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FluttershyGuy commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Hopes to Share Metroid News ...:

It's nice, as a Metroid fan since 1988, to at least see a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel! This news that Samus looks to be on her way back officially makes this a God-tier Nintendo E3 in my book! My dream scenario is that it pans out like 2002, when we got Prime and Fusion around the same time... With connectivity like they had!

After how superb A Link Between Worlds was, it blows my mind to think of Samus somehow battling Mother Brain again in a Super Metroid-esque follow up (yes, I know Fusion & Other M were sequels). There has to be another planet Zebes out there, in another dimension, or something. They could think something up to bring Mama back!



FluttershyGuy commented on E3 2014: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., A Brand New IP...:

Not quite the alien-related 3DS game I was hoping for. Looks like we'll have to wait until E3 2015, or a Nintendo Direct, for a new Metroid. So, its drought is going to expand to 4 years since Other M, and 10 years since a main handheld installment, Zero Mission (I know there's Prime Hunters, but...). Plus, no Ridley Smash announcement. That, and another series in Star Fox ending its drought kind of makes Metroid fans one of the big E3 losers. I'll see how this game develops before committing. I'm just absorbing the disappointment, like Majora's Mask fans.

There's a lot else I'm excited for, including aforementioned Star Fox, but poor Samus & poor fans of her's. :/



FluttershyGuy commented on Slew of Capcom Titles Announced for North Amer...:

Dang, Capcom is supporting the VC service better than Nintendo itself. There are so many of these I was never able to get, so I'm excited about VC for a change!
I wish my other fav 3rd parties of the past, Konami & Square Enix, would open a floodgate of NES, SNES, GB, and GBA games to VC. They barely acknowledge that anything but smartphone gaming exists these days.

If only Capcom could give us Strider HD and Ultra Street Fighter IV, but I'll acknowledge that they at least remember Nintendo gamers, which is a rarity these days (even 3DS 3rd party support is tepid right now).

I'd like to think this marks a real revival of Virtual Console, and inspires Nintendo to more VC support!



FluttershyGuy commented on Video: Capcom's Mega May Spotlight Shows Off T...:

@Mega719 I wish we'd at least get Ultra Street Fighter IV, and Strider on Wii U, but I'm not holding my breath since Wii U is dead to 3rd parties as far as new releases. Hopefully we'll at least get some new-to-VC games, like Gargoyle's Quest II.

I hope our European friends here get these Mega Man games soon! :3 I've felt that pain plenty of times, from North America getting the short end of the stick so often these days.



FluttershyGuy commented on Video: Capcom's Mega May Spotlight Shows Off T...:

I've enjoyed Mega May very much! I've finished MM II through IV, and working on V now! This been a great way to pass the time until flippin' fun time next Friday! I figure I'll save the Xtreme games for a Mega June (even if that doesn't have the same ring as Mega May ).

There are two negatives to Mega May. First, I'm guessing after Capcom is through with it, we'll go back to a 3DS VC drought (especially Game Boy games). Second, this just makes me want a new Mega Man game, and Capcom seems content to only re-release old games. I'm afraid we'll have to wait until Mighty No. 9 for our "Mega Man" fix!



FluttershyGuy commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd May (North America):

Get equipped with Mega Man V! I've thoroughly enjoyed Mega May so far, and gotten MM II-V! It's been nice to play the remaining Game Boy MMs (even the abomination that is MM II ).

I'd like to think that it's a sign of Capcom considering a new MM game after all these years. However, this is 2014 Capcom we're talking about, and I have low expectations. I appreciate their VC support, however. There would've been your typical VC drought without them! Anyone else think there's a chance Mega May is a clue for a new Mega Man forthcoming?



FluttershyGuy commented on Video: The Piranha Plant and a "Crazy Plunge" ...:

These commercials are flippin' hilarious! I especially crack up over Super Horn, and the scientists' laugh! The next 13 days can't pass quickly enough. Oh, I keep waiting on piranha plant to say, "feed me."

Having ads like this beg the question: "Where were these awesome commercials to point out the positives of the Wii U in a flippin' fun way when it came out, and the year and a half since?" If they had something like these, Wii U may not be on pace to be the worst-selling of all Nintendo consoles by millions of units.



FluttershyGuy commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

The Donkey Kong pic reminds me of Batman '89, when Joker stands in place, taunting Batman as he zooms in, targeting him in the Batwing! For Kirby's sake, I hope it ends better than it did for Batsy, as Joker had that FRIGGIN HAND CANNON on him! Except, I can't see anywhere that DK has to hide a coconut cannon to take the Dragoon down!

Joker: Come on, you gruesome BLEEP! Come to me!



FluttershyGuy commented on Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Wii U):

I miss the days when a movie-based game could be superb. The SNES version of Batman Returns was one of the best games on the console PERIOD! Now, it's assumed that a game adaptation will be a lazy cash-in. And 9 times out of 10, that assumption is correct.

Also, there should be AT LEAST 2 points deducted from this game's score for denying us the luscious Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy in HD!



FluttershyGuy commented on Microsoft's Ken Lobb: Metroid Prime Wouldn't H...:

I understand what he's saying, and game makers should follow their own hearts, and see a vision through! Some all-time greats, such as Prime, have been made as a result!

However, with each passing year, I feel Nintendo becomes more and more deaf to it's fans, and gives less and less of what we want. Going only by the wishes of fans would kill innovation in gaming. To generally ignore them isn't good business either.

It's ironic to read this article at a time when Nintendo is ignoring the pleas of fans to make ANY new Metroid game (plus Star Fox & F-Zero)! You can't make everybody happy all of the time, but you can try to make some people happy some of the time! I'd love to see any new Metroid right now.

Maybe high-heeled Zero Suit Samus in Smash will revive Metroid interest, lol!



FluttershyGuy commented on Preview: Mario Kart 8:

OMG, Rainbow Road N64 and its theme remix are beautiful!!! I let out a happy squee of nostalgia over that, and yet it looks like it'll be a new experience! Since so many changes are being made to retro tracks, I can't wait to see how Toad Turnpike turns out. While simple, I loved it, its scenery, and especially its music in MK 64! So thrilled to hear it made the retro roster! Now, how about Yoshi Valley from MK 64?

After reading this preview, and seeing the trailer, the wait has officially become PAINFUL!!! I hope MK 8 marks the Wii U's big comeback!



FluttershyGuy commented on This Legend of Zelda NES Demake Allows You to ...:

I WON!!! (y u no fight Ganon, though )

Also, it's nice to come upon folks who remembers the OLD, olden days, like I do! I remember being dragon food many times in Adventure. Yup, this definitely felt like The Legend of Zelda in 1979!



FluttershyGuy commented on Talking Point: The Logic Behind Game Boy Advan...:

As I mentioned in another thread, I wouldn't have so much of a problem with this if the 3DS VC received a new system, like SNES, or more varied weekly releases (though as a console/handheld purist, I'd prefer GBA on 3DS VC). However, as it is, Wii U VC will be seeing GBA AND DS games, and 95% of the time, 3DS VC only sees one repeat NES game (by that, I mean a game already available on Wii and, often, Wii U VC). That is if 3DS VC gets a release AT ALL, which it often doesn't! These moves to bring more systems to Wii U VC are the first signs of life for the VC service in a while, and I'm happy about that, as someone who reveres the good old days of Nintendo gaming! And, I have been curious about the potential for DS on Wii U since hearing the announcement of the GamePad! Yet, it appears 3DS VC will be left to continue languishing, while Wii U VC broadly expands. As a Wii U AND 3DS owner, I'd like to see more balance than this. At least give us more Game Boy and GBC games!

Actually, this Wii U/3DS divide brings up another concern: That in its bid to make Wii U more appealing to consumers, Nintendo will fail to give adequate attention to 3DS and its owners. Last I saw, aside from eShop releases, the future 3DS release schedule is pretty thin! I'm not sure if thinner than Wii U's, since 3rd party support is dead, but after Yoshi, Mario Golf, and Smash, there's not much coming from Nintendo for 3DS (of course more may be announced at E3). So, I have a great concern that 3DS is going to suffer for Nintendo's efforts to salvage the Wii U.



FluttershyGuy commented on Nintendo Shows Off April's Game Boy Advance Wi...:

I'm torn getting GBA games for Wii U. I'm a purist, who wishes to play console games on a console, and handheld games on a handheld. Yet, there a couple of games coming that I don't have for GBA and want, like Golden Sun. Amazon can be unreliable in terms of used games, so Wii U is an appealing alternative. I suppose I need to relax my standards on handhelds & consoles. With things like this, Nintendo is forcing me to, lest I take my chances with Amazon.

I don't understand why Ninty can't give us a choice, putting GBA games on Wii U AND 3DS. I realize the Wii U is the squeakiest wheel getting the grease, but that doesn't mean the 3DS VC should be ignored. The thing that gets me about the GBA/DS coming to Wii U is that meanwhile, almost all 3DS is getting lately is NES games that are already on Wii VC. It would be nice to see some variety on 3DS VC, like the Mega Man Game Boy/GBC games announced LONG AGO. Some weeks don't even see a 3DS VC release in North America. Just because Wii U needs sales doesn't mean 3DS should be ignored. But, enough complaining. That's for Club Nintendo surveys (and I encourage those who agree to add their 2 cents on their surveys).

I am going to get Golden Sun, and give GBA on Wii U a chance! I need a Final Fantasy-like RPG fix.



FluttershyGuy commented on The Wait for Mario Kart 8 Is Filled With Sunsh...:

Since this is Mario Kart we're talking about, it makes it interesting, and a tad dicey to think about Denzel Washington's "Flight" character Whip Whitaker at the helm of one of those airplanes! "BLUE SHELLS AIN'T GOT S*** ON ME!"

Welcome to the friendly skies, ladies & gentlemen!!!




FluttershyGuy commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

I LOLed so hard at DK! His expression, and knowing what happened moments later. There's that expression about things blowing up in your face... literally, in this case! We need an "after" pic this week, looking like Mario in Super Mario World, when the castle explosion goes off as he goes to check on it. ^.^ DK got my vote!!!

@Giygas_95 Yup, a cherry-banana firecracker! Has a little bite to it.



FluttershyGuy commented on The Link Between Worlds Poster Set is Back on ...:

I don't care for posters, but man would I spend a fortune in coins for an official ALBW soundtrack! Link to the Past remixes & new music alike were superb in this game, and so worthy of an official soundtrack release! I hate how passed over video game scores in general are.



FluttershyGuy commented on Nintendo Download: 27th February (North America):

Well, I may spend a buck to upgrade Renegade to VC... Or I may not, dunno. I know I'd be more enthusiastic if I ever had the choice, every now and then, of titles that have not already been available on Wii VC for years! I couldn't be much more dissatisfied with the VC service in general.

3DS VC is really getting the short end of the stick, as Wii U VC will be getting GBA & DS, while 3DS will likely continue to see repeat NES titles! I'd at least like to see some more Game Boy titles sometimes, like the Mega Mans Capcom mentioned ages ago!

I really don't like to complain, but I think I may give Nintendo an earful in Club Nintendo surveys. Not that I expect it to do any good, but just to vent.

On the bright side, at least the latest NES Wii VC repeat was gotten out of the way for both Wii U and 3DS this week! No disrespect to Renegade. Fond memories of it as a kid, and it was the father of beat 'em ups, like Double Dragon, and Final Fight! 👊



FluttershyGuy commented on Weirdness: Samus Aran's Metroid Backstory Re-i...:

One very important question: Did Adam authorize Samus to fall in love?

Also, the exquisitely gorgeous & talented Natalie Dormer for Samus in the eventual Metroid movie! 😍 If reduced to the Zero Suit, and she'd lost her pistol, she could slay space pirates with her lethally sexy smirk!




FluttershyGuy commented on Console Wars Book Paves The Way For Movie Writ...:

"...inspired a team of underdogs to slay a giant and, as a result, birth a $60 billion dollar industry." I can't put into words what a piece of revisionist history (and crap) that sounds like. Does everybody want to dump on Nintendo right now, to the extent of even rewriting the ending of the Console Wars?

That "slain giant" is still alive and thriving! Perhaps not to as great degree as in the past, with Wii U's struggle, but The Big N is certainly better off than this story's '"underdog", which isn't even in the console biz anymore!

Next, maybe they'll say the Soviet Union won the Cold War.



FluttershyGuy commented on Little Mac Arrives as a Knockout Challenger in...:

"Yo, Peach, I did it!!!" Little Mac is so overdue for this, especially as SSB is a Nintendo fighting series! I can't believe it took until the 4th SSB game. He definitely looks like a go-to guy for me. So happy to see him in, as a Punch-Out player since the Tyson days!

Some observations: Evidently Mac doesn't like tall, hot chicks in space suits making fun of his size. I LOLed! Now, why didn't Mac have moved like these the 1,001 times I lost to Iron Mike? Next, I wonder if we'll get bikes, Statue of Liberty, and pink sweatsuits in SSB too? Think of it, SSB linked to New York City, USA.



FluttershyGuy commented on Bowser's Koopalings Join the Cast of Mario Kar...:

That's great, but SO MUCH EVIL TURTLE NOW! How about some evil frog, as in Wart? He's been ignored for far too long now (as in over 25 years). It'd be such a surprise, and a pleasant change of pace, to bring him into Mario Kart 8, or Super Smash Bros.! Birdo from SMB 2/Doki Doki Panic has been all over the place, so why not big, bad Wart and his bubbles of death. Bring back Mouser, while you're at it.

Aside from that, dang this is looking incredible! I'm going to put some money down on it in the coming days, as I don't want to wait a day later than 5/30 to get my race on!



FluttershyGuy commented on Mother Brain Revealed As An Enormous Super Sma...:

Yippie kai yay, Mother Brain.

The only thing wrong with this awesomeness is how badly it makes me want a new classic 2D Metroid title! I'm not about to hold my breath for that at this point any more than I would for new Star Fox, or F-Zero.



FluttershyGuy commented on Super Bowl Player Chilling with Pokémon Befor...:

The Denver Broncos use Peyton MVP Manning. It's Super Bowl XLVIII-winning effective! 😉 Lifelong, diehard Broncos fan here. GO BRONCOS, bring the Lombardi trophy back to Denver!

Ah, we meet again! 😁 I'm expecting a better outcome for me on Sunday than the Thunder/Heat 2012 NBA Finals! Good luck to both our teams (but, more to mine 😉). Oh yeah, I love that this is an old-school AFC West showdown. Reminds me of John Elway vs. Brian Bosworth (Bosmouth, lol) in the late 80s! There's a little more than a division title at stake this time!!!



FluttershyGuy commented on We Cannot Continue Without Winning, But It's N...:

It's as simple as this for me: If that article picture ever becomes a reality, and my only way to continue to be a Nintendo gamer is through crappy touchscreens, then I'll cease to be a Nintendo gamer (except as a Nintendo retro gamer).

All these calls from people who are non-gamers for Nintendo to release games for smartphones/tablets, blah blah blah, are beyond foolish. Even those of you who do find iOS/android games outside of simple Angry Birds-like stuff: Try to imagine Super Mario World touchscreen-only. If that were to become the only way to play Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc. Nintendo would indeed not follow in Sega's footsteps. It'd follow in Atari's, right into the video gaming abyss, since many of the games Nintendo has become known and loved for would become unplayable on touchscreen, and Nintendo would see an exodus of fans away from them (including myself).

Let's see if the more foolish of Nintendo's investors, and their wallets, would be pleased with that outcome! Maybe they'd be able to afford Nintendo's Angry Birds Mario clone for $2.99. It's about the only Mario iOS game that'd be remotely playable. Maybe add Dr. Mario. Beyond such simplicity, forget it.

I know some of you are iOS/Android gamers. No offense, and power to you! But, from where I stand, this craze is destroying gaming, financially, and creatively. Need a glimpse at a Nintendo smartphone future? Look at SquareEnix, and how their almost single-minded focus on smartphone gaming, with money grabs like Final Fantasy: All the Bravest, has damaged the Final Fantasy brand, and the company itself!



FluttershyGuy commented on The Rockman X Sound Box Album Set Includes Fou...:

I love finding out about unused material and betas from great games of the past! It's very interesting to see what could've been. Thankfully, the MMX stage select we got, and final theme versions were better than the betas in this video. Seems that this stage select (?) theme would've fit better in the classic Mega Man series.

I feel so old, realizing this month is MMX's 20th anniversary! I remember getting it around mid/late January, '94. Ah, 1994: The Mega Man X series was born, Mega Man in general was thriving, and Capcom was a 3rd party KING! Alas, things don't always change for the better.

On a side note, there are some great 20th anniversaries this year, besides Mega Man X: Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country, Super Punch-Out!!, Final Fantasy VI (released as FF III outside Japan, of course), NBA Jam, Saturday Night Slam Masters, Super Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat II (w/blood & fatalities on SNES 😳), and Super Return of the Jedi! Note, these are console versions of some of those, and I know some, like FFVI probably dropped in Japan in '93. And this is coming from a Super Nintendo gamer. I'm sure there were some Genesis greats too, including ports of some I mentioned. 1994 was a great year for gaming! And now, thinking of that year, Sheryl Crow's "All I Wanna Do" will be stuck in my head all night. 😝



FluttershyGuy commented on Talking Point: Is The Castlevania Series Finis...:

The title of this article could accurately be "Talking Point: Is The (fill in the blank)________ Series Finished With Nintendo", and it would be true of most any beloved third-party series from the NES/SNES days. Castlevania, Contra, Goemon, Gradius, Metal Gear (of course some of those series are on hiatus)... Does anybody here think we'll actually see these games on a Nintendo system again (outside of VC releases)? I don't like to be pessimistic, but I am realistic, and I'd be surprised to see ANY Konami game on Wii U (and, to a lesser extent, more Konami games on 3DS).

And it's not just Konami games by a long shot. From Capcom: Street Fighter, Mega Man, Resident Evil, and Ghosts 'n Goblins. Final Fantasy from Square-Enix. I doubt we see anymore of them on Wii U OR 3DS. The problem isn't just Wii U's install base. To a degree, I think that's becoming an overly cited myth. In my opinion, it's Nintendo's generally poor 3rd-party relations, and the perception by 3rd parties (sometimes true, sometimes not) that only Nintendo titles sell on Nintendo systems. 3DS has a massive install base now! Is it getting Final Fantasy V & VI remakes, like DS got III & IV remakes? Nope. Besides XIII sequels, XIV Online, and XV, the only FF is on iOS these days. This is our reality as Nintendo fans. To varying degrees, it has been since the first PlayStation, and the exodus to disc gaming. The perception is that all we want is Nintendo titles, and perception is EVERYTHING, so that's next-to all we're going to get... Unless we get the latest PlayStation, or Xbox.

As for the Castlevania series, I'd guess that after LoS 2, it'll go on the back burner PERIOD for a while. Supposedly, this is the last LoS game (I fit into the "good riddance" category). What is Konami going to do next? Take a step back and return to the old series, or reboot it a second time in 4 years? Neither seems likely to me, so I think this might be the end of Castlevania for a good long while.

Konami itself seems to be in great decline as a game maker, with seemingly little interest in anything but the Metal Gear Solid franchise. I don't know if it's focus on casino gaming, or what, but aside from CV, MGS is about the only thing Konami is doing as of late (then again, I rarely follow them these days)..

Finally (I didn't intend such a long message), it's sad that so many of the great, classic 3rd party franchises are in deep decline, or dead. To paraphrase Old Snake, "Gaming... has changed." It seems to me that there was a seismic shift toward first-person shooter franchises last generation, and the old guard was left out in the cold. As far as the game series I grew up with, I'm thankful for Nintendo, because outside of its franchises, the greats of old are a dying breed in this Call of Duty/Farmville/Candy Crush Saga world (even some of its franchises, like Metroid and Star Fox, are rarely seen these days).



FluttershyGuy commented on Nintendo Acknowledges Network Issues and Sugge...:

Problems like this sure help make the case for physical copies over downloads! Sorry to those of you who can't download ALBW, and whatnot. Was going to download a couple of VC games myself.

And I'll add my voice to those hoping that this is a sign of a gazillion new Wii U owners this Christmas! Otherwise, Iwata-San will have some explainin' to do to shareholders in a few months. :/



FluttershyGuy commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Zelda Meets Dynasty Warrior...:

This feels so... random. I don't know how to feel about Zelda mishmashing with another franchise like this. Is this going to be Zelda canon, or is this something that won't be canon for either franchise? Is this a Doki Doki Panic/SMB2 reskin thing?

The feeling I got from today's announcements is that Nintendo doesn't quite know what to do, and is throwing some off-the-wall concepts of theirs at consumers, to see if anything sticks. That's all I can take from some of the bizarre stuff to come out of Nintendo direct, including this concoction! I'm not saying its bad or good, just weird, and random. The randomness of this & NES Remix sure looks like a sign of things to come in 2014.

I do hope mixing Nintendo/random franchise universes is not going to be a regular thing going forward, however (except for SSB). I'd like to see Samus soon, but not in Hyrule lol.



FluttershyGuy commented on PC Engine And MSX Games Coming To Japanese 3DS...:

Not exactly thrilled about this. More consoles already supported on Wii VC, that will undoubtedly produce more titles already available on Wii VC. Except MSX, and if it wasn't available outside of Japan during the Wii era, I doubt it will this time. So, Japan will get more of the same!

I'd be excited if they were supporting the likes of Saturn or Dreamcast, but not over this. Already, we barely see actual, you know, HANDHELD 3DS VC games. This just tells me to expect more of the same from both VC services, so at the expense of sounding negative, I'm going to continue going into Thursdays with reasonably low expectations. Nice thing about that is what a wonderful surprise it is when something special pops up on either VC!

On a side note, interesting that non-Nintendo consoles have been announced before N64 on Wii U VC. Wonder if there is emulation difficulty?



FluttershyGuy commented on The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Pic...:

This is easily the happiest I've been about a gaming award outcome in a long time. I think it's easy to say that ALBW is one of the very best Zeldas and recent handheld games, and it deserved this honor!

It'll be interesting to see if ALBW stands the test of time, and is as revered as ALttP and other older Zelda titles in 20 years.



FluttershyGuy commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Confirms Playable Cranky Kong...:

I'm just repeating what many have already said, but how do you NOT make a bigger announcement than a playable character? Epecially in front of an audience of gamers! All due respect to Cranky, but I don't think this announcement was exactly a system seller. New Metroid, Zelda Wii U title announcement, Smash footage... I can think of several things that would cause more Wii U buzz. It's all about missed opportunities, like the full YEAR'S head start Nintendo had on the "twins."

I love Nintendo. Big N has been a big part of my life for over 26 years. That said, my God they make some stupid decisions. I really question how much planning goes into what they do.

The original DK is legendary, but I doubt announcing him for DKC: TF had much impact on the hardcores and brodudes. Especially when these are gamers who would follow gaming news, and the Cranky rumor came up just recently, so they ALREADY FRIGGIN SUSPECTED IT! :/



FluttershyGuy commented on Video: Explosive Fun Awaits in Super Mario 3D ...:

"Light the fuse." Intentional, or accidental "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" reference? Either way, you earn my Internets for the day, Damien. I'll have to listen to that sequel's version of the classic M:I theme when I play this level now. I'm going to be ready to explode myself by the time I play this masterpiece at Christmas. :/

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