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Re: Soapbox: What The Upcoming Pokémon Switch RPG Can Learn From Recent Pokémon Games


To me what's killing is the competitive scene, it's just not fun anymore. 800 Pokémon? Doesn't matter only 50 are viable. And you may try to put your beloved underdog there, but the effort is absurd and you will be defeated by a pair of semi-legendary shiny.
But gets worst! After being defeated you have to wait for 3 or 4 minutes until the next battle start. Oh and of course you will loose again because you only battle 4 x 4, so when the battle start you will put half of your team in the field, and lady luck want's to screw you!

So maybe is the battle system, I don't know, since my dex is filled since the early XY days, and it was filled in SM also. The appeal to me is dying, which is very, very sad.

Re: Switch On Track To Exceed 10 Month Wii Sales By 20 Percent, Says NPD Analyst


To me is simple, while Fire Emblem and Metroid will be outstanding games, and all of us will buy, I still think that 2018 needs a major hit, to sell to the dumb masses.
Will be Pokémon? I don't know, probably not.
Will be Smash? Maybe, but only if Sakurai is already working on the game.
Will be Smash4? At this point I doubt. The train has left the station for another deluxe port. And Reggie said "only one Smash per generation" so probably will be 5.
Also a Pokémon Spin off may be the hit.