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Fri 18th July, 2014

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FlappyFalco commented on Poll: Which is Your Favourite Super Smash Bros...:

1.Villager (very interesting, Pocket and Rocket moves look fun)
2.Mii times Trii (has the "make your own" thing while still having references to their own games)
3.Pac-Man (great personality, summoning minions looks fun)
4.Little Mac (powerhouse, like the character, dat hoodie)
5.Mega Man (moveset represents him very well, ranged A attacks look interesting)
6.WFT (interesting moveset, I like that the male is playable too)
7.Greninja (the trailer fake out where we were led to believe it was Mewtwo has left a bad taste in the mouth, interesting playstyle nonetheless)
8.Lucina (while I would have prefered Chrom, after learning that she didn't take up that much development time, I might use her over Marth)
9.Robin (too gimmicky, the whole "limited ammo" thing doesn't sound like it'll work very well)
10.Rosalina&Luma (I don't like the character and don't see why she was chosen over Toad and Waluigi, and again,looks too gimmicky+hard to control)
11.Palutena (moveset(s) look boring, personality doesn't seem to have been brought over, and that running animation looks, err.., awkward.