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Sat 24th August, 2013

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Franklin commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's DeNA Plans and Ideas...:

I see the mobile market as potentially being a supplement to the main market, in the way that arcade games are already.

Still think though that a Nintendo produced phone/tablet would have done well in Japan though.



Franklin commented on Talking Point: Limitations on Stock and Advert...:


Nintendo don't need to store their products once they're in shops.

Rapacious middle men can affect the image of the suppliers. There has been a similar discussion regarding ticket touts recently.

I don't know the exact margins for the Amiibo figures, but it must be quite large, and it's clear that a lot more could have been sold, so that's lost profit. It could be a tactic to build up hype (if it is I think it misguided) but based on my experience of buying things in Japan so far, I think it more likely just a lack of foresight.

I never had any interest in Amiibo, but as a lifelong Ninteno fan, this does makes me rethink my investment in Nintendo products. If someone buys a Smash bundle with the advertised GC adaptor in mind, and Nintendo does not produce enough of them to even approach demand, then that could affect how costumers view investments in the company's products in the future. Exploitation of this on the part of others only exacerbates this.



Franklin commented on Super Smash Bros. Pro Players Tackle the Probl...:

"Diddy is definitely overpowered. No way he should hit harder than Donkey Kong."

Well, when you put it like that, hard to disagree. Rarely face Diddy Kong online though.

I use Lucario, King Dedede, Pikachu, Ganondorf, Shiek, and Duck Hunt Duo online.

With Lucario, it surprising how few people online know how good his Up B move is. Quickly press a side direction after tapping up, and it's a great way to KO that people often don't seem to suspect.

As or Dedede, I think I usually win with him because my opponents are not expecting to face that character after fighting Lucario. However, it is surprising how effective his up B and Down B moves can be, considering that they should be easy to avoid. The Dedede Jump seems especially unexpected.

Pikachu is just good. Though his running A attack often seems to catch people unawares.

I'm surprised Ganondorf is so low on the current tier list, as I face a good many skilled Japanese players using him online. So improved is he from Brawl, it's like a new character for me. His Down Smash is great.

I'm not very good with Shiek, but I love using her, as you can do all sorts of acrobatics. Getting a KO with Down B is very satisfying.

Duck Hunt Duo is very easy to counter (take the game to him, attack directly) and I've been thrashed a few times, but I feel a pro player might be able to do more with him. His smash attacks are great, and his exploding can (or whatever it is) can dominate a match if you set the scene early. You can even throw a can, go to the other side of the stage and then direct it so it attacks your opponent from behind. I think there has to be Meta potential there.

Never played in a tournament, but online 3DS I generally win (I suspect that Wii U For Glory opponents might be tougher).

The methods of Down Throw Up A combos and Meteor KOs seem to be very popular online, however I eschew these methods (partly because I don't like it, mostly because I'm not good at it) and tend to kill by 'a thousand cuts' and get the final KO with a regular Smash.

The player I most struggle facing is... Ness. A really skilled player with Ness gives me all sorts of problems.



Franklin commented on Video: The Top Ten Worst Designed Pokémon Ever:

Spiritomb. It's just a mess. Definitely a design where GameFreak said 'That'll have to do, it's lunch time'. And Zygarde, possibly the worst Legendary Pokemon.

Most of the Mega evolutions look pretty awful.

In any more Pokemon lists, please don't use that 'Who's that Pokemon?' sound clip.



Franklin commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U):

Some of the modes sound very gimmicky, and I have no desire to play a match with 8 characters, 4 is certainly enough.

I hope this entry isn't the Double Dash of Smash Bros.

Regarding customised attributes, I find it a baffling inclusion that adds little to the game, and indeed actually detracts from it. Whereas customised moves add depth that doesn't destroy a character's identity, and should be allowed online.

Is the reviewer sure you can't send custom stages to a friend? Maybe it will be possible once online has been established. If you really can't send custom stages, that's terrible.



Franklin commented on Upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Pa...:


I'm saying the game was rushed.

This makes it even more annoying that you can't send replays to a friend. This is already a baffling omission, and now my friends wont see how awesome I am before my replays and self esteem are lost forever.

As for Little Mac being OP, perhaps I've just been fortunate, but I've never been defeated by Little Mac online.