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GamerforGod commented on Video: Experts Believed Nintendo Was In Troubl...:

I think that we all need to remember a couple of things here. First of all, the PS3 got off to a completely abysmal start in its console generation (I mean the Wii had better sales than the 360 and the PS3 combined in the earlier part of the console generation), and the PS3 has done just fine. Also, while nothing is impossible, I find it highly unlikely that Nintendo will ever lose its stranglehold in Japan, and as long as they have that, they will be just fine.



GamerforGod commented on Nintendo Wants to Keep Old Titles Fresh with DLC:

Anything new for Super Smash Bros. would be fantastic, but seeing that the newest version of that is on the Wii, that probably won't be happening!!!! lol However, this would be great for the newer versions of Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and the 3DS. It would sure beat waiting five years or more to get any new Super Smash Bros. content!!!! lol



GamerforGod commented on Talking Point: Using Glitches - Cheating or Cl...:

I feel that taking advantage of glitches, not necessarily cheat codes, for the most part is fine. Both glitches and cheat codes are perfectly acceptable when playing alone for sure, though both of them (especially cheat codes) seem to take a lot of fun out of the experience that the game has to offer if it is your first time to play through the game. This also brings us to the subject of video game walk-throughs. Is it cheating or is it wrong to use them to beat your way through a game? My personal philosophy on video game walk-throughs is that it is definitely not cheating or wrong to use them, but I think that they should be used as little as possible. When I play a video game, I try to do as much as I possibly can without using a walk-through. But if I simply get absolutely stuck somewhere, I will consult a walk-through for that particular section of the game rather than running in circles and accomplishing nothing for two more hours. I feel that glitches and cheat codes are also best used for after the games completion to have some extra fun.
But, the really sticky part of this whole debate is whether or not glitches and cheat codes should be used when playing in online multi-player games (or just a multi-player game in general for that matter). I would have to say that cheat codes and glitches should pretty much not be used at all during multiplayer, whether online or local. Cheat codes are pretty much a definite no. I mean, if everyone had full access to the cheat codes, then it might be a little bit better, but at that point, you aren't really playing the game that the developers designed anymore. I can't even remember all of the times I played the original Mario Kart DS's online multiplayer only for there to be seven drivers all driving about two miles an hour to make sure that they stayed behind the guy using the Pro-Action Replay card to give himself unlimited Spiky, Blue Turtle Shells and Lightning Bolts. It was fun to pass that guy in the last two seconds of the race and win, but it was really annoying to have to stay right behind him the whole race!!!!
But, unlike cheat codes, I find glitches in multi-player to be a slightly different story. Ninety percent of the time I would say that they should not be used at all in multi-player because they are generally so game breaking that there is no fun to be had except for by that one guy who was using them (I'm looking at you guy with unlimited Spiky Blue Turtle Shells and Lightning Bolts). However, I feel that there are a few glitches where an exception can be made. There are a few glitches that I think can actually add to the multi-player experience. Namely, the glitch that I'm thinking of is wave-dashing from Super Smash Bros. Melee. Is it a glitch? Yes. Is it game-breaking to the experience of your friends who are going to play with you? No. Wave-dashing does give you an advantage if you REALLY know how to use it well, but it's such a subtle advantage. I wave dash a very little bit myself, but I've beaten people who wave dash a lot, and I've been beaten by people who don't wave dash at all. So I think wave-dashing is an example of a glitch that would be acceptable to use when playing with other people. It actually takes skill to accomplish, and it isn't a game-breaking experience for the other people who you are playing with. There is still a good chance that they could beat you. But, a glitch like wave-dashing is the exception and not the rule for sure. For the most part I believe that glitches and cheat codes should be avoided at almost all costs when playing against other people.



GamerforGod commented on Feature: Fun and Frights on Nintendo - Part 2:

@Monteblanco: I completely understand where you're coming from man!!!! Once you give a character a gun (or some other powerful weapon) and they can start blowing away the enemies, you seem to lose a lot of the scare factor in my opinion. These games still have there scary moments of course. For example, in Dino Crisis on the Playstation One, it was quite scary when I went in to a room that was very quiet and eerily lit only to have a very loud and boisterous T-Rex break through the window to try and attack me!!! lol However, for a game to be REALLY scary, it seems to be best if your character has no weapon, is being chased by a really scary thing that they have no idea what is, and all they can do is scream and run!!!! Eternal Darkness is very scary, and Silent Hill Shattered Memories in particular excels at this no weapon while screaming and running gameplay, but my favorite game that has this type of gameplay still has to be Clock Tower on the Super NES and the first American Clock Tower on the Playstation One. Really scary games!!!!



GamerforGod commented on Feature: Fun and Frights on Nintendo - Part 1:

I remember towards the end of my freshman year of college I was getting most of my exams and classes done, so I had a little bit more time to play games than I had during the rest of the semester. So I played Luigi's Mansion and beat it, which was a blast, but I remember one day I was browsing through a rom site, and I saw a rom for the Super Nintendo called Clock Tower. I had heard of it many times before, but I still had no idea what it was. For some reason I got images of a game called Clockwork Knight on the Sega Saturn in my head. But, at any rate, I decided that I need to play it and find out why I was always hearing about this game. So I began playing it, and I soon realized that it was a survival horror game, and amazingly, it was actually quite scary. I didn't think that was possible for a game made for the Super Nintendo, but Clock Tower did it well. After playing the Clock Tower SNES Rom, I found out that the series had made its way over to America on later consoles, namely, the Playstation One and the Playstation Two. I own all the rest of the series (that is available in America) now, and even after playing the later ones, the original is only surpassed by the first Clock Tower on the Playstation One (which was the first Clock Tower that America received). The scariest part in the Playstation One version is when a fax machine goes off, and you finally think someone is going to contact you to help you get out of this building that you're trapped in, only to read the fax which says (in very scribbly hand-writing), "Get ready...I'm coming for you!!!!" At which point the door breaks down and Scissorman (the game's villain) comes to chase you. I even reenacted that scene on a friend one time (with a printer rather than a fax machine), and it scared him really bad!!!! Anyways, I've rambled on long enough, but suffice it to say Clock Tower is really good (especially if you like games that are less about fighting the monsters, and more about thinking without weapons), and you should play it!!!!



GamerforGod commented on Latest Iwata Asks Opens Eyes to Nintendo's Tou...:

I'm glad to see that Nintendo went all out, and that Retro got up at five in the morning to make such a great game. lol In honor of their hard work and dedication, I make this post at almost four in the morning (that's pretty close to five)!!!! lol



GamerforGod commented on Review: BIT.TRIP FATE (WiiWare):

@WorryBomb: Yeah, I got the Mario and Luigi swimming screen ONE time. It was right after my Wii got back from being repaired by Nintendo, and I had to re-download all of my Wii Shop Channel games (which is about 60 games)!!!! Fun times!!!! lol

@invmat: What exactly are the six loading screens? I know there's little Mario, big Mario, Fire Mario, and I think there may be a Luigi version of those too. Is that right, or am I forgetting something?



GamerforGod commented on You Can Gaze At This Super Mario 25th Annivers...:

I still have ths original SNES Cartridge, but this might still be a nice piece for the collection. I was still hoping to see maybe a few more games added on this time around though. Still, it's a nice collection of great games!!!!



GamerforGod commented on Features: Staff NES Stories:

I definitely agree with your story Mr. Phillip Reed. Discovering things was much more of a discovery back in the time before these "internet knows all" days. There are still certain games that I will not allow myself to cheat on at all because I feel that they were designed to be ridiculously hard, and I should figure out how to beat the myself (i.e. the four bonus levels at the end of The Adventures of LoLo 2 and Myst on the Playstation One, in particular). But, I must admit, people still appreciate watching a skilled player showing off his stuff in a video game. I never even thought that people watching me play a video game could be an option (I thought I was just being selfish and wanting to play more). But I've found that over the years many of my friends enjoy watching me play video games. Many times even people I don't know enjoy watching me play video games. It never fails to draw a crowd when I go dance to some heavy difficulty songs on Dance Dance Revolution in an arcade. I also thoroughly enjoy playing Super Smash Bros. with my very talented friends, and an epic one-on-one match in Smash Bros. always attracts a nice crowd too. My two favorite video gaming moments are because people were watching me. The first one was with Earthbound on the SNES back in 2006 when I was still getting my undergraduate degree in college. I picked up Earthbound for ten dollars at a flea market (WOOHOO)!!!! My friend Marshall had been watching me play through it, and ny friend Venu was also there the night that I finally got to the final boss SPOILER ALERT Giygas. I had all of my characters at level ninety-nine, but it was still pretty tough because I wasn't using Paula at all. I knew she had to pray when I fought the final boss, but what I didn't know was that she only had to pray against him in his final form. So I beat his first form, but all of my party, except for Paula (who was only still alive because her prayers kept randomly healing her) died during Giygas' second form. So I just kept sitting there and praying with Paula because I knew I couldn't kill Giygas with her alone, and she kept randomly healing herself. This went on for a little while, but finally, I prayed with Paula, and a message appeared saying that a rainbow-colored light had been emitted, and all of my party was revived!!!! So we defeated Giygas' second form and got to his third form (where Paula actually needs to pray) and defeated him!!!! Marshall, VenuM and I all were jumping for joy ay two in the morning!!!! Good times. My friend Marshall watches me play games a lot. He recently watched me play through Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, which was terriffic!!!! Marshall was also there (as well as my college roommate Zack) that glorious day when I finally beat the ridiculously hard Sanbone Trio on Master's Mode in the game Gitaroo Man after attempting to beat them for (literally) a year and a half!!!! lol We all were high fiving each other and shouting for joy!!!! That's still the only time I've beaten that level to this day!!!! lol Marshall actually sent me a Facebook message that day with a picture of the Sanbone Trio that he had found on the internet telling them to rest in peace. lol As far as my first experience with the NES goes, I guess you could say it found me. I don't think I had ever really showed to much particular interest in video games (although I do remember owning a Texas Instruments video game system (it was kind of like an Atari) that was a lot of fun, and a friend of my dad's had brought a Sega Genesis over with Ghouls nl Ghosts that was also a lot of fun). But one day, my dad brought me home an NES with Super Mario Bros. and Tetris. Thus, a beautiful relationship was born. My dad just had a knack for picking out great games because I usually didn't ask for them when I first started getting them, and he would bring me games like Little Nemo (which is still my favorite game of all time), and when I got an SNES later on, one Christmas I wanted Madden '97 (which I received and it was and still is a great game), he also got me some game that he found in a ten dollar bin calles Super Metroid. I think he picked a game that was quite a bit better than mine. lol My mom virtually never got me video games, but the one Christmas that she did, she got me Kirby's Asventure on the NES. This was initially disappointing because I already had a SNES at that time (although I still had my NES too (and I still do)), but then I played rhe game, and it was fantastic!!!! So, thanks mom and dad for steering me towards good games!!!! lol Thanks also to all the staff here at Nintendo Life for sharing your NES memories!!!! GREAT ARTICLE!!!!

P.S. Sorry this post is so long!!!! I haven't been able to get on here much this semester while continuing to work on my Master's Degree, so I've got some catching up to do!!!! lol



GamerforGod commented on Sony Doesn't Want Failed Wii Games on Move, Th...:

Both the Sony Move, and the Project Natal for the X-BOX are obviously Sony and Microsoft's response to the Wii, and their attempts to emulate the Wii's success. However, while Sony's Move is basically a black Wii remote with a little ball thing on the end and it does pretty much the same thing as the Wii does, Microsoft's Project Natal is at least a fairly original concept. Sony is pretty much just copying Nintendo (like it tried to do with the added on six axis control shortly before the PS3s release), but Microsoft has at least taken the motion control formula, and brought something new to the table, and for that, I respect them. The idea of your body being the controller, while it is a clear response to the Wii's motion controls, is at least a new idea brought to the table of motion controls. Way to go for not completely ripping of the Wii Microsoft!!!! lol



GamerforGod commented on Review: Moki Moki (WiiWare):

I was hoping for a better score, but it still might be a decent game. Sometimes you just want an easy game that you can burn throught so you'll feel accomplished. lol I'll definitely not be downloading it for a while though.



GamerforGod commented on Review: Diatomic (WiiWare):

That's too bad!!!! This game looked like it would be fun. Well, at least I have Geometry Wars: Galaxies. I actually picked it up slightly used at a Game Rush at Blockbuster for only $6.99, less than I would have paid for Diatomic!!!! lol Blockbuster just doesn't know what they have their hands on sometimes!!!! lol



GamerforGod commented on Nintendo Download: 14 December 2009 (North Ame...:

Alright!!!! A week with (very potentially) no shovelware in sight!!!! That's my kind of week right there!!!! But, there is one thing that could make it even better...the release of the original SNES Clock Tower on the virtual console!!!! A guy can dream can't he? lol



GamerforGod commented on Review: Secret of Mana (Virtual Console / Supe...:

Secret of!!!! Quite a fantastic game!!!! I have to say though, I always felt sorry for the sprite. You see, I always named the characters in the game after people that I knew. So, normally I was the main character, the female protagonist was usually the girl that I liked at the time, and the other characters were just friends of mine. However, when the Sprite joined my party, I actually thought that it was a boy. So I said to myself, "Any man that would try to take the girl I like away, is SCUM!!!!" So I named the Sprite Scum. lol However, later on when reading through a friend's player's guide one time, I noticed that the the player's guide kept referring to the Sprite as a she. lol That's right, the Sprite was a girl. So now I had some poor girl running around in my party named Scum for no apparent reason!!!! lol Sorry little Sprite girl!!!! lol Good times. lol



GamerforGod commented on Review: Secret of Evermore (Super Nintendo):

Secret of Evermore is a fantastic game. I still prefer Secret of Mana (and Seiken Densetsu III, for that matter) because I really like the more fantasy world that Mana creates, whereas Secret of Evermore is more of a time traveling world (I also just have more general nostalgia with Mana as I was younger when I played it ). But nevertheless, Secret of Evermore is still a fantastic game!!!! I love the B-Class movie humor, and you've got to love the name of the main character's hometown (Podunk lol). I also thought it was very interesting that while you thought the whole game you were traveling through time it turned out that all of those places were really just different parts of the same world. That was an interesting twist!!!! As always, great job Square (I still much prefer the name Squaresoft to Square-Enix, but I suppose that it's the quality of the games that count (I suppose... lol)), and excellent review Mr. Corbie!!!! Thanks for all of the hardwork that the Nintendolife staff puts into this site!!!! God bless you guys!!!!



GamerforGod commented on Review: Stop Stress: A Day of Fury (WiiWare):

So sad!!!! This game had such potential!!!! Oh well, I guess it's back to squeezing those foam apples that you find on desks and popping packaging bubbles to relieve stress for now!!!! lol (Those darn packaging bubbles are so addicting...they should make a game about them!!!! lol)