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Wed 7th Oct 2009

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Gajic commented on Over a Third of Wii Games Go Unreviewed:

I used to work in product marketing for a large developer, and I can tell you most games go reviewed or unreviewed because of the PR people. Reviews are published because PR has relationships with the reviewers and specifically request them. Reviewers on big sites like IGN aren't getting copies on their own and deciding to do a review. They're reviewing the game because someone in PR sent them a copy and asked them to do a review. Journalists will even sometimes delay putting out a review if their score is a bad, since the relationship between the PR person and the journalist works both ways.

To that end, the reality is alot of studios don't want a metacritic score for a Wii game. They don't think it helps, and if anything it hurts it. I know at the developer I worked for, there was a conscious decision to stop having reviews of their Wii games done. They figured it just hurt the end product and they'd rather rely solely on the marketing push. I can't say with 100% certainty this is why other studios let their games go unreviewed, but I can tell you the PR/journalist relationship works the same at every studio.