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Wed 5th September, 2012

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FritzFrapp commented on Nintendo 64x64: Shadows of the Empire:

Only twelve slots remaining. Allowing for the obvious first and second party games still unaccounted for, some top third party games are going to be left out. There'll be tears!



FritzFrapp commented on Nintendo 64x64: Bangai-O:

Been waiting for this one's appearance. Fabulous game from one of my favourite developers. The DS game is also excellent.



FritzFrapp commented on Bayonetta 2 in North America Comes With a Rath...:

I'm not even accidentally confused. This has NOTHING to do with the eShop. It doesn't matter if the digital version costs the same on the eShop, or ten times more or 90% less, or whatever adjustments they care to make to pricing – it's irrelevant.

In NA the retail version of Bayo 2 comes with Bayo 1 packed in for free, as shown on the box. If you are in Europe and also want Bayo 1 as well as Bayo 2 on disc, then you will have to pay more than you would for just Bayo 2 for the privilege. How is this hard to understand?



FritzFrapp commented on New Nintendo 3DS LL Outsells Standard Model By...:

I'm not really sure what you're trying to say, as I wasn't really making much of a point, beyond stating published facts that show the Japanese do seem to have a preference for the larger screens of the 3DS XL/LL rather than the original 3DS, and that this hasn't always been the case with previous models. It will be interesting to see the amount of Monster Hunter LL models that were sold, but over the coming weeks it will be easier to discern whether the larger screens/form factor or exclusive design were more important reasons for purchase.

"Likewise, the 3DS has grabbed Japan's attention while other regions have stuck almost exclusively to other mobile devices."
You need to read my second paragraph again, especially the third sentence. Your statement has little grounding with regards to actual figures.



FritzFrapp commented on New Nintendo 3DS LL Outsells Standard Model By...:

Interesting. Flicking through Nintendo's annual reports shows that the Game Boy Micro sold roughly 50% better in Europe/Aus (870k) and North America (950k) than Japan (610k). However, the DSi XL/LL sold roughly 150% better in NA (5.85m) and 100% in Europe/Aus (4.73m) than Japan (2.35m).

I wonder what it is about the 3DS XL/LL that the Japanese like so much? It's been selling 33% more – to June 2014 – in Japan than the rest of the world. The figures for the original 3DS are much more even throughout the regions.

Anyway, regular white with face plates for me, all the way.



FritzFrapp commented on Video: Another Neat 1-UP Trick Has Been Found ...:

That's very interesting. I sold my Fami some years ago so I can't try for myself on actual hardware. I'll have to download the rom and give that a go some time.
It's funny how you can play a game literally well over a hundred times – as is my case with this one – and never get so much as a sniff of some of these tricks.

I'm not a massive fan of speed runs and exploits per se, but I enjoyed this one.



FritzFrapp commented on Video: New Nintendo 3DS Unboxing And Hands On:

It wouldn't be Nintendo, though, would it?
Yeah, I agree with some of that. I'm not too crazy about the position of the power button.
Besides the obvious region-free, the thing I miss most about the DS was the symmetrical screens. Several of my favourite DS games use the book position for play and it's a shame we'll never get that on the 3DS – would have loved twin wide screens. However, despite all that, the new 3DS does seem like their best handheld yet. There are many positives. I can't wait to get my hands on one.



FritzFrapp commented on Bayonetta 2 in North America Comes With a Rath...:

@scamander @ikki5
Your source figures are wrong. NoE's suggested retail price (SRP) of the two disc version in Europe is £49.99 in the UK and €59.99 in the EU.
The pre-tax UK price is £39.99 GBP which equates to $63.55 USD/$71.83 CAD/€50.27 EUR.
The pre-tax EU price is €47.99 EUR which equals $60.62 USD/$68.61 CAD/£38.17 GBP – as often, the EU gets a slightly better deal than the UK.

However, this is all irrelevant. The fact is that North America is getting a game bundled for free, whereas Europeans will have to pay a ten pound/euro surcharge for it, retailer discounts excepted; all for the joy of having an awkward sized box with a nasty, big USK logo on it.



FritzFrapp commented on Video: Footage Surfaces of Cancelled Wii Star ...:

Adored the space battles in the Rogue games, but the on-foot sections in RS3 were frankly a bit amateur. I always wished that they could have jointly developed that game with another company – such as Nintendo – taking care of the non-space sections. Looks like a similar case here with the non-space stuff looking pretty clunky. Shame.

Nintendo should have bought and expanded Factor 5 studios – their technical skills were magnificent. A hugely missed opportunity.



FritzFrapp commented on Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U):

That's not true – they gave 10s to Super Mario 3D World, Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D, Zelda A Link Between Worlds, Shantae Risky's Revenge and NightSky just to name a few. There are probably more that I left out.



FritzFrapp commented on Mega Video Game Fan Aaron "NintendoTwizer" Nor...:

Or he couldn't face replacing the corroding batteries in some of those 8 and 16 bit games. Or more likely, he just found something else he wants to collect.
This OCD sort of stuff does nothing for me, and I think he has issues, but at least he's harming no one.