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"Hi! I'm Zack, and I'm a gamer!"

Male, 26, Australia

I've been playing Nintendo and PlayStation since the 90s, so I'm a gamer at heart. I play each edition of Dungeons & Dragons as both a player and Dungeon Master; I've created several settings for use with D&D. I'm also a fan of Power Rangers.

Fri 27th March, 2009

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GamerZack7 commented on Video: Take a Closer Look At Super-Secret Base...:

Wow, there would have to be loads more available locations to build Super-Secret Bases, if not to accommodate the sheer scale of how many would exist throughout the Global Link. :o

Also, I hope that they've fixed the annoyance of Secret Bases with pits/holes. It used to take me a while to find one without any, and even longer to find one with multiple "rooms".



GamerZack7 commented on Nintendo Download: 17th July (Europe):

EarthBound would have been an insta-buy title for me if it weren't for the fact that I'll be interstate during the entire week...oh well, I guess I'll just look for something else during my trip.



GamerZack7 commented on Sony's Shuhei Yoshida Says Nintendo Provides B...:

@VIIIAxel I feel the same way about Sony. They're like my "Nintendo away from Nintendo", with fun and vibrant series on par with most Nintendo franchises. My favourite series which started on PlayStation include Spyro the Dragon, LittleBigPlanet and Ratchet & Clank, although I also don't mind the PSone Crash Bandicoot games either, amongst others. I've been meaning to try the Sly Cooper series but have only played a tiny bit of a demo version, though I'd definitely like to give it a proper go. :)



GamerZack7 commented on New Fighter for Super Smash Bros. to be Reveal...:

My Top 5 Newcomers List
#1: Sceptile (Pokémon ORAS publicity)
#2: Isaac (Finally, a Golden Sun representative!)
#3: Balloon Fighter (Please...please...please...!)
#4: Proto Man (Because one Mega Man character isn't enough)
#5: Waluigi (Unlikely, but it would be an interesting curveball)
I wonder who will be revealed, though it might not be one of these characters.



GamerZack7 commented on Super-Secret Bases Confirmed for Pokémon Omeg...:

The capture-the-flag feature sounds similar to the one from the Gen IV games. :)

I'm happy that Secret Bases are back! There's one (two?) other thing I hope is included, and that is ports of the Gen III Kanto remakes (unlikely, but less-likely things have occurred in the Pokémon series). They could either be a main menu option, a download voucher to use in the eShop or, better yet, an in-game key item which is essentially a Game Boy Advance for the player character; the latter option would thus allow for a choice of either FR or LG, whereas the former two would almost certainly restrict one version to each game.



GamerZack7 commented on Nintendo Download: 10th July (Europe):

I've had to rework my VC wishlist to accommodate the surprise announcement of Pokémon Trading Card Game. Here's hoping we see Pokémon Pinball and Pokémon Puzzle Challenge! I also wouldn't sneeze at Game & Watch Gallery 3, Donkey Kong Country (unlikely), Pokémon Gold & Silver (very unlikely) and/or Conker's Pocket Tales (extremely unlikely). ;)



GamerZack7 commented on Mario Maker to Include Additional Graphical St...:

If there are different graphical styles which will be implemented, I hope that there will be different goal varieties to go with them, ie. goalposts a la Super Mario World.

@LazyShell "Also, if this goes over well, I'd really be interested in a Zelda maker."

That would be awesome! ;)



GamerZack7 commented on E3 2014: Amiibo Figures Will Have A Price Tag ...:

In Australia there's a considerable gap between the prices of Skylanders and Disney Infinity figures. Regular Skylanders cost around $15, whereas Disney Infinity characters cost near $20, making the Disney Infinity toys considerably more expensive. Knowing Nintendo's marketing in Australia, I don't have the best feeling about price. :(



GamerZack7 commented on Dr Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old is Your...:

So are all DS games on Wii U split vertically screen-wise? Because that could cause problems with certain (read:almost all) games. :|

By the way, Kawashima should be a boss in Super Smash Bros., along with Master Hand and Crazy Hand! ;)



GamerZack7 commented on Code Name: S.T.E.A.M:

I'm a fan of the Advance Wars series (well, up to and including Dual Strike), so this might be one for me to watch and, eventually, play. :)



GamerZack7 commented on E3 2014: Mega Sableye Footage Unveiled For Pok...:

@Iggly I thought the opposite. Considering the fact that Mawile and Sableye are paired version-exclusives, and that Mawile has a Mega Evolution already, it makes sense to do the same for Sableye. I'm so happy that it's getting a Mega Evo, especially since it's one of the few Ghost-types which I actually like. As I've said before, Alpha Sapphire all the way! :D



GamerZack7 commented on E3 2014: Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire ...: I seeing things, or are there more areas to explore in what was once an endless void of ocean?! :o

"The three Hoenn starters, Mudkip, Torchic, and Treecko, were all confirmed to have the ability to Mega Evolve."

@MrAndrewxK It's actually their second-stage Evolutions (Swampert, Blaziken and Sceptile, respectively) which can Mega Evolve. :)



GamerZack7 commented on Video: Check Out 3DS-Bound LEGO Ninjago: Nindr...:

There's only one handheld LEGO game which I've ever really liked, and that's Bionicle. Incidentally, Bionicle is my favourite LEGO theme to date. I kinda wish they'd bring back some of the older sets, especially since it still kinda bugs me that I missed out on the Bohrok-Kal (pardon the pun).



GamerZack7 commented on Feature: Nintendo Moments You Never Saw Coming:

FACT: Did you know that the orca, or killer whale, is not actually a whale but rather the largest species of GameCube?

Yep, once I read that Nintendo was making a console in the shape of a dolphin I proceeded to see if I was dreaming. In retrospect it seemed like a very unique approach to console development, after all who else would make a games system in the shape of a popular marine animal/sapient creature?

If the GameCube had ended up becoming the Dolphin, do you think that there'd be a special edition console coloured and retooled as a Dolphin from the Mario series?



GamerZack7 commented on Pullblox World Puzzling Its Way to Europe on 1...:

Whoa, could this be the first sign of cross-console compatibility? For me, the ultimate cross-console feature would be the ability for owners of two 3DS consoles to use a single NNID between them. It's disappointing that one of my two 3DS XL consoles ultimately ended up useless. :(



GamerZack7 commented on Poll: A Tale of Two Blockbusters as Mario Kart...:

I'm conflicted. I really want to start building funds for my trip in July, but I also really want to try Mario Kart 8 (not to mention the tantalising offer of a free copy of NSMBU). I saw in a catalogue that I could get MK8 for just under $50 (first-party Wii U games are usually $80 here), which when coupled with a bonus game means it's a saving of over $110! Decisions, decisions... 9.9



GamerZack7 commented on Mario Kart Month: A Brief History Of Mario Kar...:

Ah, Mario Kart...the one game series which lets you get away with wasting fresh food and clothing* in order to thwart your fellow racers.

(*=Koopa shells are removable, revealing an undershirt and boxer shorts underneath)



GamerZack7 commented on Talking Point: For Better Or For Worse, The Wi...:

I've been getting to know my Wii U for nearly a week now, and I must admit that the GamePad is brilliant! The idea of playing a home console with the TV off would never have crossed my mind in the past, and the extra features in certain games are neat as well. I'm looking forward to E3! :D



GamerZack7 commented on Mario Kart 8 Free Wii U Game Promotion Extende...:

Well, I probably won't be able to receive a free game on my Wii U as I would most likely need an external storage device to do so, which I doubt I can get by the end of July due to a trip which has popped up. Oh, and I can't get MK8 by the end of July for the same reason. :(



GamerZack7 commented on Mario Kart Month: A Brief History Of Mario Kar...:

Petey Piranha and King Boo should've had Piranha Plant and Boo items, respectively. Or perhaps Petey could have had an item which drenches other karts in gooey, icky paint, in a similar manner to the Blooper item introduced in Mario Kart DS.