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I've been a life long gamer and fan of Nintendo. You can check out my site or hit me up on the Nintendo Network: Furious-Francis

Tue 26th Feb 2013

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FuriousFrancis commented on Nintendo's Stock Price Jumps Higher than Mario:

LOL, the Nintendo doomed talk is getting played out. All the info is discussed here. Even Adam Sessler is staring to doom Nintendo, because of January NPD sales! OMG I used to have some respect for him, but now I have none.



FuriousFrancis commented on Talking Point: The Slippery Slope of Micro-Tra...:

I almost dedicated a whole episode to the crap thats called microtransactions. I'm glad Nintendo doesn't do that garbage in their games. You can watch my rant on it here. Nintendo is one of the few companies that does dlc and paid DLC right.



FuriousFrancis commented on Update to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate To Bring O...:

Great news for huge Nintendo fans like my self. Has anybody else noticed the amount of JRPG support Nintendo is putting up? In this era of shooters first Nintendo is sticking to their guns. Action, Platformers, and RPGs

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is one of my personal most anticipated games for the Wii U.