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Mon 1st July, 2013

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Frostfyr commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd August (North America):

About Virtue's Last Reward on the eShop:
The official Aksys Games Facebook says "The save glitch in the PEC room has been addressed in the eShop version."
Also, if you're going to get it digital, you better do it quick. Aksys' website says "Get Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward for only $24.99 from now until September 3, 2013!"



Frostfyr commented on Review: BUGS vs. TANKS! (3DS eShop):

About this part of the review:
"In one mission in particular, you are tasked with rescuing four tanks in under three minutes, but there is no in-game collection counter...causing the entire mission to be a mad scramble to find as many tanks as possible without knowing how many you have left to collect"
I'm pretty sure that if you hit the Start button, the game pauses and there's a counter that tells you exactly how many tanks you've already rescued.