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Mon 28th Jan 2008

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GameGod3008 commented on Cho Aniki:

This has already been said by others but i just have to say it as well. WTF?!!



GameGod3008 commented on EU VC Releases - 9th May - Metal Slug and More...:

So that's half the previously announced games. I Hope The Hanabi Festival doesn't finish next week, if so i'll be dissapointed. I'm hoping for at least 2 more weeks as there are other Import games that were announced for VC apart from the confirmed set, like Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa, DoReMi Fantasy, Pengo and Smash Ping Pong and possibly others like Earthbound, Mario RPG and Rondo of Blood but with these 3 that's more me wishing for it to happen



GameGod3008 commented on Break In:

This is probably obvious but was this released in the US before?



GameGod3008 commented on GameLoft Brings More to WiiWare:

You never know, they could be alright. i heard that the Block Buster game will be pretty good so, who knows, these could be alright as well. I hear what people are saying as ports aren't always the best idea, let alone Mobile phone game ports but i say wait until more is known about the WiiWare versions. Then start complaining if you don't like what you see



GameGod3008 commented on New name for Dr. Mario WiiWare:

I just bought a points card so for the UK launch so i'm saving for this game if it's available at launch, as well as Gyrostarr and Gravitronix (if they're available). Hopefully no limited edition Hanabi Festival games will appear as that will totally ruin my plan



GameGod3008 commented on TV Show King:

I'm more interested in this than Gameloft's other games. I also heard this one has Mii Support, so maybe for now



GameGod3008 commented on Gyrostarr:

Wikipedia's list of Wiiware games says this will be out at launch for North America.



GameGod3008 commented on New WiiWare Game Allows You To Massacre Undead...:

I agree with Rapadash6. There is something disturbing about this. I have no problem when it comes to gory games, which is why i want this but looking at it further, the graphics make it feel quite wrong. The Cute visuals combined with Blood and Guts are the problem. It's quite unique, which makes it all the more interesting but i am quite disturbed by it. Who knows what it will be like in the end, so i'm watching how this turns out carefully. Praise HVS for their Wii Efforts

Pegasus, i do the same thing with my 360 as well. I'm waiting the Banjo Kazooie 3 right now



GameGod3008 commented on F-Zero:

Does anyone know a place i can Import F-Zero: Climax to England that has it in stock and will ship outside of Japan? I've tried Amazon (American, British and Japanese, which has it but won't ship outside japan), Play, Playasia and Ebay and there's nothing on those.



GameGod3008 commented on Paper Mario:

I've heard rumors of a DS remake alongside DK64. Apparently, CoroCoro said this. Is that true? Also, i heard something about a Mario Pinball Sequel for the Wii. Any truth in that either?



GameGod3008 commented on Final Soldier:

When i said what was star parodier, i meant what it was like but now it's been confirmed and i know more now.



GameGod3008 commented on Gley Lancer:

I'm not sure on this one. I'll see what the review says when it's released



GameGod3008 commented on Star Parodier:

After hearing about this, i never thought it would be released on the VC. Then again, unexpected things have happened before. I like the Star Soldier series so i may get this



GameGod3008 commented on Virtual Boy Confirmed for Virtual Console:

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I hate these sort of jokes and there was no way Nintendo would release this but you had my hopes up there.

Rolls into Fetal(?)( i think that's how it's spelled) Position and starts crying



GameGod3008 commented on Star Soldier R:

I've heard that this will be similar to the Gamecube remake. Is that true or is it just rumors and speculation?



GameGod3008 commented on Axelay:

Set your region to Australia and see if you can get it that way



GameGod3008 commented on Final Soldier:

1: Why wasn't this released outside Japan?

2: It seems to be in English according to the video or was that a fan translation or an upcoming translated version for the VC?

3: What was Star Parodier?



GameGod3008 commented on Star Soldier:

I've played the other Star Soldier games on a friend's Wii and they were great. When will they release this in Europe?