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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Game_Over commented on Blazing Lazers:

I love how the VC has given some of these old gems their due respect. I had never played this game before I downloaded it based off of the comments section on this very page. I have always loved this type of game. Non stop thumb action with all sorts of dodging tons of enemies. I am not a master at these games but the great colors and and vibrant action really make this game a good starting point into this genre. I loved learning the different power up system and how to rack it up with the best combo of main weapon and sub-weapon. The reviews are right when they mention the first levels are pretty easy if you amass a killer weapon. However it does get quite challenging and I am currently only on the "easter Island" Head Guy level. Seriously download this game. The soundtrack is super rocking and I just love the hypnotic tracks. I have it hooked up to my stereo and it is awesome. One last tip...If you are not the greatest at this type of game but still would like to enjoy...track down the 30 continues cheat online...nobody said you had to play fair to have fun?