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Wed 1st May 2013

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GN004Nadleeh commented on Hyrule Warriors:

they need to add the new stuff to wii u as dlc, paid or not, i wanted wind waker characters form the start



GN004Nadleeh commented on Feature: Five Reasons To Choose Nintendo 3DS T...:

i started with a red 3ds xl, after i was disappointed with mario 3d land and it hurt my hands to use it. i then upgraded as i call it to 2ds and my hands stopped hurting and now it plays my zelda games and smash bros. streetpass only works for me at mcdonalds. i want their next handhel to be more like the gamepad



GN004Nadleeh commented on NINJHAX Exploit Is All About Nintendo 3DS Home...:

before emulator were called 'piracy' they were the only way to play a lot of classic games as they were no longer available at all. what happened was nintendo saw people wanted this and started to charge for it. so there you go for all of you who believe nintendo invented the virtual console



GN004Nadleeh commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

big games are coming. i do think about if they had kept up with the other two they could have their must have games and the rest of the third party line up as well, just like the snes days. i am interested in what the people who just got it now think more than the people who bought it at launch and then complains there are no games. i wish they would just release a call of duty box and leave the consoles alone so they can grow



GN004Nadleeh commented on Hardware Classics: The Sega Genesis Nomad:

i traded my regular genesis and mortal kombat 3 for it. the guy thought he got me because that was my favorite game but my cousin broke his genesis and gave me his copy and cords and in the end i had the whole package. too bad it was only awesome to me and my brother



GN004Nadleeh commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Online Braw...:

i don't understand 'you attack one person too much' rule. the game is a fighting game but i am to hit each one differently? sakurai is such a wuss and probably can't even play his own game. glad he admitted nintendo is kids only and once you play you are a kid too



GN004Nadleeh commented on Sounds Like Super Smash Bros. Director Masahir...:

nope just a person who paid for the game himself and now own it so i am entitled to an opinion. i am glad his health is bad because once he is gone the game can evolve. i bought the game and it was finished in two days, online mode bans you for not standing around. so mocking the people with valid complaints on non complete/non playable software is what a child would do. too bad he failed



GN004Nadleeh commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:

here $350 with taxes is $378 then you have to buy their live for $60 to use close to 80 features including basics such as the web browser. that is $438 and you might get a game. the wii u at $324 with taxes includes a game and no online subscription. if cost was the issue you will save with wii u.