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Fri 18th Mar 2011

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Future777 commented on Review: Bobby Carrot Forever (WiiWare):

@Omega: The game has 6 chapters (=1 world)
Each chapter has 12 levels, which is a total of 72 levels per World
You have to complete world 1 to see the ending. The additional DLC offers 5 more worlds for 500 Wii Points each. Each DLC for 500 Wii Points contains 72 more levels. The total playtime of the game including all DLC´s is 90 hours... WoOT?!



Future777 commented on Bobby Carrot Forever Finally Ready for Release...:

@Henmii: When the game released on iPhone it was $7.99. The game is not available for iPad and the current price on the App Store is $3.99. Furthermore I wouldn´t compare App Store pricing with Nintendo Releases as it´s a totally different story to release a game on the App Store compared to get a game ready and approved for the WiiWare service. Not even talking about the rev. share, user-count, etc.