leaps and bounds above Wii U because PS4 uses a camera system to make it track your movement and your controller precisely with exact pinpoint precision. Wii U still uses the old wii sensor bar....

With that same camera you can instantly save gameplay footage, pictures/videos and upload to facebook, twitter or twitch, etc. You can also give voice commands in games and menus and use it to talk in online games.

I have both consoles, the Wii U is inferior in every way, but they still have some MUST HAVE games like Mario 3D world, but PS4 will dominate it this generation as far as a more advanced piece of technology, more powerful and versatile and also will have tons more games and freebies for their customers.

Also, my nephews are 3 and 5 and everytime they come over the house )4-5 times since ive had the ps4) they say "put on the robot game" and go wild with playroom because they can interact on the camera hitting and playing with virtual robots. They also love Wii U, but since I got PS4 they ask to play that little "game" more than anything else. I bought them the new skylanders for Wii U for xmas, I know they will love that!



GamerJunkie commented on Video: Nintendo Teases Footage Of Wii Sports C...:

@Captain_Gonru id rather have all of them for $20-30 which is a good price for a cheap remake.

BTW where do you get $40 as a good price for parts of a game in your examples?

I just got battlefield 4 for PC for 19.99 and its a brand new blockbuster game of the year candidate.

This is my point, seems people that only play on Nintendo systems are out of touch with game pricing.



GamerJunkie commented on Teslagrad Wii U Release Drops Into 2014:

@ToastyYogurt Why? Its the truth. If I can get thegame on PC for $1, why woudl I ever pay $10-15 on Wii U? Also with less features and many coming out way later than the pc version too?

Its overpriced IMO, if not to you, fine, but I stick with my opinion and never will buy any game on Wii U that I can get on my PC for 10% the price, I'm sorry.



GamerJunkie commented on RUSH Confirmed for 12th December Release on Wi...:

Edge came out in 2011, already have it on steam. Rush came out in 2010, got them both as part of an indie bundle about 10 games for $1-4 and they came with android versions too.

Nintendo needs to put more NEW games on Wii U and stuff that is not out on all the other platforms long ago......



GamerJunkie commented on Teslagrad Wii U Release Drops Into 2014:

I get all of these indie games for $1-5 on pc. they come out 1st, are cheaper, and are always the best versions. Most even come in bundles where you can get about 10 of them for $1-5. check out sites like or or to see for yourself.

Indies on Wii U are way overpriced.



GamerJunkie commented on Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams DLC May Come To ...:

That isn't even a DLC. It was released as a standalone game on Steam for $1.50 during steam sale. You could get both games for $3 on PC/steam.

I bet on Wii U it will be $15 just for this next one again lol.

Indies on Wii U are horrible because of the price comparison to the PC versions that are better also. Another example is Toki Tori 2, I got it on steam for $3 and it came with all the bonus levels that the $15 Wii U version was missing.



GamerJunkie commented on Video: Nintendo Teases Footage Of Wii Sports C...:

They need to release them all in a bundle for $30 max. $10 each, by the time they have them all out, you spend $50-60+ on something that is not worth that amount.

Boxing, Baseball and Golf are already known to be coming out. Tennis and Bowling are already out. Thats 5 x $10 already.

To me they are just draining people'a wallet slowly this way on purpose since $10 seems cheap and you don't realize by the time you get them all you paid for a $50 game for something that is just a wii game with online mode pretty much.



GamerJunkie commented on Epic Vice President Mark Rein Remains Unconvin...:

I like the 2nd screen, but mostly just when i want to play on the toilet. I ignore it in most games, I have the sonic/mario olympic game and they have sporst announcers on it that announce things on the 2nd screen but theres no way to even look at it while playing, so its useless. I guess its incase a 2nd person is watching you they can read that screen while you use a wii mote or something.

On my PS4 I already used my phone to draw on as a second screen and then you press enter when done and it will pop your drawing onto the ps4 and TV screen in 3d and you can hit it and knock it around the screen using the ps4 camera which shows your whole room for that game and tracks movement of everybody in it precisely, that is more fun than anything ive used the 2nd screen for on wii u up to now.

My little nephews were drawing all kinds of stuff on my phone and were amazed when they would pop up on my TV and then we could interact with them and stuff.

I think 2nd screen gaming is cool, but Nintendo didn't use it as much as they should have for it being out over a year.



GamerJunkie commented on Here Are Some Cyber Monday Nintendo Deals for ...:

Yea I have $35 on eShop waiting to spend it, no deals at all. Nintendo was last place for sales overall for me, I bought nothing.

For PC I got a ton on steam sales, PS4 I got a year of PS plus on a great sale and 1 game, Wii U nothing.



GamerJunkie commented on PS4 and Xbox One Surpass Wii U Lifetime Sales ...:

@N64ever The PS4 controller is infinitely more accurate at aiming and motion gaming actually. The camera knows exactly where you are and the controller is(the light on it) at all times so it is 100% accurate with all movements.

Wii U still uses outdated infared sensor bar..... horrible in most games to get precise movement. They didn't even upgrade it from the old Wii one. It uses the same bar and controllers lol.

PS4 and XB1 both have new cameras with exact movement tracking that is way better.



GamerJunkie commented on PS4 and Xbox One Surpass Wii U Lifetime Sales ...:

@DarkAngel_17 Wii U owners still say "where are the games" after 1 year.

The only Wii U game thats come out in months for me is Mario 3d world, the rest have been bad ports or games that dont live up to the hype so I have been dying to use my Wii U most of the year but only had a few titles to play, so whats ur point?

PS4 will be giving away 3-4 games free each month through the ps plus also. and more and more free to play games added like dc universe and other games that are actually mmos so you can stay busy on that kind of game for a long time since you can never beat it.

I have both systems, and I see a much brighter future for PS4. for Wii U I only see like 3-4 games each year id ever buy thats it.



GamerJunkie commented on Here Are Some Attractive Black Friday Nintendo...:

@kokirii Uh Nintendo has the cheapest hardware by far so making games is cheaper..... And they have only made 2-3 GREAT games in 1 year so far. Most are disappointing.

You are the kind of person that makes all these excuses for Nintendo and its why they never improve.

Today is a day for them to make a great sale and gain some ground from the other 2 consoles, but they didn't do it, so will fall further to the side.

I guess they will just continue to focus on keeping the kids 10 and under and people that want to "exercise" and handheld gamers. They pretty much don't care about Wii U from what I see.



GamerJunkie commented on Here Are Some Attractive Black Friday Nintendo...:

Nintendo has no eSHOP black friday sale that I see.... why are they always the worst man?

Sony has 1 year PS pLus for only $30 today, they have given away free games fro today and also have tonso f sales on their PSN store on the console.

PC steam has a huge sale going on hundreds of games 75% off and even more.

Nintendo? Nothing. Then they wonder why they get their yearly Wii U consoles outsold in 1 day by PS4 and XBOX1.



GamerJunkie commented on Super Mario 3D World Underwhelms on Japanese C...:

@Link41x PS4 sold 1 million in one day in NA(not even home territory)... Wii U sold only 21,000 units with its best game released that week and in its HOME territory where people go insane for nintendo games.

If you don't realize that means disaster, you never will.

@bmjy1000 They report the TRUTH here, there is not much good news for Wii U. The only good news is that mario 3D world is an awesome game, do you think they can make a full week of articles only on that? I see 3-4 per day so far only about this one game because its all that is good news on the Wii U front.