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Fri 30th May 2008

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famicom commented on Super Smash Bros. Available on VC This Friday:

My dream came true.
Now I can legally play this monstrously good game on my TV instead on an emulator on the PC.

The best would've been if they added multiplayer and it would all be set.



famicom commented on Adventure Island: The Beginning:

@ Kirk:
You won't get it even it plays greater than any other game in the series?
Too much focus on the graphics, dude.

As for me, it's bubbling inside me.



famicom commented on Virtual Console Reviews - Best of 2008:

Good stuff, can't complain about the list. Ofcourse people will say it doesn't fit them. But hey it's just HIS opinion. Can't argue with that.

The only game I've been waiting for so long to get is Super Smash Bros.

It's the game I've played the most of all games. Still fun, like it better than Brawl.



famicom commented on Home Sweet Home:

Your post just marks what kind of player you are. You play mainstream games as: Gears of War, GTA and Half-Life/Counter-Strike, Sega REVO, Gran Turismo.
You are afraid of playing games that might risk your popularity amongst your macho-macho friends.
Your words will not be marked, not by me and I hope by NO ONE.
We will play whatever we find fun and interesting, at least I do. I can also tell, I'm nor "transgender", gay or girl.

I can go on and on, but I'll pass for now. I just threw away too much energy that lousy comment.



famicom commented on EU - 6th June - No Virtual Console Games!:

You know guys, there is a LOT of bad games. But, they have eventually to come out too you know. It's bound to be something good in two weeks.

Cooldued: that SSB thing, is a hack.



famicom commented on US VC Release - 2nd June - Ninja Combat:

Well, these games has to come out eventually anyways.
The most boring thing about all the VC is that the top ten list is just Mario, Kirby and such. The mass should be excavating other games.