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Thu 16th Jul 2009

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FATEM commented on Mothers Against Violence: Violent Games Aren't...:

I know a lot of parents who have already reached that conclusion and shoulder the responsibility but this is the first time I've seen a group such as this come out and tell people they need to take responsibilty. Now if only Robert McClelland would get the hint.



FATEM commented on New Rytmik Web Site Will Have You Nodding To I...:

Considering it appears to be more pattern sequencing than actual music creation, I reckon it's going to be more of a stepping stone to the more complex music game/apps like Korg DS-10 and Jam Sessions than a large stepping stone to producing fame.



FATEM commented on Virtual Console Confirmed for DSiWare:

The fact that you got me fully when I have repeatedly said DSiVC is not going to happen is an amazing feat. That was the most successful April Fools prank I have ever witnessed.



FATEM commented on Top DS Toilet Timewasters:

I do not have the most healthy of digestive systems which is why I spend my bathroom time sketching the toilet door in Art Academy.



FATEM commented on Review: myNotebook (DSiWare):

Today I urgently needed to write some stuff down before realising I had left my pen at home and had no paper. This just became an urgent download.



FATEM commented on Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Intro Video:

I watched that trailer then shouted "Woo". Then I shouted "Woo" a second time. Then I realised it sounded like a train and laughed for a bit. Then I realised I what I was laughing at and did not do anything for a while.
Also this game will be awesome.



FATEM commented on myNotebook Applications Get Release Dates:

No-one's forcing you to buy it. I'm definitely going to get because it means one less thing I have to carry around just like with DSi Sound replacing my mp3 player, DSi Camera replacing my digital camera and Pop + Solo replacing my bubble blower.
And for the record I though Pop+Plus was brilliant. Not the best ever but still a great purchase.



FATEM commented on myNotebook Features Video:

I hope this doesn't erupt into a war between Nnnooo and the makers of Extreme Hangman. Still I'm looking forward to not having to spend ages looking for a pen and paper to write down something important.



FATEM commented on Review: The Rub Rabbits! (DS):

A game better than Project Rub? Surely that claim is enough to warrant a purchase immediately. I wish I could track down a copy though.



FATEM commented on Feature: The Spooky Denizens of the World of N...:

Skull-kid while possesed in Majora's mask was freaky as. But nowhere near as freaky as that final bit before the final boss battle with the field. I don't know why but after the moon crashing down those kids in the field gave me the creeps.



FATEM commented on It's Official: Big-Screen DSi LL is Confirmed:

The main thing which I think every prospective-upgrader should be asking is "What about the DSiWare on my old DSi?" I really hope nintendo has some sort of solution to this other than "Buy it all again."



FATEM commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass...:

Extremely late but I absolutley loved it. I think I was the only person who didn't mind going back to the Ocean King Temple over and over again. The only problem I had was having to draw the hourglass in the fight with Bellum inside the temple.



FATEM commented on Reggie Trash-Talks the PSPgo:

Sony criticism-"LOL YOO PuT aNoTHeR ScrEN oN!1!"
Nintendo criticism-"I'm terribly sorry but I can't see the improvement in your device.Can you please point it out for me?"
NB:This is a dramatisation. Not an actual quote.



FATEM commented on Sokomania Coming to DSiWare:

@Chicken -In the Curb Your Enthusiasm game you would misunderstand a puzzle, make a social faux pas and then spend the next 20 minutes being reprimanded for it.

This game reminds me a lot of some of the gym puzzles from Pokemon.



FATEM commented on Review: Scribblenauts (DS):

I bet a lot of comments will be disagreeing with the score.
Still I can't until it's released in Australia next week.



FATEM commented on Review: Rayman DS (DS):

The only problems I had with it was moving diagonally,it glitched really bad in some places and there was no 1000th lum anywhere in the game.



FATEM commented on First Bomberman Blitz Screenshots Released:

Good to see Europe getting a major release before the US.Hopefully it doesn't turn out to be like Flipnote how when the US got it released the day before Europe with no warning.