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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Faithful_Dragon commented on Review: Defend Your Castle:

I went against my better judgement and spent the 500 points on this game, to go about describing this game it's nothing new to the Defend your Castle series. I really wasn't expecting much so it didn't it hit me like a brick thrown through a glass window, what was disappointing was that the only thing that they added was demolitions, the overall design was different and enjoyably pleasant, using the Wii remote gave good control over what was being done and was easier than using a mouse. Around 6-8 hours of game play later I found that no matter what strategy I chose it seemed to get to the point of impossible around level 55 and just plain gave up after 5 tries. I can't help but fell that more should have been added, a way to purchase troops, more upgrades and a way to post your scores to give a chance to put your name up for all to see. nothing new but if your looking for some quick addicting fun, I'd recommend it.



Faithful_Dragon commented on North American WiiWare launch games:

As much as a lot of the WiiWare games look fun and all, I can't see myself paying 500 points to play these games when i can go and play a flash version that's already been developed for free. I won't deny that these game add a different twist or show improvements on the previous games it's just how long can one really play defend the castle or sit and point at a screen pointing and clicking on bubbles. The game play just doesn't have my vote yet, but being a hardcore nintendo fan I'm sure they'll find a way to get my attention. On another note if your looking for a WiiWare type game go out and get Boom Blox, it's amazingly addictive.



Faithful_Dragon commented on Puyo Puyo 2: Tsuu:

honestly do they really need to put another puyo puyo game out we already have enough of them on the VC and how much can they differ in style, what we need is some good sidescrolling action like Double Dragon, Cyborg Justice, Battletoads and Bionic Commando just to name a few.



Faithful_Dragon commented on Mega Man 2:

Why Isn't this game out in the US yet it's my Favorite Mega Man game to date and I still haven't been able to beat the last boss.



Faithful_Dragon commented on Europe VC Releases - 25th May - Super Mario Br...:

Even though I own the origional NES cartridge im still getting this game for the Wii. This way I'll never spend an extra 10 minutes trying to get my NES up and running and finding the perfecy place to position the game cartridge. Anyone who owns an NES should know what I'm talking about.



Faithful_Dragon commented on Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine:

I purchased this game with the Sonic mega collection for Gamecube seeing that it was a better deal than buying the games individualy on the virtual console. All in All a good puzzle game to play against friends.