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Wed 1st May, 2013

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GN004Nadleeh commented on Round Table: Let's Talk Super Smash Bros. For ...:

got boring really fast. i wanted to explore that giant map but nope can't do it because can't change the time. we get no sub space mode because the movies get posted online yet they don't even include the awesome into movies the promised. gannon and captain falcon are still the same character for some reason. the game will never grow into something new especially when the guy who made it called evey one who complained a child



GN004Nadleeh commented on Super Smash Bros. Fans Teased Further by New M...:

too bad it is too much of the same. the guy was very arrogant about it telling everyone he has final say and he made the n64 version again. in the 3ds you get the same choice but instead you press left of right as you character walks to it



GN004Nadleeh commented on Nintendo Download: 16th October (Europe):

i got lone survivor a long time ago and still don't know how to play it and it is very loud. i really like corpse party much better. even the anime was scary. woo hoo for spooky halloween games!



GN004Nadleeh commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against Re...:

we gave nintendo a chance with the virtual console and they only repeat the same games and charge more for it on each system and most of the the time there is no way to get some of the best games (dk64) because of licensing problems that have nothing to do with gamers. it is easy to get classic controllers for pc and use emulators