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Tue 10th Nov 2009

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Gamerdad commented on Review: NBA Jam (Wii):

Not to throw a spoiler out in the air, but I played this game... LOVE it just as much as I did back then. BUT, can you say "PUSH FEST 2K10"? I can understand a little hustle in the paint, or just before a 3 is about to cause a FIRE, but the cpu will knock your socks off on an inbound pass! "Is it the shoes"? Nah, it's ARCH RIVALS NES with style!

@Mono... Sho' Ye right!
You just took me back! I remember mad NES tournaments among the neighborhood boys!
A Tear 4 Ol' Times!
PS* I didnt actually cry; just an expression...



Gamerdad commented on Nintendo's Room Migration Kit Makes it Even Ea...:

I 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th a lot of the above comments.
I Have more than one Wii in my house and the main one that has most of my better saves on it stays put. The others get shuffled around, but I don't have to lug the cords. I just unplug and interchange the consoles. So, IMO, having the extra cords is a good idea. Paying a lot of money for them is not.



Gamerdad commented on Merry Christmas from Nintendo Life:

Ummm... Wow! I hope they remembered to buy an extra Wiimote, cause I don't think he's ready to do the "Sharing is Caring" step of therapy! And ummm, I don't think it's "Steroids"... better investigate! JUST KIDDING! ENJOY IT LITTLE GAMER!!! Look forward to gaming w/you (and hopefully ur family) some day!!!



Gamerdad commented on New Super Mario Bros. Wii:

WOW! I thought I would walk into W*LM*RT and say "NEW SUPER MARIO...." and I was shut down!!! SOLD OUT!!!! This was a week+ ago; the week prior to that there were 10 copies collecting dust!



Gamerdad commented on Stop Stress This Monday:

Stress?! On MONDAYS?! Who ever heard of such a thing?
I think this game will give me unwarranted anger!! I will "probably" pass on the $8.00 (800 point) anger management class!



Gamerdad commented on Diner Dash:

I am a fan of "DASH" games; diner, cake, wedding, etc. The gameplay is simple, but very challenging as you progress. EXAMPLE: Seating arrangements with families w/ kids goes NOT well with business people! So when you see your guests appear, you have to plan ahead... Low range 500 points (of course) lol, but I would easily pay 700 points if the game was online vs other!